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Second First Night Of A Bold Wife

Today i am here to share the threesome experience i had last week.

So it started casually got mail , they interviewed me & i did too. We got enough info about each other and made the plan over weekend. I met him at a coffee shop we had small chat and we moved towards their place. It was nice 1 BHK apartment, well maintained and with lots of handmade stuff.

The couple intro goes below. Rakesh aged 30 with 5 inch of dick little fatty and his wife Sheena completely opposite to him bold fit body 5’7 height and good size boobs. Fair skin and black hair.

We reached his place and got comfortable. Sheena wasn’t home she was out for shopping. After about 20 mins door bell rang and Rakesh opened the door. There she enters.. Looking like angel and so beautiful i felt lucky to have this opportunity.

We exchanged smiles and she went into kitchen made tea and sat up together. After some silence. She said lets start and Rakesh smiled i was confused on how to begin but she was bold. She came up to me & sat on me. Looked into my eyes and our lips met.

It was soft with orange flavour of lip balm. She was kissing so passionately i was just supporting her. After 10 mins of kissing she just asked Rakesh to excuse us and took me to bedroom. It was decorated well like first night.

What she said made me take charge further. I wanna have a good cock in me and wanna make it a good experience so i wanna have my second first night with you.

I just pushed her to wall & kept kissing hard. Pressing her boobs over her top & red light around was a perfect environment. Soon we moved to bed and she went onto her knees. Unzipped my pant and took my good length dick into her hot saliva mouth. Her touch made me more harder.

Soon she was giving good blowjob to me. I was holding her hair and she was sucking it well. After 5 mins she stopped. Came on me and removed her top her boobs which were covered in white lacy bra sprung out. So fleshy & fair. I just pressed them harder and then unhooked her bra. Soon both the boobs were on my face.

Sucking one and circling one was tempting her. She was sitting on my cock and which was touching her pussy. After 10 mins of suck kisses and explore of upper body i lowered her on bed and pulled her lower. She was having a matching panty. Soon she was naked in front of me and her body was shining in the dim light.

I undressed my self and went between her legs. She closed her legs and wasn’t allowing to lick her pussy. I was hard and soon she shouted Rakesh. He came in and saw me between her legs. Then i got to know that she doesn’t like licking of her lower lips.

I ignored her request and asked Rakesh just to watch. Forcefully placed tongue on her pussy and made moves. She was shivering and it tasted well. All wetness between those legs. Slowly licked up and soon she was pushing me more closer to it.

She was liking it. Rakesh was holding her hand and sitting on bed. She was excited a lot and soon when i saw up i could see she sucking Rakesh cock.

I was enjoying on the lower lips. I stopped and she kept sucking soon he ejaculated and sat aside. I took condom from my pant and put it on.

Laid her on her back and pillow under her waist. Soon i entered easily without any huddle. But she couldn’t take the pain. My cock was bigger and more thicker. She was shouting to remove it. I asked Rakesh to make her calm and he started to kiss her.

With slow moments within 2 mints she was OK and was riding with me. Her moans were more seducing. She was playing with her boobs and teasing me. I sucked kissed and teared her legs apart. It was nice moment. We fucked for 10 mints and then moved into doggy style.

Rakesh was erected watching his wife fucked. He came in front and inserted his cock in her mouth. We rode well and the bed was making sounds. I felt it would broke now.

After 5 mins of doggy fucking i took her leg on my shoulder and fucked her. She was lying and sucking his cock. He was sucking her boobs and i was fucking. Soon after 5 mins i was ready to discharge. I took out my cock and released my cum on her abdomen.

Now Rakesh took charge and started riding her. She was more interactive now. Her moans increased and also speedy but in 2 mins he was out. He had little cock and cum so soon. She was sad but happy too.

I was lying next to her sucking her boobs and making kisses and licking her upper body. Rakesh took over her back.

We slept for about 1 hour and then took shower together. Rakesh went out and we had love making in hall and kitchen.

She was cooking for dinner in her bra and panty and i was watching her standing with towel around my waist.

Her ass cheeks were looking like buns and i sat down to eat them. She was surprised and tired but she too wanted it. I licked her ass cheeks. Pulled down her panty and licked her pussy closely.

She was taking help of platform and standing. Soon i got up made her sit on the stand kissed her to which she too responded well. Unhooked her bra and started to suck her black nipples. She was completely into different world. Was pulling me by my hairs.

My towel was on floor and cock touching her pussy. This time i got in without a condom in hurry and made moments. Having sex without condom is so nice. She didn’t object. She pulled me closer. Her arms over my shoulder and i was fucking her in air. I took her to sofa placed her and then made jerks. She was pressing her boobs tight and responding to my pushes.

Her moans were getting louder and i had to lower them by kissing her. It was our third round and i cum soon into her pussy. She just didnt say anything. We slept for 5 mins and she went to clean herself.

Later in evening we had dinner where she was serving us naked on top was having dinner sitting on my lap. Her body was so firm and soft. I cannot forget her touch and later i left to my place. It was great experience and i received email from them thanking for the love making and hope to be in touch in future too…. So that’s it guys.

Anyone who wanna get in touch please feel free to ping me.

Note: please do not ask for any contacts. I don’t share them.


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