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Perfect Size Measuring of My Neighbor Aunt

Hi to all. Its Sandip 26 yrs fit athletic and its for the first time I m submitting my true story. Hope I will get a nice feedback from you all. As for the first time I m writing my own story if something goes wrong hope you all wont mind it so story starts like this.

About me my name is Sandip i am from north Bengal height 5.6. I like to have sex with unsatisfied girls and ladies. I am currently doing my master degree and have an experience of having good sex. And can fulfill the unsatisfied ladies and girls. So those who are not satisfied can contact me in all north Bengal.

I m always there to serve you. I am going to share a story about me and my loving caring sexy hot rose aunty. Talking about her I can’t explain her figure because I have never before saw a perfect size of lady. Whose boobs and size of her ass is just wow any man who sees her first thinks about fucking her.

Rose aunty wow what a perfect shape and size. She have got her assets are just amazing and her eyes always searching for a cock. But as she is married she cant cross her line with anyone. She stays with her husband who is my uncle and her 3 years child.

Her husband works in a sawmill as a supervisor so in morning he goes out and returns in evening. I use to go to her house regularly as she is my aunty. And I never expected this things are also going to happen. She has a girl child of 3 yrs.

One day she called me and asked to teach english alphabet to her daughter. I agreed and was teaching her. Suddenly she called me in kitchen as I went there she was cutting an apple. And made 7 8 pieces she asked me whether I like to have it I said yes.

I took 1 piece and was having it I was looking her with a very naughty way. Then I thought she know about my intention of fucking her. Now only one piece was there in a plate she asked me whether i want to have it.

I said yes she said she too want to have then what she did it was awesome she took one piece. And put it in her mouth she said me if you want then take it from my mouth. I was just surprised.

But I don’t want to miss that chance in no time I put my lips in her. And tried to take that piece of apple and smooched her so hardly she gave a very naughty smile.

slowly I took my hands towards her boobs and starting playing with it. Wow what a size it was I was enjoying her boobs. And what was happening was my cock started changing its size and wanted to put it in her pussy. Till now I have not seen her naked boobs things stopped here.

Then after I always thought of fucking her pussy and her ass and masturbated several times. I always in a thought when will that day come. So after 1 week I again went to her house I came to know she was taking a bath. I went to her child and saw aunty was also coming in room.

She said to her daughter to go outside and play her daughter went out now only we two were there. I slowly went near to her and started kissing in her lips. Started playing with her tongue which was making me very horny. And she also was responding me in a same manner.

I knew that her pussy is becoming eager to take a cock inside. Then I put my hands inside her nighty and started playing with her boobs. And slowly I remove her nighty saw her in a white bra and pink panty.

I was just in heaven then i remove her bra what a boobs i saw i started to kiss her boobs. And slowly her nipples became harder. I sucked her nipples like a baby does. She was becoming mad and started moaning so loudly.

I put my fingers in her mouth so that sound may no go outside the room after that slowly came down towards her pussy. It was clean shave so wet. Then I started licking her pussy and made it clean with my tongue.

Now she was out of control and began to touch my cock and started playing with it. What a nice blowjob she gave me. Then she took my cock and began to suck it amazing. I was feeling regret why i didnt try it earlier. She beg me to put my cock inside her burning pussy.

I slowly rubbed my cock in her pussy and put it inside her hole. She grabbed me as no one did before. There were no words to speak but I wanted to fuck her big ass. And asked her she agreed I turned her back and started to put my cock in her asshole. But I came to know that she had never fucked her ass as it was so tight.

But I tried so hard and gave a hard stroke only a little it went inside. She cried to take it out but I went on giving strokes in her asshole. After some minute she was also now enjoying and asking me to put whole cock. And give a harder strokes I obeyed her and continuously gave a harder and harder fuck. I was enjoying so much and I was ready to cum my whole sperms went inside her ass. And she was so much satisfied with me.

Today also whenever we get time we use to fuck and enjoy. So guys and girls I want your response and will post another story.

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