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Russian Teacher Fucked By Indian Student

Hi guys this story is about me fucking my Russian teacher whom I fucked in her own cabin after class.. I was 23 then into my 5th year of medical college in Russia. I had a big crush on my Pediatry teacher in Russia..

She was into her early 30s tall smart and her States were 34d 26 36 about 5 feet 10 inches just as me.. She was a divorce but never shy of parties and drinking.. We would notice her In hangover in class and would admire her long legs and would even go below the seats and check her thighs and panties at time… Tharki we were. One day she was in hangover wearing just a lab-coat and her inners in class..

Me and my friends quickly knew we are going to get good view of her pussy today .. We would intentionally drop a pen to watch her panty and on one such occasion I got to see her pink panty.. And it was so hot between her thighs could see it was clean pulpy .. Got up and got into my senses again..

Just as the class was going on I knew I have to make a move.. I did not answer well in class as I wanted to rework that class on same day with her in her office alone.. It was brake and she was not into teaching that day as she was in hangover.

After brake she took test and I instead of writing answers praised her beauty and how I admired her legs and lips.. She used to go through our papers just in class only so that she would ask students who did not prepare to rework the class..

She was reading the papers one by one I was just praying she would not complaint to head of department and all.. And then came my paper in her hands and she starred reading my paper.. She looked at me and gave me a smile and asked me to rework the class as I had low score..

I knew I did not deserve any better but her look and eyes were making me go crazy.. So everyone left and so did she for her brake and I was alone now as she would return for rework class in 15 min.

I was reading and suddenly she came from behind and asked me if I am ready and I replied ” always darling ” as she shut the door behind her.. She asked “what do you mean?? ” I said ” you read my paper right?”.

She started acting and replied “do you think it deserves any better score?” I replied “we can work on it”. She asked “how?” And I got closer to her and whispered in her ear “by letting your pink innerwear free” and she grabbed my shirt asking “how do I know that” I quickly pressed her ass towards me and told her “I have been watching it from ages” .. She replied so ” you think you can make me happy”?? I replied “that’s why I am here”..

I broke the talk with pressing my lips on to her and she started responding and me whispering to her” I love your hips and boobs”.. She broke the kiss and went on knees and kinkily pulled my jeans down and pulled my rod out and looked into my eyes saying “u r quite big being Indian”..

I smiled as she started playing with it … And teasing it licking it sucking my balls and then sucking my Precum on my dick I was going crazy … She was so good at it. She then took her lab-coat off herself and was now in just her pink bra and panty sucking my 7 and half inch cock and praising my cock ” oh I love your brown dick it’s so thick…” And I was whispering “madam it’s for you and I love your wet pussy”.

She then started stroking my dick more Wilder taking it deep in her mouth and me about to cum pulled it out and cummed on her lips and boobs .. She swallowed every bit of it.. She smiled and asked me to fuck her fast as she had only 15 min…

I wanted to do her doggy so quickly pulled her bra and panty down and pressed her head on desk and she was on my dream pose standing bend with her ass towards me … I teased her nice .. I

was running my dick into her ass crack from top to below like a banana and she was preparing her pussy .. Widening her ass and stretching her thighs as she took my dick in her hand and placed it near her pussy and I started pressing my dick head inside her..

She was so amazingly hot and wet and loved her ass as it was facing my thighs.. Had masturbated so many times thinking of her in this pose and I starred fucking her from behind and she was turning back and watching me hold her waist and fuck her…

I was so excited initially rotating my dick inside her hole around her all vaginal walls and then getting more intense as I started hitting deeper more wilder… Grabbing her hairs now and fucking her wild from behind…

She started moaning breathing heavy ,. Her pussy juices were already flowing and her pussy tightening around my dick…. I was increasing my pace as she was riding it really nice and hitting her deep.. Her ass had got red already.. We were both enjoying this and she was pounding her ass hard into me and I was hitting her g spot as we both cummed together ..

She turned towards me and facing me gave a tight hug and a smooch and licked my dick off… Gave me her number and asked me to rework all the classes from now at her place. Hope you guys enjoyed my experience with my russian teacher.. Would appreciate feedback.. And YA girls in Delhi wanna get your pussy pumped and licked write to me.

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