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Sex With My Client Deepa Aunty

This story is of deepa aunty who was not satisfied. Hi every one, this is Sameer from Bangalore working in an MNC company. I am about to tell you a really story as my Second experience as a Call Boy.This all happened about 2 months back, I started posting myself as a Call Boy And my first threesome sex stories on a few Blog Sites. I got many reply and some people like my stories lot. But one fine day I got a Mail from a Lady called Deepa .

She wrote that she is interested in me but she is married with 1 kids of 12 years baby boy. She just wanted a Telephonic Sex talks and that’s all and she was ready to pay me for that more money. But I told her I do not charge for Phone Sex and that’s free of cost. We used to chat over the phone for a 3 days and one day I asked her out for lunch and she agreed so we met at Hotel At 3 Pm.

When I saw her she was beautifully lady of about late 30’s but dressed well. As we start our lunch and I asked her that now that she knows me may be she can use my services. At first she was a bit hesitant but then she told me she would call me the next day. I eagerly waited for her call and then finally she called me by 10:30 AM and told me to come to her place in next 30 mint as her Husband had gone to office and had a long meeting and her Kids would be back to home by 4:30 PM from school so she wanted to finish it before that time only.

As I reached her place she was just too eager to take me in her arms. As soon as she closed the door she gave me my fee of Rs. 5000 and started kissing me badly. We kissed for a 10 mint and then we went to her room where she asked me to sleep on bed then she removed my cloths and I removed her cloths and. She started sucking my dick and witching a few minutes she emptied me all in her mouth.

Now she got up and started Soon she was in her undergarments, I took her and made her lie on the bed, I sucked her Brest on top of her Bra, and she was totally out of control and was morning loudly aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh sameer I love u. She slowly removed her petticoat, what a legs she had her thighs were awesome and sexy she was wearing black bra and brown panty.

I immediately hugged her, she also hugged me her boobs were so big I was feeling it. I kissed on her lips she immediately responded and we were playing with our tongues for 10 minutes I slowly removed her bra, I pressed her boobs very hard it became red in color I was sucking her right boobs she was moaning ahhhh hmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it was exciting me more and more next I shifted to left boobs and made both her boobs red in color. Then I lifted her arm and smelled her armpits sweat, I was going mad by that smell I licked her armpit hair I squeezed her stomach and removed her panty she was completely naked in front of me.

I removed her Bra and then again sucked her. (I believe that to satisfy a women a man needs to have a lots of pacense ) after about 25 minutes she could not take it any longer and asked me to figure her full.

Then I removed her panties and started to lick her she came soon with throwing out thick liquid, it was great to taste that. Then I got a condom. My cock was very big that it tore her pussy she was about to shout I closed her mouth and started fucking her, it really torn her pussy, I could see tears in her eyes. But as I was stroking she lost and pain and started enjoying it she was moaning “hmmmm ahhhh haaaaa wow its awesome please fuck me make me your bitch fuck me like a dog”.

All these words were making me more excited. I fucked her for about 25 Minutes and made her cum again. By now she was totally existed and was lying like a queen of my dicks. Now it was my Dicks turn to enjoy her. I wore an Extra Time Condom and inserted my dick in her (To be honest she was very loose) but any how it was my job to fuck her and give her the value of money. We made love for about 25 minutes and then we just laid on her bed for 30 minutes before going for a second round.

After sometime my dick hardened again . I wanted to do it differently with them now . So I planned a shower sex . She readily agreed for it .We went to the bathroom and turn on the shower . were just stood under the shower for sometime and deepa pulled me aside and started giving a blow job. Looks like she is so much fond of dicks, She always need it in her mouth, fucking in her deep throat. Then after good blow job , I was sitting on the bath tub , she came and started giving blow job . All these days, getting blowjobed is my favourite part of sex . These satisfied it without giving rest to it . after some time I fucked her very badly.

Then I told I have to leav for the day but now she has made me a full time call boy. She introduced me with her friend suma And Dhanya pub Party friends whom I serve also. Some of them are almost 45 years in age. But any how I love older women’s and so I enjoy being a call boy any girls women lady any age wanna call boy? Just mail me your identity will be kept secret 100%.

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