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Satisfying Stunning Mother Of My Best Friend

This story is of stunning mom of my friend. Hi.. This is Rajesh. I’m so curious about this story because this happened before just a week!!!!

I’m studying in chennai and I’m from thanjavur. When I went to holidays I got my mom and fucked her. After two months of fucking I came to chennai to continue my studies.

This time I didn’t applied for hostel because my friend asked me to stay in his home with him so we can study together. I was hesitant first. I don’t like this idea because I think it will be hesitant to be there in another’s home.

He is my best friend. He said he asked his parents said no problem. After his heavy compulsion I accepted to his home. Saying about my friend his name is karan chand. He is a CET boy.

His dad is always stays in Rajasthan. His mom is housewife. That’s all I know about his family. After I reached chennai he is in railway station waiting fr me. He is my best friend from thanjavur itself.

Actually he suggested me to come to chennai with him for studies that’s y my dad send me to chennai. But I never saw his mom before. I doesn’t cared about it too.

He took me to his home. I carries my luggage and he rang the door bell. Suddenly a stunning lady who is looking like madhuri dixit is opened the door. And said,”anthar avo beta” I was dumbstruck and im staring her.

She is 5.8feet height. Wearing a transparent saree. Her white bubbly navel is clearly visible and she have more hip folds and she is more white than my mom. I got erection. But my friend didn’t saw that and said,” hey rajesh this is my mom nirmala chand”.

You can call her aunty. I said, I’ll call her mom! And I’m smiling in my heart. She gave b’fast and we ate and he showed his brand new ps4. We are playing happily. But she is coming and going from kitchen.

I can’t concentrate on game. When she is walking her ass is swinging and my cock is making a tent. I controlled somehow and we end our lunch.

After that my friend said he is going to a certain work. So u hang out with my mom.

I went near her. She is cutting vegetables. I got an hard on. Seeing her mighty boobs. I didnt wear any underwear I think she saw my hard on. I went and sat on chair and asked,”when will uncle return aunty?”.

She said,”he went there before 12 years and he can’t return because business is heavy there. And I came to a conclusion that she is hungry for sex. Anyway I want that jackpot I thought to myself.

When I woke I forget that I didn’t wear inners and my cock sprang out in shorts. She saw that with a hungry and surprising look. And she didn’t speak anything. Suddenly my friend came inside both missed the chance.

Then we had dinner. . And he gave me a separate room I was very surprised by his arrangements. I asked,”no thnaks da ill. sleep with u in your room. He said,”it was my moms order. Yesterday also she said same room.

But now she is saying to give you a separate room. You got a good name in my moms heart. I was happy that something is going to happen. I waited for that. My mom called me at midnight and she said.. “My pussy is very very wet for your cock. I miss you rajesh.”

I said, ”u have a other cock there na grab that.” She smiled sexily, ”hey dont tease me” she is rubbing her pussy. While talking we are doing phone sex and I’m shagging my cock.

Suddenly I moaned when I’m about to cum. My mom also said she cummed. I was missing her so much I thought. There I was without underwear and I’m speaking to my mom about my friend home and how comfort it is. I again shagges speaking with her and I some shadows near my door.

Like someone watching me shagging.. But my mind is out of control. I’m shagging. And I cummed on my stomach and thighs I cleaned the floor. And I’m still nude down part. I cut the phone. When I’m going near the door. The shadow went away. I was surprised who will be that person. I thought and came to a conclusion that its my friends hot mom.

OMG she saw my cock! But its OK. I was very horny thinking that she saw my cock secretly. Then I opened the door and saw her room which his opposite to my room. Light is just off when I opened.

Its confirmed that she is the culprit. But I confirmed that its not my friend by seeing him sleeping like a child. He is sleeping nude.

Without any cover. His size is just 5inch. I think thats why she is horny after saw my 8inch cock, I think. I think he  also shagged so i covered him with bed sheet.

Then I went out of the room. Then I went near to her room. Her room door was slightly opened. I think in rush she didn’t closed the door properly. Am went inside and cleaned the cum in my clothes and I wore a boxer and just went to peek her room if it is still opened. I went slowly not to make any sound.

For my luck her room is still opened I heard some noises inside.. I don’t know what is happening. But I decided that it is now or never. I got guts and I entered her room and smoothly I turn on the light.  She was in shock. So as I. She was in bra and petticoat with legs spread pussy full of hairs. What happened next I’ll tell that hot story after this story.. Wait until then with your cocks to cum..

Any aunties who want sex in chennai can contact me if u came alone or with your friends it’s OK for me..! I’m waiting with my 8inch cock.

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