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Parking Lot Sex With A Stranger Aunty

Hi people, writing sex story was always a dream. This is my first story kindly excuse me for any mistakes. My name is Harry and I am from Bangalore. This is story of a rich female getting fucked in parking lot.

I am here to narrate my real life experience which happened to me in a mall in Bangalore. I was on a casual visit to the mall on Friday evening. There where not many people in the mall I was window shopping.

Here comes the lady of my life who took me to a different level of life. About her she is 35yrs old now and too damn sexy aunty. She looks like 25+ old. She is fair complexion super slim. Her stats are 34-30-34 with height 5’4″.

She have nice pair of ass which i fell for. Even though she was married got to know by her toe ring. And gave an immediate boner.

She was looking so sexy in her out fit a simple t-shirt and jean, I dint want to go behind her and make it to obvious that I am hitting on her. She shopped for almost an hour i was also picking up some stuffs for myself.

Finally she was heading to billed area. I was like that’s it boy!!! go home think about her and jerk off and go sleep. But all the luck was on my side that day !! I was in the lift suddenly she running towards the lift telling me to stop the lift.

Then I was like omg my babe and stop the lift. She had that rich attitude, guys u wont believe she was like the parking lot. I said excuse me !

She : I’m Extremely sorry , can you please hit to the parking floor.

I : That’s OK. ya sure. (We where alone in the lift ).

She : Can i ask you something , Why you following me all the while i was shopping .

I : I was dumbstruck, not really!!! , ( I got some courage to tell her the truth ). I told her Yes i was behind you and you looking very beautiful. Then I just fell for you the moment i saw you.

She : I so knew it. !! but I have never met anyone who accepted the truth. I like it.

I : hi I am Harry and Whats your name.?

She: Divya , and I am married stop hitting on me. (laughter)

I: I am not hitting on u but you look really cute.

She : (Blushing) Can you stop it, please help with this covers till my car and then lets see what to do. She said that in a real naughty way which i did not realize.

I : I was super exited and help her to the car. ( BMW )

Lot off question in my mind i dint know what to do.

She : Thank you, I never talk to anybody but with a few words you made me feel so comfortable. Can we talk for a while.

I : Normally people say that, we started talking.

While talking to her , she told me about her boring life. She is a rich housewife with all the things she needs money a big house, a nice car. By then she had shared her complete story of how much she needs a person to care for her and love her and take care of her.

I felt so bad for her i was thinking even if she had all the comfortable and sophisticated life she wasn’t satisfied. I consoled her and told her not to cry she was bursting out, people where looking at us.

And i told her lets go into the car. we sat in the back seat and i was consoling her creased her hair slightly gave her a hug. She kind of hugged me so tight as if she was waiting for this perfect hug. The fragrance of her body was superb.

She started breathing hard i knew what is going to happen. I showed her my magical touch on her belly she moan uumm. Our breathing was increasing and we both knew where this is going and then the magic happened.

She was totally out of control i was kissing her neck and cheek then touched her cute juicy lips. I was feeling it for some time and then gave her a long smooch where we exchanged our saliva’s. And we where enjoying our foreplay.

She said lets do some funny thing lick my pussy. My pleasure darling and I asked her to sleep on the seat so that I can lick her pussy. She just open her legs, and her pussy was already wet. I licked it and bit it with my teeth, she shouted hardly.

Her pussy was neatly shave shinning lovehole. She was moaning so loudly ummmm ummm common on deeper baby deeeeper aaaaaa !!!!.

So I was very much interest in it I just licked every inch of it. She grabbed my hair tight when I was playing with her pussy. It went on and on for sometime till she gripped my hair so tight and screamed like hell.

I was enjoying the taste of her fluid. which gave her the best orgasm which she told .

I started pressing her boobs and asked for the size of her boobs she said its 34b. And the slowly I was comfortable with her the I was unable to control. And asked her to open her t-shirt she said if you wanna see u have to open that. I have no necessity to open then I started undressing her.

She wore bra was pressing her boobs over the bra and slid the bra. And has seen the black nipples and was playing with her nipples. chewing her boobs.

Divya was moaning like she is in cloud nine. I made her cum 3 times. She was satisfied to the core and told me every women will love u lick her life off her cult.

Then She said its my turn now she gave a amazing blow job. And we try 69 position in her car which was the best part and had the best time of my life. She said thank you harry I am feeling so light. Now I was having all this with no one to share.

She was so satisfy now and gave her number and some reward. Told me to get it touch with her as she wanted to change my life. Story to be continued….

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