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Phone Talk Ended With Bed Talks

Hi readers this is Prabhu from chennai, you know its very difficult to type a story. I was eager to write a story, at last am writing this. Ok, lets move on to the story, this is my first story so don’t scold me if any mistake.

Am a normal casual chennai guy aged 25, I love aunties and slim females don’t know why suddenly I just got attracted to slim females and I will say wow wen I see slim girls too. This story is about phone talk leading to hot sex with my relative aunt devi in her 29 who got an awesome figure of 36-34-36(she said). I love to see her boobs and ass since she got married to my uncle because it ll be in perfect shapes. I never thought ill crush that hot boobies and ass with my hand. Trust me people I did that for real.

I started seducing her during the time of my college days because I stayed in hostel in non sharing room I can use my mobile anytime as long as I can, once I got her mobile number for some reason. Later on I use to message but there wont be much response just a hi and bye. Once for a help she messaged what ll be the reason those time “probably for a small top up for her number”. Then sure u might know what happened reply from that side increased.

Just ‘hi’ ‘bye’ gone to next level

Devi : ethene girl friend da unaku (how many girl friends for you)

Me : still searching

Devi : nambitan (i wont believe you)

This is the starting point for all the boys to get them. Then lots of phone talk but not long time because uncle ll be there. Trust me guys never talked anything naughty for 1 month still on lots of call. Later one day while talking I casually asked

Me : how many boy friends for you

Devi :adhellam onnum ille (noone)

I found she’s not telling truth in her voice. Idhu podhumaey enaku 🙂

Because of someone came she hanged the call and went. But something dirty was started running in my mind she got boy friend. Omg she having an affair. I was very eager to know about that and was very very eager to know what and all happened between them.After a week she called me again asking “why no message and calls”. I replied

Me : nothing (in a weird voice)

Devi : ennamoe iruku sollu(something’s there tell me)

Me : who is that boy friend. Tell about him

Devi : I don’t have a boy friend

But I compelled her to tell,because then only I can do her something :p

Atlast she said

Devi : aahma I have a boy friend,ippo enna da adhuku(yes I have a boy friends. So what)

Me : nijamava ???? (really ?)

Devi : yes

Me: veetuku lam varuvara (will he come to your home )

Devi : annaiku call cut pannitu ponan la. Avar than vantharu( that day I cut the call and gone rite he only came)

Me: oooooo :d

Devi : enne oooo ???

Me: how long time he was there in your home. I called you again, but you didn’t attend”

Devi: 2hrs that’s why didn’t attend”

Am like wow. God she got an affair she invited him to home for 2hrs and saying to me itself. Then my mind gone very very very very dirty I started again asking more about what and all happened. But she rejects to say those, I didn’t compel her because I don’t want to force her and stop this thing. I don’t believe till now how I got guts to ask about her affair and she too said about that. I was waiting sure one day she ll say about what and all happened that day. The time comes I called her after 2 days and talked to her normally, again she started asking about my girl friends.

Devi : dating engayum polaya (didnt you go any dating)

Me : neengha vaena vaangha kootitu poran (if you come I will take you)

Devi : serupu

Me: mmmm sorry en koode lam varuvinkala adhan boy friend irukey ungaluku eppayum avar kooda than veliya suthuvingha(oh sorry you wont come with me because you have boy friend and you ll always go outing with him only)

Devi : just one day than met

Me: oh who is he ?

Devi : uncle’s friend

Me: eppadi ungala correct pannaru(how he corrected you)

Devi : oru urgent ku money kuduthu help pannaru, appuram rombha paese aarambhicom(he gave money wen I need very urgently, then started talking long time with him)

Me : oooooo ippoachum sollunghe enne panninghe annaiku (atleast tell now what happened that day)

Devi : enne da solle solrey (what you want me to tell)

Me : about that day

Devi: whatelse :p matter than

Me : (dumbstruck) really ??

Devi : yes

Me : for 2 hrs ahhhh

Devi : yes

Me: if anyone saw what will happen uncle wont come ??

Devi : illa avar vara maataru and ella dress um remove panne maatom(no he wont come and we wont go nude and all)

Me : without removing dress how ????

Devi : kandippa theriyanuma ?? (sure you want to know)

Me: aaahmaa (yesssss)

Devi: first liplock and then avar enna bed le paduke vechutu dress remove pannama ennoda blouse and bra ve mele thooki vittu sapppuvaru, apram ennode saree um pavadai um thookitu panty remove pannitu ulla viduvarru (he will throw me in bed and without removing dress he ll lift my blouse and bra up and ll suck my boobs. Then he ll lift my saree and remove my panty then he will fuck )

Me : ooooooo god

Me: superrrrr

Devi: mmmm

Me: uncle eh vida perusa avardhu(is it big than uncle’s)

Devi: yesss very big, and he fucked very good. I climaxed almost 3 times
Me: wow

Me: unghe sizes enne (whats your sizes)

Devi: y

Me: ” sollunke plzzz (say plz)

Devi : 36-34-36

Me: ayoo super sizes

Devi: enough go and sleep

Me: ” avlodana (that’s all ?)

Devi : what else

Me : ” what you did him

Devi :means

Me: ” mmmm suck panninkala (did u sucked)

Devi :hey

Me: ” plzz tell

Devi: s

Me: woooow evlo naeram (how long)

Devi : mmmm 30 minutes

Me: mmmm

Me: what else you did

Devi : poda dog

Devi: uncle vare time achu (time for uncle to come) will say some other day

Devi: good night

Me: ” ok ok good night

I slept that day masturbating almost 3 times. I was very eager to meet her one day and do whatever I dreamed about her. But she never allows me to do much. She always rejects whatever I do. Even though I did all :p I will say how she slept with her affair again and got her next affair and how I fulfilled my dream in my upcoming stories 🙂 hope you people like the story. Aunties ,girls, slim girls and slim aunties please comment my story to my mail id [email protected] Waiting for your comments. If any mistake in this story please ping me ill correct them in my next story. Bye

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