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Sayali Adventures On Goa Trip In December

Hey guys this is Sayali. Just completed engineering this year now doing interior design course diploma of one year in Pune. I am 21 year old and fair in color & height is 5.2 inch & figure is 34d-28-34 just trying too losing some weight.

Had lost my virgnity about four year back to a sir. I had an accident. Because of that I broke my leg & my parent knows that I am poor in maths. So they hear a sir to teach me at home. Any way we had sex after couple on month’s he got married after that I had couple of sex incident.

I don’t had sex like 6/8 months before this incident & even I don’t masturbate because I believe in sex it give me pleasure.

Anyhow that’s all about me. I always plan a short trip to Goa in December for 10 days so I can enjoy my new year eve at goa . So I book a driver, hotel bla bla bla. I got ready (wear blue color tight jeans & a white top & black color heels).

I was going through flight. Flight was at 5 in evening (aurangabad-mumbai-goa) around 7oclock flight landed at goa. I came out of airport a young guy (smart dashing height about 5.9) was standing outside with my name.

So I went to him and said “hey I am sayali so let’s go” he took my luggage & started walking towards car. On the way he intro himself his name was rohit. He was new in this business. We reach near the car he load my luggage inside the car & started driving towards the hotel.

On the way.

Me – so you’re going to be my new friend for next 10 day. (i was quite freely with him).

Driver- yay mam.

M- don’t call me mam. Call me sayali. We are friend from now.

D- ok sayali!!!

M- ok so wats’ the plan for today.

D- today I will leave you towards hotel thats it.

M – ok!! I am quite tired today so let’s go to hotel. I well got fresh up & then let’s have some beer??

D- ok mam I mean sayali as you say.

M – ok they give me your no. So we can content.

We exchange each other no. And went towards to the hotel. I done check-in & went inside to my room after 15-20 min I got ready (wearing a blue top dress which was long toward my knees little short than that).

I came outside of hotel & gave a call to rohit. He came to pick me up. I sit inside and said.

M- let go someplace where no disturbance like a quiet place??

D- ok sayali I know one place where no one came but if you’re comfortable with it.

M- yay you seen too be a nice guy don’t worry let’s go there hope it will be a nice place.

Then he stop the car at beer shop I gave him 500 rs & said bring 2 bottles & a packet of cigarette.

D- no no no sayali I can’t drinkin & drive you don’t know the goa traffic rules.

M- don’t worry all rules are same in india & whenever you will feel right then only you can drive ok & with one beer. I don’t think that you can’t drive.

D- whatever you say??

He brings two bottles & cigarettes. We went to that place it was a amazing place near beach one street light was there & a small broken wall where we can sit. So I step outside of the car as I step out off and we went toward the wall.

It was small wall so he climb up and gave me hand while I was climbing up due to wind my dress got lit up & my panty was able to see due to street light. He sees this but don’t react or given any facial expression.

I went up & adjust my dress. He was sitting next to me. He open the bottle gave to me. We started drinking the beer so I ask him.

M- are you married or not??

D- no no. i am still single actual it was my dad business so to continue his business I join this.

M- ok it means you have a girlfriend huh.(he laughed).

H- no I scare of talk too girl’s & not a single girl look at me.

M- you’re not shahrukh salman at which girls will look. Do you love/like someone.

D- no still not.

We finish beer. He went down & gave me a hand same thing again happen while came down dress again got up & my panty was able to see. I said to him.

M-stop look at me like that.

D-sorry sorry I had never seen any girl’s panty that why sorry (i though he is make this up).

M-you’re such a lair.

D-no sayali. Really I had never see any girl naked I am a complete virgin.

M-ok ok as you say let go to hotel & I light up the cigarette.

We went to hotel next day we went to beach’s so I already wear bikini inside my dress ( I was wearing white color tank top and black color skirt). We went toward beach I had taken a sliding sit near beach and said rohit to keep his eye on my thing’s.

I was removing my top. He was continuous staring at my breast. I look at him and continue too remove my skirt & said to him too keep eye on my thing’s not on me & I gave him a naughty smile and went toward the beach.

He went to bathroom I started swimming after half an hour. I come outside & went to my seat and took the towel & started rubbing my body. I was looking for him. When he came back his dick was erotic. I ask him.

M-where the hell you was?? And snap my dress from him.

D-sorry mam I was taking tea over there.

M-sayali calls me sayali not mam and from half an hour you’re drinking tea in bathroom.

D- no sorry really sorry.

M-let it be.

And I started wearing the dress while wearing that dress he was staring at my breast due to wet (water was cold) my nipple are easy seen. I got dress up & I look at him he was staring at my breast. I said let’s go we went to car I ask him.

M-now what the plan?

D-now now we will go to room I mean church.

M-let go I think you should drink one more tea real tea before driving.

D-yay yay I will bring 2 cup of tea.

M- bring a cheese sandwich for me here take some money.

He went outside of the car while I was alone I was adjust my boob’s suddenly a small boy (beggar) came their. While I adjusting my boob’s I was little shock to see him he was asking for money. I gave him money & he went away I was watching him in rear mirror he was smile looking back. I was like what the hell?? & I saw rohit was coming with two cup of tea and sandwich while drinking the tea he was look at my breast. I said too him.

M-if you steal looks me like this that one more tea you’ll need.

D-sorry sorry.

We finish the tea & sandwich & went to church where he also join me then we went to lunch. We had lunch together after some point near the place at evening we went to shopping he join me. I buy some dress tops/sandals’/heels etc after many hours we went back to hotel I said to him.

M-we will go to same place to have beer.

D- ok sayali as u.

It’s seem he was very excited about it I went to room I wear the same dress and went down. I call him we take beer’s we went the same place same thing happen my dress got flow by wind.

After 7/8 day happen the same thing at the next day when two day where remain to go back. As it is we buy beer’s we went to same place same thing happen we sit on the wall .We had beer. One day he ask me.

D- sayali if you don’t mind can I see yours boob’s.

M-what??? R you out of your mind.

D-please sayali. I am not anyone I am your friend’s.

(after few min )he was forcing me then I remove my dress and unhook the bra and cover boob’s with hand & I was in panty said to him.

M-“as you r a nice guy and we were here several time but you was decent with me so here is yours gift.

& I remove my hands. I take his hand and put it on my left boob &stated press it slowly slowly. After few min he become totally wild he start press my boob so hard I was enjoying a lot .

So I kiss him he hold my body and put me on his lap he sucking boob’s he was kissing me. Chewing my lower lip like it a chin gum for half an hour he kiss and suck’s me after that he stop & said that he don’t have condoms. I said ooo without condom I can’t take risk so he pull his giant dick out of his pant’s.

Then I was like what waw we came down from the wall & then I was on my knees started sucking his giant dick for few min. I suck his dick then he left me up & put me on the wall & remove my panty which was totally wet.

He started fingering it oooooooo my goddd it was feel so good after few min he started licking it & fingering it we done this for half or 1 hour.

After that I got dress up & put my bra and panty in my bag. He pick me up in his arm’s started walking toward the car. We was on the way to hotel meanwhile in the car I was suck his dick.

D-stop sayali otherwise we will have accident.

M-you had turn me on now go to medical store & buy some condoms because my pussy need yours dick.

D-oo ok then baby let me fully fill your wish.

Then he took car to a medical store he put his dick in his pant’s & went to bring condoms he had bring 5/6 condoms and hand over to me. I put them in the bag & I started playing with his dick we went to parking lot of the hotel. I said too him.

M- if anyone see both of us inside the hotel together then they will misunderstood. Do one thing that I will forgot the bag into the car & will come to my room for the bag.

D-ooo you got brilliant idea now babe I am going to kill you at night.

M-accha lets see how much bullet’s you have to fire.

D-ooo my god babe (then he grab me toward him & started kiss me and press my boob’s 15-20 min we was in the car ).

M –stop stop sweetheart if security guard’s comes it will be a big mess.

So I adjust my dress & went inside of the hotel. In the lift an old man came & started staring my boob’s which was hard & my nipple are easily visible. I ignore him. I went to my room & call him too came in my room within 5-10 min.

He was in my room he came inside & lock the room & grab me in his arm & started kissing me and pressing my boob’s. My left boob’s outside over my dress then he throw me on bed got complete naked I went toward him & started sucking his dick. He put his both hand on my head pull me towards the dick.

His dick went toward out my throat after few min of sucking he tore my dress & he put condom on his dick & put his dick into my aaaahhh. He was doing so fast like complete wild. I was just shout slowly slowly little bit slowly. But He was not listen at all after be a while he grab me in his arm started fucking. I shout a loud & loud.

After that we were 69 position he was chewing my pussy oooomyy god he was complete wild after few min he put another condom. Now put it into my ass hole ooo my got it was horrible ooooo (i never had ass fuck there is a neighbor boy who is too fuck me in my pussy I will share that story some another time).

My god ooooo rohit plsss stop stop slowly slowly baabaa I was completely gone.

After few min he stop. Then he grab me put his dick into my pussy ooo babe I am going to kill you the night hhhaaa hhaaa oooooo. I am about to die oooohh till 2 at night he was fucking then we went to bathroom for bath. As I started shower he came closer to me and started kiss me & pressing my boob’s.

He was slapping on my ass then he went to room bring another condom he put some shampoo on his condom & started fucking in my pussy. Oooo yay for 10-15 mins he fucking me then we took bath & I wear the towel and went to sleep. In morning we I woke up I found no one was there to find him I call him.

M-hey sweetheart where r u?

R-in the car coz if police came I don’t want to get arrest in blame for kill u.

M-ha ha ha your complete wild.

R-yes I am babe.

M-it seen you have enjoy a lot last night.

R-it was memories for life time.

M- ok sweetheart I will see you in an hour bye.

R-bye babe.

Suddenly my door knock I wear towel. The hotel towel too short but is was covering my main area. Any way I open the door it was hotel waiter asking for breakfast. He came inside the room to take last night plate.

Waiter-so mam what would like to have??

M-just any omelet & a coffee

W-ok I will them in 20-30min.

While talking too me he was watching in the mirror which was back off me due too short towel my ass looking in that mirror.

W-ok mam I will do you need anything more.

M-no thanks.

That he went outside of the room & I went too bed after 20 min door knock again it was the same waiter. He came with the breakfast I was in the same towel he put breakfast on the table which was behind of me too gave him tip.

I went too take bag which was lying on the floor another side of the room so I bend & my ass was complete show off . I took my bag & gave the waiter some money he was smile in that bad way.

W-thank you mam if you need any help plzz call me.

M- can I get a bigger towel?

W-sorry mam but every towel in this hotel is the same size.

M-u should keep big towel.

W-ok mam.

He went outside of the room so I remove my towel but I complete forgot the room door was slit open & suddenly the waiter enter in the room I shouted & cover my boob with one hand & with another hand I cover my pussy.

M- you should knock the door ( I was feeling complete embrace).

W- sorry mam but I forgot the notepad.

M-while going close the door you idiot.

W- ok mam sorry again.

As soon as he left I wear my bra and panty after finishing the breakfast I went to bath. But both nob has cold water so I call the waiter to check the water I was in the same towel.

W-yes mam how can I help you??

M- the water is cold…i want hot water.

W- yes mam I check just give a sec.

M-the bathroom is beside you not inside me.

W-yes & sorry again for the incident I never see any girl naked in real sorry.

M- great check the water??

He check the water.(i thought let tease him )while he was going I remove my towel in the room & went to bathroom & keep bathroom door slit open.

M-take the plate with u.

W- yes mam.

I remove my bra and panty & turn on the shower. While he was going he was trying to look into bathroom. I was able to see him throw the mirror in the bathroom I was rubbing my body. Press my boob putting my finger in my pussy after few min he started jerking off for a while he was there after 5-6min.

When I saw in the mirror. He left off after got ready I went to parking lot to see rohit he was there. We went to a cruse ride after that we had lunch together. We smoke hookah together at evening he said.

R-why don’t you have dinner with me at night at my home so that you can meet my family.

M-great idea.

R-fin that I will call & said that I am bring my friend at home for dinner.

M-hmm but before we go I need to buy some dress because I have pack only beach’s dress.

R-why not sweetheart.

So we went to shopping I buy a blue design salwar kurta & pick a bottle of wine to give his family. We went to his house they ware amazing people. In his family sister had just gave birth to newborn baby his father & mother lives in goa & his sister lives in Mumbai & come for vacation.

His mother was sweet loving lady. I played with baby we had dinner together at night his mother was inciting me to stay with them. But my luggage was in the hotel so rohit drop me in hotel. We had sex at the night.

Tomorrow was last day in goa my fight was at 4 in evening. We done check out from the hotel rohit has another house in goa near airport. Then We went their again we had sex for 3 an half hour but was taking rest in between.

We had lunch together & went to the airport parking where he was kiss me & press my boobs after that he see off me at airport.

I kiss him & went inside the airport. After that we were in content. I use too sending him my pic in sexy dress we use too having sexy video chat. After few months he got married .He said “he was happier if he gets married to me” . So that’s my story I thought to share with you guys thanks for reading love you bye…!!!

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