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It was a fine morning in the princely state of Balanpur. Days started pretty early in this part of India. It was another pleasant morning in the royal palace of Balanpur. The royal palace reminded of olden British days but the servants and guards no longer dressed in uniforms. The servants were still from nearby villages but the guards largely comprised local police and goons. Antara Devi, an early riser, was up as usual and was at her breakfast table skimming through her newspaper. A sumptuous breakfast – completely vegetarian – prepared by her personal maid was in front of her. Antara Devi, usually preferred solitude on her breakfast table as she rummaged through the local news or her business documents while having her breakfast. She was a hard working lady who perfectly juggled her responsibilities of a mother and sole breadwinner of her family. She ran her father’s vast business ranging from timber, tea plantation, and local construction meticulously and diligently. Her husband, Vivek, while well and hearty didn’t have the courage nor the ability to take care of their business. He assisted her on routine tasks and ensured that their ten year old daughter got all the needed attention and care.

Antara Devi — as many called her — was not your usual fifty year old woman running her empire with an iron fist. Rather, she was a beautiful young lady who had recently turned thirty. Hailing from a princely Brahmin family, she was gifted with an extremely fair complexion and gorgeous features. She hid her assets under luxurious silk Saree and blouse – her regular attire, which was plain and simple. Her simplicity outlined her beautiful features and in some sense adorned her. It was futile to hide her beautiful eyes behind light weight glasses, as a glimpse of her eyes would convey how beautiful she was. Her luscious pink lips that she never bothered to highlight with a lipstick would attract every male who visited her. Although, a picture of delicacy, she carried herself in a stern and emotionless fashion. Her responsibilities and the people she dealt with on a regular basis demanded that vigilance from her. When she was with her daughter you could see her lips frequently curl into a lovely smile embellishing her beauty even further. There wasn’t a single male working in the palace who was immune to her beauty. Yet, none of them ever dared to look in her eye longer than a moment. She epitomized beauty and femininity for them. Antara stood a little over 5′ 5″ and with her medium heeled sandals she appeared to be 5′ 6″, quite tall by Indian standards. Her slender waist and slim body accentuated her breasts, that had increased in size from her first pregnancy, and her height.

She had to take responsibility of the business at a very young age due to her father’s ill health. Although, she was married at the time, neither her father nor she believed in Vivek’s capability. It’s because Vivek was at least 5 years younger than her. Antara’s father wanted to see her daughter married before his death due to cancer. So he arranged his daughter’s marriage with Vivek, his childhood friend’s son. Vivek lost his parents in a terrible motor accident when he was just 13. When Antara married Vivek he was just 14 and Anatra was 19. Antara looked after her business from her office that was located in the palace and traveled to meet customers and/or factory locations regularly. Due to the increasing workload, she was contemplating sending her daughter to nearby boarding school, although, an ulterior motive was to keep her away from the corrupt environment she lived in.

Her daily routine was predictable. She would be up in the morning at 6:00, and after her yoga and meditation routine, she would be at the breakfast table by 7:30. She would reach her office at 8:00 and spend time alone reviewing documents, contracts till 11:00. From 11:00 to noon she would spend time with her uncle and discuss some business issues or have a light hearted conversation with him. Her lunch would be over by 12:30 and after a little personal work she would be back in the office at 1:00. She would meet her business associates or clients to discuss about projects, tenders until 4:00. After 4:00 until about 6:00, she would entertain her local people to discuss and resolve local issues. She firmly believed in keeping the locals happy and never let go of any opportunity to please them. Evenings were reserved for her daughter and husband.

Antara, however, never contemplated on actually taking a lover or allowing liberties to special few men in order to further their business. She was content with her sex life, although she missed not having a second child. They had never used any kind of protection and in the past eleven years and yet Vivek couldn’t impregnate her even once. Ayesha was fathered by another person, who entered her life quite accidentally and then vanished suddenly after planting his seed in her. The ecstasy she had experienced with him was never matched again. Vivek was a good lover and made every attempt to satisfy her but no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t take her to the peaks she got used to very early in her sexual life. Vivek was an average man when it came to his penis, while Ayesha’s real father was hung like a horse and knew how to make love to a woman. In fact, he transformed her into a woman at the tender age of nineteen, after her marriage to Vivek. True, it was him who took her virginity and it was him who had enjoyed her thoroughly during their brief honeymoon. Vivek would sometimes, inadvertently, remind Antara about this person and every time it would result in a shattering orgasm for her. Antara had no inhibitions inside the bedroom and engaged in oral sex with Vivek on a regular basis. Her episodes were rarely brief and always lasted at least half an hour. She enjoyed being taken from behind and the regular missionary style sex. Antara’s softer side was mostly known to her family but everyone in the house believed she was a very strong willed woman. It was important for her to portray this image and hence while in public, she would give hardly any regard to Vivek, her husband.
Over the years at least half-a-dozen eligible men proposed Antara for mating with her and every time she said no to them. Though she fantasized silently about starting steamy affairs with them but she couldn’t risk it with any of these folks as they were men in powerful positions and would not easily give up a privilege once received. Moreover, it could also threaten her business and the stronghold she held over her men. She wondered if one of them could keep a secret so that she could have an affair without worrying about the consequences. She never discussed this with Vivek, because he was very emotional and not mature enough to handle the situation, but it was always at the back of her mind. Quite surprisingly Vivek and Antara’s relationship was cheerful. Antara and Vivek were deeply in love and never regretted their decision to marry. They still had an active sex life but the sexual excitement and perhaps fulfillment had diminished over the years. While Antara never wondered about the men around her, she nevertheless was amused by their sexual interest in her. She was certainly the most beautiful woman in the whole of Balanpur and it was no wonder even the most powerful men – regardless of age – were attracted towards her. Gradually, Antara understood her inner demands that she needs more in bed, more than what Vivek could deliver, ever. Antara justified this as a privilege of the bread winner.

Returning to the current day, she was working in her office. While deeply engrossed in her work, she heard her husband yelling for her. In a few seconds she realized that he was running towards her office and soon barged into her office. Antara never liked to be disturbed and she certainly didn’t appreciate anyone entering her office – even her husband – without seeking her permission. She muttered to herself, “This better be urgent!”

“He is here,” he said, “He is here,” repeating himself, lacking coherency, a mature woman like Antara would expect.

“Who is here?” she asked calmly. Still shocked with what he had seen, he just kept on repeating it, not paying attention to Antara’s question.

“He…” mumbled Vivek trying to recollect his name but it simply eluded him. Antara couldn’t understand — if it was so important, why couldn’t he recollect his name?

“He…” mumbled Vivek and realizing that the name wouldn’t just pop up said, “He, whom we met during our honeymoon!”

It dawned on Antara. Her face flushed red as she anticipated the arrival of the person, who ruined her entire life. In no time, a slightly aged man, about 5′ 3″ tall, with a stocky figure and slight pot belly entered. He was much darker in complexion than even Vivek and his greying beard contrasted his complexion. He wore a traditional Pathani and a typical beard that Muslims have. Antara’s lips parted and she lowered her eyes after they locked their eyes. The man ambled casually towards Antara without paying much attention to Vivek – admiring the stunning beauty of Antara Devi. His white teeth showed as he parted his dark lips to greet both of them with a smile. Vivek couldn’t help it anymore and pounced on him and grabbed his collar, threatening him, “How dare you?”

“Vivek!” yelled Antara at once realizing that it could quickly get out of hand if she didn’t intervene. Her obedient husband, who would always obey her, refused to obey.

“Vivek, let go of him,” she yelled at him again. She moved to the front of her mahogany desk. The man was unconcerned about her agitated husband and instead focused on his beautiful wife. He noticed that she was a lot taller than him but then realized she was wearing sandals that had medium sized heels. Regardless of that, she must have been two-to-three inches taller than him. Compared to her younger self, she had put on a little weight but by no means she was overweight or had any folds on her stomach. Her bust size had grown significantly – now that she was a mother of a ten year old. Her pouted lips were pinkish as usual. An imported black framed, anti-glare glasses couldn’t shield her dark black, oval eyes. He noticed that her unusually long hair was not loose anymore but tied into a knot behind her head. Her beauty could break Vishwamitra’s resolve, he thought. They looked into each others eyes for a moment before Antara lowered her eyes and asked Vivek to leave her office. Vivek mumbled something but a stern look of hers reminded him that she meant it. She asked her assistant to not disturb her while she was talking to this gentleman.

Vivek angrily paced up and down outside in the aisle wondering what the two were up to. The visions of his so-called honeymoon had haunted him forever and this person’s presence only refueled Vivek’s anger; yet he couldn’t recollect his name. After exchanging preliminaries, Antara Devi got into her mold and with a stern look on her face, she looked into his eyes. The silence was uncomfortable for both of them. Images of her past quickly flashed by as she stood there completely detached from her current situation. Not wasting much time, she broke the silence, “Why are you here?”

“I missed you,” he replied calmly.

“It took 8 years to locate you and another 3 to make up my mind,” he added.

“Didn’t realize how quickly she has grown,” he said with a nervous smile referring to Ayesha.

“She is of no consequence to you,” was her stern response.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“I missed both of you.”

She saw no point in refuting his claim that it was his seed that germinated in her womb and transformed into this cute little ten year old girl. However, that never meant he was father for Ayesha. Antara’s puzzled look urged him to elaborate.

“I am not getting any younger and long to spend rest of my life watching my daughter grow.”

He was 49 to be precise – Antara never forgot anything about him. He was just short of twice her age when they met for the first time.

“No one needs to know,” he assured her.

“All I ask is an opportunity to be close to both of you…” his words trailed.

“And,” he added after a little thought, “a little quality time with you.”

“Privately,” he emphasized.

Antara stood their with her arms crossed and admired his audacity. He had the courage to face her after ruining her life and make such a despicable demand in her very own kingdom. She was leaning against her desk, very lightly. Her Saree Pallu covered her large bosom but exposed her slender waist. She wore her Saree a little lower and that perhaps was the only unconventional aspect of her dressing. The man admired her milky white waist that must have carried his daughter for nine months; her large bosom that nursed his daughter and her whole body that once he had for himself.

“You realize that you could be dead in a few moments and no one would ever know?” she said calmly, although her inner agitation was evident to the stranger.

“I do,” he quickly responded.

“Yet, here I am,” he said stepping forward. He was a few feet away from this heavenly beauty. She now rested herself on the desk, perhaps realizing that the conversation might be longer than expected. It brought her eyes on level with his and for a moment she wondered if she was dropping her guard.

“I couldn’t resist your beauty?” he made a rhetorical statement.

“Even when it meant risking my life,” he added.

“You are certainly on your way to hell,” was her dry response.

“I might as well enjoy the prelude to death,” he confidently exclaimed stepping closer to her. He was closer to her than any stranger had ever been. She noticed his face for the first time as he moved towards her. He had changed in the past eleven years; had certainly put on weight and looked much older. His chin had several folds of fat; his beard and eyebrows were graying. His seductive smile hadn’t betrayed him, though. His lips were much darker and almost black now. His tanned skin indicated that he still enjoyed a very active life. As she looked at him, the thoughts of taking a lover came back. She knew he was well endowed and a skilled lover. It wouldn’t be long before her belly would swell again if she accepted his proposal. She wondered, for a brief moment, if he still had it in him. After all, it had been several years ago and now he was much older. She didn’t take much time to convince herself about his virility, especially when he himself walked into Lions den.

“Have you ever studied entomology?” he asked breaking her thoughts. Antara was a biology graduate but she didn’t study much on that topic. Confused with his sudden question, she didn’t know how to respond.

“You see,” he started.

“Spiders have an amazing *sexual* ritual,” he said emphasizing the word sexual.

“Male spiders offer food to attract the females.”

“Females are much larger and can’t distinguish between their mates and food,” he giggled.

“Females accept the food and while they are devouring, males take their chances to mate with them.”

“If the male doesn’t finish in time, he could become her fodder.”

“My situation is no different.”

“The difference though,” he added, “is that spiders are ugly but you are an incredibly beautiful woman in her prime and…” his voice mellowed looking for a response from Antara.

“Spiders are dumb and you are an intelligent woman,” he whispered. He had stepped closer to Antara Devi in the process and was not more than four feet away from her.

“A spider can’t comprehend what she is sacrificing over a morsel of food!”

“You can,” he said in a low voice. Antara realized that he was back to his sweet talk and recalled how he had seduced her earlier. She was in a dilemma. Was it the eleven year itch that was helping her to fall in his trap?

“It is gratifying to execute the person who ruined your life!”

“An intelligent, mature woman, however,” he said pausing briefly, “knows that real pleasure is never instant!”

“You are out of your mind,” smirked Antara as she tried to get up from her desk. He suddenly stepped forward and stood intimately close to her – only her husband and daughter had been so close to her in the last eleven years. She could smell his breath as he angrily shot at her, “Indeed!”

“Couldn’t dream of mounting a gorgeous lady, otherwise,” he seethed putting his left hand on the table to the right of Antara as she tried to sneak away.

“Certainly can’t dream of putting another one in this,” he whispered as he grabbed her waist with his right hand, stopping her escaping from the other side. He held her tight as a dog would hold his bitch in place while it finds the sweet spot! She realized her folly of letting things slip too far. She was trapped on her desk with this virile old man practically hugging her. Antara leaned back to keep her lips away from his, which were perilously close to hers. His demeanor annoyed her and for a moment Antara Devi mustered courage and raised her right hand to swiftly slap him. He, however, was quick to anticipate her move and grabbed her hand before it hit him.

“Now, now,” he said calmly, “all females have temper – regardless of species.”

“Especially, women of your kind need to flaunt their authority.”

“What they need to learn,” he said lowering her hand by her side and leaning further into her, “is to drop their guard in privacy.”

“Woman on top,” he chuckled, “is not a very satisfying position,” looking deeply into her eyes. Antara ashamed by his lewd talk, lowered her eyes. He had again struck a chord in her and she was on the verge of succumbing to his sexual advances. She was breathing heavily; her lips were parted. She was still leaning back but her resistance had waned.

“Yusuf,” she whispered hesitantly, uttering his name for the first time, “you are hurting me.”

“It is supposed to,” he whispered looking deeply into her eyes.

“Would be easier this time,” he suggested gently. Trapped in front of this virile man, her heart was thumping hard. Yet he showed no signs of sexual excitement. The sexual aura he exuded clouded her judgement; her brain faculties were shutting down and the subtle physical changes in her body were preparing her to be mounted by this stallion. Yusuf breathed in her feminine body odor as he leaned forward. Antara was an ordinary beautiful woman – who rarely had a need for cosmetics. She never used talcum powder and rarely trimmed her eyebrows or underarms. It was this combination of simplicity and beauty that never failed to attract attention of any men she crossed paths with. Yusuf was admiring her beauty and this time Antara sneaked a peek at him. Her eyes locked with his for a few moments.

“Oh,” he sighed, “what beauty!”

Antara blushed. He was still holding her right hand with his left hand, while his right hand rested on her waist. Noticing that Antara wasn’t resisting much he moved his right hand to her face. She instantly pulled out but noticing that he wasn’t reaching for her face, she didn’t resist further. He reached for her hair, which was tied in a knot behind her head, held securely with the aid of prominent hair pin. He pulled out her hair pin and out rolled her jet black, silky hair that reached her waist. Not many had the fortune of witnessing this ravishing beauty with her free flowing hair in the last several years. She fidgeted as he played with her silky hair; his hand roaming freely over her hair and neck.

“Yusuf,” she said in her stern voice.

“You should leave,” she added hesitantly.

“Do you wish to die?” she tried reasoning with him, frustrated with his nonchalant response.

“Lets see,” he sighed. His not so fresh breath intoxicated her, reminding her of amorous foreplay’s with him in the past.

“The male spiders get to mate before they die,” he added leaning into her. Antara instinctively leaned back to compensate for his movement, supporting herself with her hands in the process. Now, her face was at a comfortable distance but her body was practically glued to his. Her legs were spread and his groin was making contact with her pelvis. Yusuf made no haste. He moved his hand back to her waist and playfully caressed it. It didn’t have an ounce of fat and her skin was blemish free even after bearing a child.

“Would you seriously consider getting me killed?” he asked tauntingly.

“Do you doubt?” she shot back immediately.

“Well,” he exhaled, “just that I have some unfinished business.”

“It’s not fair to have no one to plow this fertile land,” he added casually, relishing the feeling of soft white skin of her stomach. Antara was stunned by his audacity and knew that it would escalate from here. Yet, she couldn’t muster courage to put an end to his lewd talk.

“You are good for 2 or 3 more,” he added smiling, looking into her eyes for a response. Antara, for once managed to get hold of the situation and yelled, “Enough!” She called out her assistant on the intercom quickly reaching for her phone. Her sudden reaction made Yusuf wonder if this was the end of it. He knew it was only a matter of minutes before Antara could have melted in his arms. He took a moment to reflect on this but didn’t let go of her. If he backed out then Antara would know that she had upper hand and his fate might be similar to that of the male spider, albeit without any sexual satisfaction. Her assistant took a few moments to respond to her call. In the meanwhile, Antara put forward a little struggle to get free of him.

Her assistant responded, “Yes madam.” Antara hesitated for a moment and looked into Yusuf’s eyes. She saw that twinkle in his eyes as his lips curled into seductive smile. Antara’s lips quivered while her mind grappled with what she should say to her assistant. Yusuf took advantage of the situation and moved his hand to her quivering lips. His thumb rolled over her lips, tracing it in its entirety, while Antara tried in vain to escape from his touch.

“Madam?” her assistant interjected.

“Hariram,” she mumbled. She squirmed, tacitly signaling Yusuf to take his hand away so she could talk to her assistant.

“Yes madam,” her assistant responded. Yusuf obliged but had other intentions;he let go of her left hand and moved both his hands to her back. His hands gently slide southwards and caressed her naked back. Antara admonished him non verbally but Yusuf was not to be deterred.

“Madam?” her assistant again interjected. As Antara turned her attention to her assistant on the intercom, Yusuf slipped his hands further down to her buttocks. He realized that her bum was a lot fleshier now. A lump formed in her throat when Yusuf without any notice pulled her into himself. It caused her legs to form a wider wedge in which Yusuf perfectly locked himself. Antara managed to quickly ask her assistant, “Whats the schedule for today?”

His groin was plastered to her pelvis. Even with the very thick silk Saree between them she could feel his hardened penis that was knocking at the entrance. While their groins were conjoined, their upper bodies were still separated and her breasts were grazing against his chest. Small beads of sweat formed above her upper lips but her lips were dry and parched . Antara was breathing heavily. Noticing her dry lips, Yusuf involuntarily wet his finger in his mouth and with the same finger toyed with her lips, in an attempt to moisten her lips. Noticing her disapproval, he wet couple of his fingers in his mouth and transferred substantial saliva from his mouth to her lips. She resisted; her face swayed first left than right but never once did she move her hands to stop him. Finally, giving in to his lewd behavior, she let him paint her lips with his saliva. He transferred a little more saliva as Antara’s resistance waned. Towards the end of the act, her lips were lewdly parted as Yusuf’s stubbed fingers massaged her lips.

“Madam,” her assistant responded on the intercom.

“You have an afternoon meeting with Rasiklal and Co. to discuss a tender and then a meeting with Madhav Rao.” Yusuf’s hands moved to her her neck as they listened to her assistant. She didn’t realize but in a moment he had unpinned her Pallu that usually is securely fastened to her blouse. The silky material of her Saree offered no friction and the next moment her Pallu slid down. Her C-cup breasts, still securely concealed under her silk blouse, were exposed to this lecher. Her chest had slightly lighter complexion and not a single blemish. Her conservative blouse hinted on the size of her ample breasts and only offered a glimpse of her cleavage. She quickly covered her breasts with her hands but it was not before Yusuf’s eyes feasted on them. Yusuf’s attention moved to her milky white tummy that once more would nurture his seed.

“Madam,” her assistant added, “You had a preparation meeting now with Kamlakar Sir.” While Antara’s attention was riveted, Yusuf quickly untucked the pleats that are usually tucked in under the navel. Her Saree immediately came loose and her white petticoat underneath the Saree was visible. She was in an extremely vulnerable position in front of this stranger, while her assistant was expecting a response from her punctual and responsive boss.

“Let me think,” she said stealing a moment. Her untangled Saree made her difficult to support herself on the desk so she moved her hands behind and supported herself on her hands. Her breasts jutted out indecently and Yusuf couldn’t resist the urge to handle her breasts. His hands moved to her breasts and this time she didn’t resist and squirmed as his hands massaged her breasts. He was gentle at first but then he gave them a very hard squeeze. She almost let out a yelp but controlled herself and said, “Ask Kamlakar Sir to wait.”

Yusuf now manipulated her nipples; gently rolling them between his index finger and thumb. In her excited state, it wasn’t hard for Yusuf to get hold of her nipples concealed under brassiere and blouse. Antara pleaded non verbally to stop but did everything to encourage as she leaned into him.

“Tell him,” she said gulping her saliva, “We will discuss it over lunch.” Yusuf’s hands now moved to her navel and he gently tugged at the knot that securely held her petticoat, she said, “Wait.”

“Yes Madam,” Hariram responded. Yusuf stopped and waited for cue from Antara.

“Is Vivek there?” she asked. Her hands firmly held Yusuf’s hand preventing him from undoing her knot. She took his hands away from her knot and actually encouraged him to play with her breasts instead. Yusuf moved in to kiss her but Antara still hadn’t given in and leaned further back turning her face away. Yusuf didn’t mind and kissed her cheek; his kisses became wet in no time.

“Yes Madam.”

“Ask him to pick up documents from collector’s office,” she added turning her face towards the phone. It essentially meant Yusuf got to place couple of pecks on her lips. He continued kissing her other cheek while Antara tried to push him away with her hands. Yusuf got angry when her pressure increased and he pulled both her hands to the side in a swift motion.

“Tell him not to worry,” she added as she contemplated about her helpless situation. Yusuf moved his other hand and grabbed her face viciously and turned it to face him.

“Madam,” added her assistant on the phone.

“Vivek Sir wants to talk to you.” He looked into her eyes. She returned his stare – only for a moment – and then lowered her eyelids in silent submission.

“Madam?” he reiterated.

“Later,” she responded. Yusuf placed his lips on hers and she silently accepted his kiss. He devoured her mouth and practically sucked the air out of her. Antara still hadn’t reciprocated, though.

“Antara are you okay?” was Vivek on the intercom. Yusuf didn’t let go of her immediately to respond and took a few moments to finish his kiss. Antara’s lips were wet with Yusuf’s saliva and her face reminded of a woman caught in the act.

“I am fine,” she responded.

“Do you want me to come in?” he asked. Yusuf pulled the string that held together her petticoat this time.

“No,” she responded quickly to both Yusuf and Vivek. However, she was a little late in response as Yusuf had made his way into her panties. Despite her efforts, he had found the right spot and was massaging her clitoris.

“Please Antara,” pleaded Vivek, “let me handle this.” Yusuf slipped his middle finger into her well lubricated vagina. Antara let out an audible gasp but wasn’t loud enough for Vivek to hear her.

Yusuf whispered in her ears, “You seem to be ready for it darling.”

“Keep him busy while I finish my business with you,” he added.

“No,” she responded to both Vivek and Yusuf. However, Yusuf had already made up his mind and in a few moments lined up his thick penis against her sloppy vagina.

“Please Antara,” he pleaded on the phone. Not wanting to lose an opportunity, Yusuf drove his penis deep inside her with his very first stroke. Antara screamed in pain as his thick penis slithered into her warm hole.

“Okay,” Vivek responded on the phone, “I will meet you later.” Antara was glad that he misinterpreted her sexual grunt. She latched onto Yusuf’s lips and kissed him forcefully. Yusuf roughly bit her lips and practically chewed her lips. She mumbled her complaints but Yusuf didn’t pay any heed and shafted her while brutally kissing her lips. In a few moments, he focused his attention on shafting her. Antara catching her break pleaded, “Yusuf don’t leave a mark on me.” It wouldn’t augur well for her reputation if her employees were to see her swollen red lips.

“You whore,” he said grabbing her hair roughly.

“Yes,” she seethed.

“Leave your seed inside,” she whispered seductively, “That’s the best way to mark your bitch!”

Yusuf responded by driving his penis to the hilt. It strangely excited him that his risk paid off and he had such a beautiful woman for his mistress. She felt much tighter for a mother of a ten year old, he thought. Yusuf continued his onslaught very roughly fucking her. With each thrust, he drove all the way in and pulled it out completely. Antara hadn’t experienced this pleasure ever since her honeymoon with him. In a couple of minutes, Antara had her orgasm and she shuddered violently pulling him into her with her fingers scrapping on his bottom. Yusuf didn’t take much long and emptied, spraying his sperm deep inside her. His cock twitched inside her as it jerked spurt after spurt for perhaps ten seconds. She felt his penis lodged against her cervix, which surely must be in flared state sucking in his baby making sperm. Antara lovingly kissed him for one of the hottest sessions she had in recent years. Her only other sessions that were as memorable were when she fantasized being taken by one of her clients.

“You discharged a lot,” she hesitantly chuckled.

“I would be dripping your stuff whole afternoon,” she complained.

“It was meant for a purpose,” he answered.

“Now that it is done, I should hurry back before you mistake me for food,” he chuckled. Antara smiled in response.

“Keep your silence in public,” she said, “and you shall be rewarded in private.” Yusuf leaned forward and they swapped saliva for one more time. As Yusuf tried to pull himself out, she moved forward to keep in her. She gripped him tightly ensuring he was firmly lodged into her and said, “You have a knack of catching me at the right moment.” Yusuf got his message and kissed her again. “Wait till your stuff is home,” she said breaking her kiss. Although, Antara would have liked to retire for the day but that would raise a few eyebrows in the royal palace. They quickly parted. The entire episode lasted for not more than 20 minutes and the intercourse itself lasted less than five minutes. While she had experienced several sessions with him that lasted for more than couple of hours and spent a few days with him doing nothing but having sex, this session with him was no less.

Antara rearranged her clothes and Yusuf watched the young wife drape her Saree while he tied knot on his Salwar. She confessed that Yusuf had perhaps lead her family way again. He couldn’t believe his luck; now that he might be able to impregnate this young wife at will. Antara asked him to leave now that the deal was sealed. As Yusuf walked back proudly, she called him, “Yusuf”

He swaggered back with his hands on his hips.

“Hope you understand the rare privilege you enjoy,” she said looking down. He basked in the glory of his latest conquest.

“Don’t let it get to your head,” she said.

“If this ever leaks out,” she said looking sternly into his eyes.

“I wouldn’t kill you.

And after a brief pause added, “but castrate you.”

Yusuf smiled and turned back. He knew that although Antara was a slut, she wouldn’t hesitate in having him butchered if this jeopardized her married life. He knew better than bitch about her and lose such a splendid opportunity.

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