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My Sex Goddess Took My Virginity

Hi readers I am Vathsav from Hyderabad, came to chennai for studies. As this is my first story please do understand there can be some mistakes. I am around 5’11 height average body and cool attitude and bit shy. Coming to the story the girl name is Harika she is a very beautiful.

According to me she is sex goddess , because she is in such a great shape I would love to look at her for hours and hours. Her shape is of 38c , 28 ,30. I guess by now the structure of the girl would have come to your mind. The problem is that I do have only one class common with her I couldn’t able to watch her thought out the day .

So I was disappointed few class I spent watching her beauty after few days she was not coming to the class . Till then I did’t spoken with her because I am a little shy to be forward so I asked his friend about her he said she isn’t feeling well so she dint come I said ok bye and left.

After two days she started coming to the classes as usual but as I started looking at her to my surprise she even started looking at me so I dint dare to see her that day.

I asked her friend of mine that why was she looking at me. He said about my enquiry and concern about her so she started looking at me. One day I went and so spoke with her like an introduction I came to know that she is staying with her parents in chennai.

So few days our normal chit chat went on after that our naughty texts started I was a bit afraid to send these adult texts I have sent a text and sends that sorry I was about to send it to my friend but it got forwarded to you she laughed and said it’s ok.

After few days I gained my courage and send such message to her in return she sent some other texts of adult rated to my shock she asked me whether do you have any girl friend. I said no by then she became close and we both started liking each other.

One fine day I went to her and said I love her she got a bit angry but dint say anything evening she smiled at me and said I love you too I was happy I asked her why did you give a serious look in the morning she said I like teasing you.

After few days or normal romance started I kissed her and smooched her in the college when no one is there she responded nicely. Few days later I asked her that I will come along with you to your home and go back she said ok.

We started in the train station is a bit crowded but managed some place to stand on that day she is wearing some black leggings and blue top we almost we stick to each other in such way the train was crowded I got a bulge in my pants by that sticking to her.

She sensed that bulge beside she was stick to me and I was enjoying it she was even enjoying I started to move my dick on her ass she smiled at me and said I like it I was shocked and didn’t utter any word I stopped doing it.. She asked me to continue why did you stop.

I started it again and rubbing my cock on her ass she too was pretty enjoying the moment unfortunately her stop came she laughed at me and pitied my situation. I got return in the same train .

Few days this happened I asked her out of anxiety that you will laugh at my situation do by you feel sad for stopping this in middle. Out of my surprise she said I love to tease you I remained silent for few seconds.

She said I masturbate after going home thinking of you at least twice she said I was so happy for what she said. She asked me what do you do I said the same thing she smiled and kissed me.

Then I asked her again what do you use for masturbation she said so many things I use for some times candles, finger and carrot if she wanted it to be solid masturbation session she she said she would use brinjal… I was speechless by her saying.

Next I thought to take her to room and have sex. I shed her to come to my room as I am staying in chennai I stay with my friends she said ok what will others think of they see me I said we will bunk the half day she said ok.

She came to my flat and sat I immediately hugged her and kissed her she said some thing in tamil as usual I dint understand she said what you are too much horny today while coming into room itself you started.

I smiled and talked with her for few minutes and started to go close to her I kissed her in neck her hands were passing through my hair and enjoying the licking on her neck. I started to move my left hand on her ass and right one on her left boob she started to moan look aaaa aaa . I came back and stopped it she looked at me and asked what happened I said nothing.

She came to and started to kiss me she looked so hot in that dress that day. I moved my hands inside her top and started to squeeze her boobs and pinch her nipples. I was at the back of her she raised her hands back and caught my hair my left hand was inside her dress and right hand was on her leggings.

I touched her pussy on that the dress she said some thing in tamil.. I dint care and started to undress her…. I licked all her body she closed her eyes all the time and enjoyed what I was doing when I undressed her top she remained silent.

I unhooked her pink bra she was wearing. I started to suck them to thru she was enjoying she suddenly got up and asked me to stop everything I asked her what happened she said I want to remain as virgin till my marriage.

So few minutes I said ok and we will just enjoy that’s it I will not fuck you she agreed and removed her leggings by her self she separated her legs showing her pussy that was the first time I was seeing pussy the aroma of it made me mad I licked all her body came to the pussy and started licking it she moaned loudly and said omg yes do it yea.

she said I explored her vagina with my tongue she kept moaning during this. She released a full load of cum I drank all of it. I again licked her pussy I started to tease her cunt she said I could mutter bear it please fuck me ..! I thought I was the happy man. Till then I was wearing at tshirt and boxer I removed my tshirt she removed my boxer and saw my dick she was very to see it on full size. I asked her to suck my cock she said no I forced her then later on she loved it..

She made me cum and later on she drank all the juices. She asked me not delay in dying fuck me I was happy I came on top of her she was tight a bit, my dick my wasn’t entering she asked me to push it hard I gave a power full stroke half of my dick was in she said its painful even though she masturbated never experienced cock in her pussy.

She is feeling pain even I was having pain but pleasure suppressed the pain I gave a full power stroke I her pussy and she started to cry tears were rolling down I kissed her and said its ok…

Right even she is enjoying the pleasure I could only hear the sounds ahh yea yeaa faster and some tamil as usal I dint understand I was too happy too loose my virginity to her even she was happy at that time the total fuck session happens in 40 mins.

Later she felt guilty to have sex before marriage and asked me not to speak with her as she is feeling guilty of what happened I said its ok no one is going to know anything. She dint listen to me.. Now we got separated this is my real life experience hope you like it. please comment if you like it.

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