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Saree Shop owner seduces married woman ..

Hello.. This is Ramya again from Bangalore. I got married to Venkatesh who is working in MNC Company. I am very happy with him. He is a good husband to me. We lived happily. Let me describe about myself. I am 5.5 ft height 58 Kg. My Measurements 34 size Bra, Waist 28 and hips 36. About costumes I mostly wear Transparent Sarees. I like such sarees which clearly shows about my blouse and petticoat. Whenever I go to shopping malls, people stare at me in sexy way and I enjoyed it a lot.After one and half years of our marriage, my husband had to go on a project work to US for about 5 months. I felt sad about it. He consoled me not to feel sad. He said I can see him and can talk to him. I asked how.. He told that he would leave his laptop with me to chat with him daily. I felt little bit happy. Me and my father-in-law are staying in the house. The day arrived for my husband to depart to US. He hugged me and kissed me and said take care I was feeling sad on his departure as this was the first time I was going to miss his presence for such a long time. My father-in-law also consoled me and I too asked my hubby to take care in low voice. Then me and my father-in-law bid farewell and left the airport.Back home I felt very lonely at home. On the first day, he made me a call and said come online let’s chat. I and father-in-law spoke with him. This routine continued for two weeks. After two weeks he rarely started to make calls. Anyhow without him I also got habited. I started to spend my time by watching television, shopping and visiting friends.On one day I have visited my friend Raji. She is my close friend. She asked about my married life. I said great..

I then told her that my husband had went to US and he will be returning after 6 months. She said oh it’s too sad how are you going to control yourself. Saying that she just pressed my shoulders. I said I have to control myself. She asked how u are going to spend your time?. I said I have a computer can play games. She laughed ….Then Raji told me, “I know you are not so innocent.. Why can’t you satisfy by hot sex chat with males. I said so far I haven’t given much thought to it. She said “you are not really doing it.. It’s just a chat. Just feel it and satisfy yourself”. Those words remained in my mind. Before marriage I sometimes used to have hot sex chats with many unknown males. I thought I should try that again… Then I said okay and left to my house.It was 7 ‘o’ clock in the evening. I took bath as I was full tired. I slept. I woke early at 5.30 in the morning and washed my face took bath. I took the scooty and went to yoga class. After the completion of yoga I went directly to my house. That was my regular custom in the morning. My father-in-law was waiting outside for me. He said that my hubby has called me to make a call back. I went inside and made a call to my husband and spoke with him..And went to my room and relaxed. It was 10’o’ clock today I have to go for shopping to purchase sarees. I got ready by wearing transparent light bluish color saree and white blouse, black Bra and black petticoat. Even my father in law looked at me in a different way. I thought to myself even a 55 year old man is ogling on me which actually turned on me. I was feeling the absence of my husband then. I definitely needed some relaxation at that time and went for shopping in Jayanagar. When I went inside a shop in a mall, I found a black color man named Charles. Actually his native is Africa. But he did fashion design in india. He owns that shop.By seeing me he said hello beautiful lady.. What can I do for you?. He was noticing my waist which is very clear through the saree. I said I want to purchase sarees. He said yeah u are at the right spot.He told me to go and check the sarees. As I went on checking, he was looking my back which was swaying in rhythamic. The way I wrapped saree tightly around my black petticoat made a different color. One can
Identify the color of the petticoat. My Bra is clearly visible and the straps too. No wonder my father-in-law looked at me in a different way that morning.As I was looking sarees he came closer to me and said I will help you and he started showing me sarees. As he was doing he took one saree and just kept it on my shoulder and said this will be beautiful to your face and to your creamy body with good shapes. I was surprised by his words. But I kept quiet. Seeing this he lowered his hand to my butts and caressed slowly and said you look really beautiful. I felt something new but controlling myself I said stop it.He said alright madam. I will give you the idea how to select a perfect saree.He asked my name. I said Ramya. Okay Ms.Ramya. I will tell you something about the saree. I started listening.. He continued like.. Saree makes a woman look graceful, stylish, elegant and sensuous..As you are slim, Georgette, Chiffon or Chignon, Heavy Mysore Silk sarees (saris) look beautiful… In these sarees u look very beautiful and sexy lady.He gave me a green georgette saree and a coconut shell blouse and told me to have it. He showed me the room to wear. As I went in, I realized it was not a trail room it is the bedroom of his. I don’t know that there is a camera in that room and it is on. (later I came to know about it). I went in and when I was about to close the door, he said “no need Ms.Ramya.. Just keep it open. I thought for a while and let it open and told him to move from there. He went. I turned back and started to remove my saree. Suddenly he came and said stop madam.I said why. He asked what type of petticoat u are wearing? I angrily asked why do u need it?He said don’t be too angry young lady. You are going to wear sexiest saree.. So if you are wearing a flared petticoat it won’t look nice.By his words I was really surprised. I thought he is very expert in selecting dress. First in my mind I thought not to give him a chance. By his words I am wet inside. That made me to show my petticoat.

I said okay u wait outside I will show u. Listening to this he said don’t worry madam. It’s common. Come on now a days heroines are undressing themselves in front of camera. And you are too much like a heroine. Take it as a compliment from me.. I was getting mesmerized by his seducing words. I waited for a minute and started to takeoff saree. He said one minute madam somebody will come.. I will close the shop door. I thought something is going to happen. He closed the door and came in and switched AC. He told me to sit on bed and went into another room.(there is a man named sibinad his brother he went in and said something to his brother).After five minutes he came in. He said okay madam let’s do it. He made me to stand. Behind me there was a room.(from there he made his brother to take snaps which I was totally unaware at that time.)
He stood in front of me. Two weeks of my hubby’s total absence had a good impact on me which made to have no inhibition in removing my saree in front of a stranger. As I was about to take my saree from my shoulders, he held my hands and whispered in my ears let me help you sexy lady.(it is bringing in his control). I kept quiet. He understood and took my sareepallu (His brother is taking snaps without my knowledge and also there is a camera recording). He pulled my saree from my blouse and my saree reached at the tucking point. I thought he will pull it off with hand but to my surprise he placed his hand inside the petticoat where I tucked my saree. Oh my god I got shivering he kept close to the private area.. He knew that I am getting into his control. He came close to my ear and whisphered “just take breath deeply inside” As I did it the petticoat was loosened and with that he pulled my saree from the petticoat. I just closed my eyes and never opened my eyes.He started unwrapping the saree. He then said I am going to take off your petticoat..shall I? He asked I just nod my head. He pulled the string of it and slowly it fell down. He said madam u are wearing old fashion panty.. Why can’t you use our latest fashion. For your’s, u should use G-String panty like these and showed me some of the sample box pieces photos to me.By saying this he just came behind me and came closer to me and said wear such panties. He whispered to wear. I kept quiet… Then he inserted his both hands under my arms and he rested his both palms on each side of the blouse. Slowly he caressed the boobs.. I was totally in his control now. He did it for five minutes and started unhooking the blouse. Everything was getting recorded. His brother is taking snaps without me knowing it. He had now taken off the blouse and came infront of me. He saw me in the bra and said u are wearing old fashion triangle type. For your gorgeous body you should wear push up, balcony cleavage, or dimple cup bra, which can show more cleavage when you wear blouse also…. Saying that he pressed my boobs on bra and said darling.. My Ramya darling.. And he removed my bra and thrown it away into the dustbin on the floor. I looked at him. He said my dear sexy lady.. U have beautiful creamy body. Please use latest model bra. Saying that he kissed on my lips and started licking. I never experienced such a kiss. He kissed for 5 minutes.. He inserted my tongue in his mouth and sucked. This made me more horny. I started to kiss him and moaned heavily as he was caressing my panty.. I said him to fuck me…. He laughed and removed my panty and licked my pussy and finger fucked me. I cum totally. Then he said me to go and take bath and said don’t close the door. In the bathroom also there is a camera on which is not visible to unknown person. As I was taking bath he came in and sat beside me in the tub..

He massaged me for a while.Then he said me to come out of the tub. He too came out of the tub. Then he took a bottle full of cream.. He took some in his hand and applied it on my ears on face on neck, boobs, waist, on my whole nude body and said me to wait for 15 minutes. It was burning lightly. After 20 minutes, he washed off with the hand shower. But during those 20 minutes, his hands reached on all spots of my body.. He then gave me the towel and told me to wipe….. After wiping he came close to me and said that cream is for your skin to become smoothly and no hair will grow.. To make it clear he said me to look at my pussy. There are no hairs it is too smooth it’s skiding. I was surprised… Then he took me to the room and he said I will wear your dress. He took the G-string panty and worn it on me. It is like so cool, only strings wrapped tightly around my hip.. And only a small piece of cloth covered the pussy. Then he gave me the push up bra and some other bras and panty packed.. Then he said Darling you leave your dress here and wear the chiffron saree with coconut shell blouse which is bareless at the back, you don’t need to pay for it…Then he came behind me and helped me to wear the coconut shell blouse which clearly shows my side boobs. Then from one box he took a petticoat which is non-flared. It looks like a plane no folds on it. He wore on me and he wrapped the saree and said u look beautiful in this saree. He commented you are looking like malaika arora in this…. With this he took a photo and introduced me to siband…..they took down my mobile number and house address. Then Charles said you be in this saree at your home we will come in the evening at 7 ‘o’ clock.. You be in this saree. I said okay… Then he gave a bag which contains a bottle of seduced oil which gives more enjoyment to sex.

Then he said I will leave you at your house. He made to sit beside him in his car and drove me to my house. And said bye……Remember today 7 ‘o’ clock…I said okay..I went inside my house.

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