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Prasad Sir Teaching My Sister A Good Lesson

Hello , sometimes in life , we all want sex. Some has much priority and some has less. Here I bring you the story of a middle age man who earned his living by teaching kids and teaching there mothers too. His name is prasad sir.

Shocking ? yes a bit of course. But its a story to tell , his mentality and his super mind ideas and preparing constant remedies to fuck women , students or women of any shape size or any age. Just to feel the pleasure. Its was like a mental disorder he just wanted to fuck and get his dick sucked and inserted all over the woman.

He was a short , dark skinned , build up man with a height of 5’5 inch , body build up , cock may be 6 inches with 5 cm wide . He has a career of 20 years of teaching and has fucked over 17-18 mothers , sisters , maid of his student’s all over his career. He was a horn dog since the age of 18 and now he is 45.

Comes from a middle class family and takes tuition for kids for class 4-10 standards by going to there home . Prasad Sir,  Of course he was intelligent and he was of course a man of full of confidence was married with two kids and a wife simple family.

It was like 4 years before when he used to take tuition of my sister as she was in class 10. Her exams were near so we hired him. My mom and dad both worked and used to come in during the afternoon like 3 o’clock . My sister was Payal 18 years old and she had a slim figure , long curly hair , thin pink lips , not that fair , with 32 size boobs , good bouncy ass , wore a black frog and hair opened , jolly and not shy type girl has a boyfriend and loves eating , sleeping , styles 24/7.

A Sudden Knock striked at the door it was like 2:55. His timing was correct , he came inside , i told him to sit “Sir , batiyea , wo ahrahi hey”. Sir “okay” , as no one was at home i decided to watch him from the peek of the window so that no one can see me. My sister went , he was sitting in the couch and she was sitting in the other part of the sofa which was single stand. I thought of watching the whole set of that day , cause i knew he was staring at my sister and just wanted to grab her and fuck the life out of her.

I went inside and told that i am going out and give her the keys to the gate as i have to play football.

Yes i lied in order to see what he does , soon after that i went to near by door and beside that i had a window so i peaked there.

After few munites later sir “Ajjj bohot jaka kam karkey aya , payal jara ek glass pani lekar ana”. My sister “yes sir , abhi ati hu”. He had a firm look at her ass while she was going and her ass was bouncing , when she went to the other room. I was shocked to see that he was hiding his boner and was adjusting his underpants inside.

Soon my sister came he quickly took the position and sat normally after drinking the water. He gave my sister some questions to solve and he took rest and gave her a condition that she would have to press his legs if my sister did answers wrong my sister was shocked and said “okay sir ”.

So then she solved and got all the answer right , sir said “wahhhh good girl , aj tho tum kamal karrahi ho aur kamal karogi”. And dropped his pen towards the floor my sister being well mannered bent down to bent down to get his pen and the whole pink bra and cleavage were visible. He was staring like a mad god who saw bones , he took the second sip of water.

After a few minutes things got back to normal. Sir “Ajj bohot parai ho gayi , aur mey bhi bilkul exhausted ho gaya hu , baki key chapters next day”. Ajj batey ho jaye jara , aur batao school kesa tha aj ka”. My sister “Thank you sir , aur school thik thak tha bohot masti ki , aur humara maths teacher ajj bohot kam datey sab ko hehehe”. “acha tho ek kam karo mera gardan jara dabadogi, agar tum bura na mano” said Prasad sir.

My sister without any hesitation “ha sir bilkul kyu nahi”. He opened his jacket and was in t-shirt she was pressing her shoulders and sir said “wahhh bohot achi dabathi ho tum good girl all rounder”. My sister with her clear honest mind “Waoooww sir apka tho body bohot bara hey”.

Sir got a chance now and said “acha laga kya , college mey sab larki mujper marti thi body ke liyea aur abhi bhi mey jim jata hu , fitness is very important right?”. My sister giggling way said “haa yes you ar right”.

Then sir told my sister acha bohot hogaya “abhi tum bet jao”. My sister “okay sir thank you” Sir “aur bhi muscles dekna chaogi??”. My sister excited “ha sir kyu nahi” sir rolled up his sleeves and showed his big biceps. My sister was shocked saying “bapre sir itni bari biceps mene abhi tak nahi deki , sir kya mey ekbar pakar sakti hu?”. Sir of course got the chance to let her touch his body and said “yes of course”.

She started touching him and he got comfortable and she too got. He started to have bulge in his pants soon and i was getting angry to my core. But i wanted to see what they are doing.

Sir “Kesa hey ? majboot tho hey na”. She laughing “ha sir ekdum iron man”. Sir then got the oppurtunity to get things more spicy and told her “aur bhi dekna chaogi?”. She without any hesitation “ha ha jarur sir kyu nahi , mujea barey barey majboot body bohot pasand hey, Phele kyu nahi app ne kaha ki app gym jatey hey?. Hehehehe tho mey roj dekti”. Tho phir aj deklo.

It was 3:45 by now and he had one more hour so he did things slowly and plus not even a single member was there in the house. So he took the oppurtunity very wisely he told “dekto abhi mey tumey mera sabsey masboot wala muscle dikhaunga. Par kisiko batana mat”.

My sister “who kya hey ? kaunsa muscle”. Sir then told her to sit and then without hesitation unzipped his pants and showed his mountain and the struggle of his cock inside.

She was shocked and started to get nervous. She said “sir yeh kya kar rahey ho”. Sir “koi bat nahi beta yeh tho normal body part hey na”. She started moving away from him and then he said “deko agar tumney kisiko bataya tho pkka fail karwa dunga”. She got scared and came closer.

Sir was ceasing her hair and his pants unhooked and his zip opened fully with his building mountain ready to come out started attracting her. Sir said “yeh mey mera sabsey bara hard muscle , isey chuney sey yeh mota aur bara hota hey”. She said “tho mey isey pakru?”.

Sir “ha bilkul” then she started touching and was massaging it from the top of his underpant with her long nails and her beautiful white clean fingers. My sister “sir yeh tho bohot bara ho raha hey”. Sir said “yeh hi tho hey jadu , isey jitna maslogi utna mota hoga yeh”.

Then sir said “abhi pura muscle dekna chahogi”. She went so far and now whats the point to say no she said okay then my sister slided down his underwear as sir was in a sitting position and she was sitting beside her. She saw it and said “oh my god sir itna bara penis , mene kabhi nahi dekha , ohhhh maaaa”.

Then sir said iska ek hi workout hey aur tumey ho karna hey , is penis ko tum apna khubsurat patley patley hoto sey thik lolly pop ke tara chusso”. His penis was hard as an rock , veins coming out pre cum floating and it was too big for her mouth and hands then she said “okay sir”.

she started sucking Prasad sir’s cock. The cock was not fitting in her small mouth she was struggling when she touched her lips in the head of sir’s fat cock. Sir shouted “Ahhh issss” then she started blowing as sir took her head and forced the hot dog in her throat.

Sounds were coming from my sister “agggg aggg agggg aggg aggg basskarooagg sirrr pleasee aggggg agggg agg”. Sir “ahhh ahh payal , prasad sir key batey mano aur isko work out karo , ahhhh ahhh ufffff ahhh”.

Things were getting comfortable and even me i started masturbating. She was enjoying taking that fat piece of meat into her lovely thin face and mouth. Sir “tum abhi ruk jao nahi tho juice nikal jayega”.

My sister giggling “hehe sir matlab sperm?”. Haa beta tumey tho bohot knowledge hey. Then sir said “ao abhi mere godi par bet jao” she sat in his lap and then sir told her “deko jada chillana nahi , warna fail karwa dunga , jese mey kahu wese karo”. She with her mouth full of spit and pre cum from her teachers cock sat in her lap.

Sir then lifted her black frog layed her in the black couch and told her “wahhh payal tum bohot obedient student ho abhi mey tumey bohot aram dunga” she “sir yeh kya kar rahey ho”.

Sir “isey kehetey he intercourse” then after saying this he ripped her panties lifted her right leg and started fucking her. As she was virgin she was shouting “ahhh sirrrr direy please bohot darad horaha hey, please sir itna mota penis hey apka. Thora direy karo sir please ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhh ahhh”. Sir “chup kar abhi , mujea maaza lene dey” then fucked her very badly.

My sister after few minutes “ahhhh sirrrr aurrr karoooo aurrr andarrrr , aurrrr karoo ahhhh ufff ufffff maaaaa ufffff maaaa”. Her panties were ripped and torned by that sir and all she was in her bra and her frok.

Then sir stopped suddenly , took her into her arms opened her frog and unhooked her bra and started sucking it. She “uffff sirrrrr bohot aram mil raha hey , please sir dont stop sir please ahhhh ooooohh gooodd” . Sir took bite of her nipples and kissed it with passion. Sir after sucking her boobs told her to suck her dick.

She was giggling and laughing and was enjoying a lot. As she couldnt get the whole monster inside her mouth she was trying like a wild cat. She lost her senses and was sucking it with great passion while catching and twisting his balls and sucking his balls too like a sweet licking it .

Spitting it biting it with her beautiful eyes looking at sir her beautiful lips , her hands was all on his dirty fat black cock. Sir dick was hairy and had long hairs. So she grabbed hold of sir’s penis hair and started taking the whole cock inside now. She was only in her long pointed heels and fully naked.

She was gone crazy and started licking his balls like a sexy queen , where beauty and the beast meet together as sir was like a hulk in front of her fragile nature and feminine beauty. While sucking his cock she “ummm umm umm ummm ajtho isey mey pura workout karwanungi aur sperms bhi nikalungi ummm ummm ogggg oggggg”. Sir ” ahhhh ekdum correct , wahhhhh bititya you are my favourate student and you are passed for sure ab chus chup chap ”.

It was around to be 5 and my parents were to come soon. So he said her “abhi mey apna sperm tumarey mu par phek deta hu , tumari maa ahh rahi hongi”. She had no response as she was busy sucking his cock and playing with his balls. Her reply “ummmm ummm oggggg ogggg oggg ogggg umm mmmm mmm umm mmm umm mm umm oggggg gggg ogg gggg anedoog gggg gg oggg ggg oggg ggg”. Kissed sucked licked it then sir pulled his cock out and then he shooted a full load which she swallowed. Half his sperms were a bit yellowish and she took the sperm and started rubbing in her boobs.

In the mean time i finished masturbation and i went to the door and started knocking it purposly. So that they get dressed fast. I went to the room and saw them dressed up and they acted as if nothing has happened. Sir “beta ah gayea?” me “nahi mey gaya hi nahi”. I told this just to scare her my sister dressed back to normal told me “tho kaha they tum “mey ajj football nahi cricket khelney gaya tha”.

They acted both as a sigh of relief and thus sir told my sis “its okay chalo mey kal phir sey aunga baki key problem kal samjaunga”. My sister “okay sir i will tell you all my problems tomorrow”.

Then sir went home and days passed by and as i had afternoon tuition my self, I leave home by 2:30 and still no idea but i am sure they have sex once a month may be. Now she is married to a quite successful business man but that incident still gives me chills.

I ask my self should i have stopped them or i have done a good thing. Whatever may be things are normal and peaceful now and thus life goes on, For sir he is retired now and surely he added my sister in his banding list and to be honest i quite enjoyed to watch my sister so calm and fragile going that wild.

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