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Outdoor With A Sexy Neighbor Lady

This is my story of my experience with a sexy girl in outdoor park. Hello this is Shekhar from Bangalore, Post Graduated from reputed university and doing a small bussiness. This Story is all about Sasi, a Sexy Women in my life who is my Neighbour.

Our Neighbour consists of Husband Ramesh, Wife Sasi and one child. I Reside next to their house. Sasi is Graduate, She completed her and an House wife.

I was very Close with their Family, I use to play with her kid. Her Husband is working in some Company and use to go for out of station every week. He stays only on Sundays. that too some times not.

I came to know about her Loneliness and Starvation as she use to complain about her husband indirectly to me. As i am a Bachelor i use to listen to her.

Coming to the Body Structure of Sasi, 26 age…WOOOW.. Her Size is 38-28-32 With Awesome Face, White in Colour ,Awesome lips, Awesome Big Boobs with Deep Cleavage and Deep Round Navel which is like a Ten Rupee Coin and she has a Mole in her Navel added to her Beauty.

She used to talk to me a lot and she use to prepare food for me. As Days passed she become very close to me. I also found that she started Loving me.. Once She was Talking to me.

Sasi: I want to say you something…You Dont Mind???

Me: What????

Sasi: “I am in Love with You…Shekhar!!!”

Me: What???

Sasi: Yes, I am Madly in Love with you.. Like to do what ever you say….!!!

(My Oppourtunity Door Knocked)

Me: Oh… Anything …!!

Sasi: Yes..

Me: Kiss??? Hug???

Sasi: Yes

Me: Boobs Press???

Sasi: Yes..

Me: Sex??

Sasi: Yes..

Sasi: Even Now we can start .. I am Ready!!!

Me: Hey !! Wait.. we will look for some oppourtunity…

Sasi: When???

Me: Wait.. i want to think..

I was in deep thinking…!!!! Suddenly an idea flashed!!! I told sasi to ask a permission from her husband that she is going for Job…So she is going to attend interview and shekhar is going to help for the same…

Sasi asked me… Why You are telling this idea??

Me Replied Lets try Sex Outside!!!

Sasi: Outside?? means Lodge???…Hotel???


Sasi: How can we do in outside?? lets do in home!!

Me: Hey Think !! what will the neighbours think of us..Leave it to me..There are Hell of Parks..First you get permisson..

Sasi: What abt Child??

ME: You just leave your child in your Mom’s House..

Sasi: Yes…Ok…

Next day She with a smile came and told her husband agreed and even her husband also thanked me for the same..and he left to Mumbai..

Sasi Left her Child in her Mom’s House which is 500km distance.. and came back..

Sasi: Shall we go today???

ME: Wait there are various things to be done..before going..

Sasi: what???

Me: You have Transparent sarees???

Sasi: No…

Me: Buy Some transparent sarees and with deep blouse

Sasi: ok…

Me: Prepare food for us on the day of Going…

Sasi Bought sexy transparent sarees and got stitched her deep low cut blouse…
We fixed the date on Monday.. As there wont be much crowd in the park…

(On Monday)

Sasi took bath and Looking like Angel..

i gave some conditons in her dressing

Me: Please Dont wear bra Inside!!! as it is very diificult to remove and dress again!!

Me: Please dont wear panty inside!!! it is also very difficult…

Me: Tie your Saree 5 Inches below Navel!!!

Sasi: Ok for all…

I went to Petrol bunk and Filled Full Tank of my Bike..

i also didnt wore Inner wear inside…

We got ready…

She came outside wearing all the things with my conditions..

Wow!!! She is really Awesome wearing Black Sexy transparent saree tied her saree below Navel… with No Bra…No Panty..

Wow!!! Her Boobs without Bra is Jiggling like Anything…

it is visible from outside..and her deep round navel is visible in the saree…She is really a Sex BOMB….

first we went to a park….there were normal crowd…

we found the place where there are more deep plants…we carried some books as like we are studying some thing…

I Slowly kept my hand on her navel…and circled …She moaned AHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHH !!! Slowly opened her navel started kissing it… oh it is very Smooth…..She is moaning…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Do it!!!!!

Suddenly we heared some foot steps… we recovered from that state….she covered her navel with saree…

We left that park…went to some other…

Secondly we went to park… We went to deep plants.. there were only few people were there… i went to her… Kissed her and took her pallu…opened her is only single pin blouse…i dont know how it is holding that whole boobs…started massaging her naked boobs…it is very soft and Huge…She is moaning….Squeeze….Squeeze…..
Suddenly we heard some police vehicle sound outside…we recovered…she pinned her blouse and wore her pallu…

i was in full mood…but..Shit!!!!

we had lunch….we were waiting for the night…

then we went to a park at 8’0 No body were there.. No Houses Near by…. i parked bike…Luckily we were getting light of the park…i can see her body clearly…..

i immediately removed her saree..throwed it..Removed her blouse and throwed it… now she is fully Naked…i also become naked… started kissing her Navel by squeezing her boobs….She is AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Good Good…I inserted my penis in her pussy…and started riding her fastly….She is moaning…by carressing my hair….I just hold her boobs and started heavily…..She cummed…

I was on the Verge of Cumming started heavily…I started to cum inside her…..a Litre of Cum went inside her fertile pussy…..She hold me very tightly to accomodate my sperms inside her womb….i slept…on her….I fucked her 5 times…that day….after 5 session we saw the watch it was 11 o clock and we got dressed up……After that day we went two times and fucked there…..

After 3 months she informed me that she is pregnant because me and she wants to carry that baby as a memory of sex in outdoor…..Now she is 9 months pregnant…..

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