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Orkut Media Helped Me In Getting My Love

Hi all I hope you all are doing well with your life. Welcome to my world. I am a social media consultant and work for myself. Since my BCA days I was always attracted towards the social media and I never thought social media king of those days ORKUT will help me find the love of my life Shona.

Introducing myself as a 5″ 4′ fair guy with average body and a little hairy chest from Cuttack : The city of festivals . Before coming to the story let me introduce my princess to you hard. Since the day I met her in cuttack railway station till date, it’s been 5 years and she seems more beautiful and sexier day by day. She is 5” 2 ’ cute Barbie doll with vital stats of 32 – 28 – 34 . I always prefer to walk after her to shaking hot ass and I am proud of it.

In a private room today morning while she was giving me an awesome blowjob with my penis in her mouth and her hand playing with my balls. She broke the session and went to the bathroom and I followed . I love to see her peeing. While she was peeing I made her stand and pee and her hot urine made my rod bath which I always loved.

It may seems to be weird but it’s an awesome feeling. Try it. We cleaned each other with soap and back on action in bed. While licking her naval I said her to share our 1st hot date with you all . Suddenly she stopped and took my rod out of her mouth and a straight NO and later she agreed and she asked me for a good figure job in return.

I took her in my arms and laid her in bed and starting licking her lips with one figure in her love hole. Her pussy was very tight as we rare get opportunity to make love. But we never leave chance to satisfy each other on phone, in cinema halls, parks and cafes .

Her pussy juice is super tasty and while my figuring her let me tell you our story.Her boobs are C Cupped with brownish hot nipples . Her fucking ass makes me mad.The way she press her boobs makes my rod hard .We love to spend time with each other and never missed a chance of making love.

It was during Durga Puja and it is one of the biggest festival in cuttack. If you get a chance to visit cuttack during Durga Puja . You can say it is one of the biggest festivals in the world. She lives with her family to the end of the city and I live in the heart of the city. Her parents went to visit holy places and her brother was doing night shift in office.

It was a day before bhasani day (Immersion), she was in her home with her grandparents and as planned I was supposed to watch orchestras till 11 PM and then would come to her home. I went to medical shop got a pack of condoms.

She text me around 11.15 pm and I went near home parked bike and went inside as planned. I hugged her and we went to her room and I started kissing her lips and she responded well. She is wild in bed and cute outside it .

Now I was licking her tongue with my hand on her 32 size boobs.I took her top off and unhooked her bra . She melons were right in front of my mouth and I started licking every part of her .She was wearing a black bra and black panty. I made her nude and was sucking her left boob while she was giving me a hand job inside my pant.

I know well how to make turn her on. So I started licking her neck for which she started giving soft moan. I liked with my lips and tongue while resting above her . Her boobs were touching my check and our nipples kissing each other.

Slowly I went to her left boob and started licking it . Her boobs are round and hot sexy nipples waiting to get sucked. While licking her boob , I started to figure fuck her and she started to moan loud. Ohhh please can’t wait more eat me, fuck me . In Odia (please ahuri jore purao figure).Please fuck me harder with your fingure don’t stop.

Soon we changed position to 69 and holding her ass and pressing it feels awesome while licking her hot juicy pussy.She likes licking and figure fucking pussy simultaneously. I did as her desire while she was sucking my penis like a professional.

Sleeping in her bed with my sweetie nude in my arms holding my penis and asking for fuck was like a dream moment. Now even it was high time with oral and she now guided my rod to her hole and uff she was so tight and it was painful to enter her .

I slowly pushed inside her pussy and started fucking her slowly while my hand was playing with her nipples . She was biting my neck and asking like a sex hunger for increasing speed. Please fuck me harder please.

We changed position to doggy and finally came in her ass . She gave me a hot blow job and licked all my cums . After the 1st session she slept over me nude while my figure was fucking her hot ass .

Next story I will come up with the 2nd session we did that night with chocolates, her hot ass and lubricants. Giving a brief about the 2nd session, while I was fingering her ass , my junior woke up and started growing .She understood and took it in hand and began stroking .

The feeling was heavenly . We took doggy position before that she applied some Vaseline to my rod which made me a little easier to enter her ass . It was damn tight and hot. To be continued.

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