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Sex Hungry Lady Satisfying With Driver

Hi everyone! My name is Soumya and today I am sharing my story with you all. I hope you all will like it. This story is true incident which happened in my life few days back.

About myself, I am Soumya 30 years old married lady. My husband name is Rohan, he is 32 years old, software engineer and works in an IT company. We have a daughter, Sanya, 3 years old. We live in Noida and are happily married since last 5 years. I am a teacher by profession and works in a nearby school. I am 5’5”; fair, average built with good looks. My vital stats are 35-30-38.

As I told you, Rohan and I are happily married since last 5 years, but now days it seems that he has lost interest in me. After his promotion, he used to remain too busy with his office work and gives very less time to me. Our sex life was also going worst day-by-day. He also used to go out of station for office work more often these days.

These days, I have become sex hungry; I just love getting intimate and want sex almost every day. I used to be very shy before marriage, but my husband is very open, and he made me so bold and sex-addicted after marriage. Our first two years of marriage went so good, he made me do dirty things and we both used to love it very much. We used to hang-out at beaches with very less clothes, used to touch private parts in open; used to take naked pictures.

Now coming to the story, this is about an incident which took place few days back; and I loved that moment so much. I feel so happy to share it with you all. This is about me and our driver. My hubby has kept a driver for himself, his name is Anil, he is 40 years old, dark and masculine body. I used to call him ‘Anil bhaiya’, he is very good in nature and takes good care of our family.

Initially I had no intentions of getting intimate with him but it happened. We shared good bond as he was like our family member now and I knew that he likes me too. He has already seen me in short clothes and sometimes I have noticed that he used to stare at my body and frankly telling I used to love it.

Few days back, my hubby went to Bangalore for 3-4 days for his office work. I was feeling so hot and sex deprived that I thought of something fishy. I wanted to experience it with Anil; so I thought of some plan in my mind. I fed Sanya and made her sleep; and called him and told him to come inside our flat. He came immediately, I gave him a list of some items and told him to bring from market.

He went to market and then I went to bath purposely keeping my bedroom door open. I was bathing and he came back from market and come inside flat and called my name. I gave no reply; he came inside the bedroom and called me. I said yes. He said that he had brought all the items. I said ok and told him to wait as I am coming.

I came outside bathroom in just a towel, he was shocked to see me like that and was continuously staring me and I could sense him getting hard from bottom. I started checking the items like that only. I had also written condom packets and he brought all the things. I thanked him and he smiled and stood there only and was watching me. I opened my cupboard and took my dress out. Then I asked him:

Me: Am I looking hot? You are watching me continuously.

Anil: Mam, you are looking very beautiful.

I smiled and was happy.

Me: Ok then, tell me what should I wear?

Anil: Mam, you look so hot like that only.

I laughed and was getting hot from inside.

Me: So you want me to roam naked in front of you?

Anil: Mam, I have seen your naked picture in Rohan Sir’s phone.

I was shocked to hear that.

Me: Oh! You have already seen me naked in picture. Then you would not be having any interest in watching me naked now?

Anil: Mam, I was waiting for this day. I really want to see you naked and want to feel your body. I have masturbated many times thinking of you.

I was really getting wet and nipples also got erected.

Me: Oh really! What can you do for me?

Anil: Mam, I can do anything for you. I really love you Mam. Please Mam, please.

I got near him and touched his penis over his pants; it was rock solid.

Me: Ok then, masturbate in front of me now.

I sat on bed watching him.

Anil: Sure Mam, it’s my pleasure.

He took no time, pulled off his pants and was naked in front of me with his huge cock rising upwards. I felt so good after watching his huge cock, it was double the size of Rohan’s cock. It was dark with some hairs over it and was smelling very erotic. He started stroking his cock in front of my face.

The smell of his cock was making me mad. I was so horny that time that I opened my towel and was stark naked in front of him. Watching me naked, he became more horny and said he’s going to cum. Then I held his cock and put it inside my mouth and was giving him blow-job. Within seconds, he cummed inside my mouth and my whole mouth was flooded with his cum; I drank all his juices.

Then he came near me and put his lips on mine and then we both smooched for 5-7 minutes. His hands were on my boobs, and he was pressing my nipples. We broke our smooch and started sucking my boobs like a mad child. He was biting my nipples and it was making me hotter. His one hand was now on my pussy. He was rubbing my pussy and was biting my nipples at the same time. Then he inserted my fingers inside me and was finger fucking me and I was already wet.

Now he started licking my pussy, he was doing it so fast and was making me crazy. He inserted his tongue inside my pussy and was licking it so good. I was so horny that time that I told him to insert his cock inside me. He did what I said and inserted his cock inside me.

His cock was inside me in 4-5 strokes and he was now fucking my pussy. It was really paining a lot, and I was literally in tears but it was feeling so great. He fucked me so good for another 20 minutes and then I got orgasm and he drank all my love juices. We both smooched again, cleaned-up ourselves and then he left.

I called him at night also and asked him to stay at my place. He came happily and we both fucked each other whole night. We also had sex for another 2 days till Rohan was back.

Anil and my relationship is going so good that we both keep on having sex on regular basis and he fully satisfies me every time. There is one more news that I want to tell you all that I am pregnant with Anil’s child and Rohan didn’t knew about it; and I am not able to think what to do now.

Thank you for reading my story and giving me your precious time. I hope you liked it and it made your cock hard. If you want to ask any question or have any suggestion, you can write below.

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  1. Hi madam super story I love maried women in saree if u interesting me chat with me

  2. Hi madam I love maried women if u interesting me chat with me

  3. This is a fictious fantasy story by a male, who is eager to hear from other readers.

    Because no woman would share and write, “I hope you liked it and it made your cock hard. If you want to ask any question or have any suggestion…”, why can’t any female readers get aroused and get her pussy wet, why only a male Cuck should get hard? Any way it was good fantasy story I enjoyed it though.

  4. hmmm nice story , keep up the good verk

  5. Hi dear i m male age 37 from noida and love to enjoy sex and i also can give u a good sucking on ur pussy and also ur ass deeply so lets plan a meet mail me

  6. Nice story now where ur living

  7. I don’t know what’s the truth in this but yes I agree this things happen in the weaker moments when your instincts rules your principle .
    Well as a sincere person I don’t mind enjoying sex with who so ever you are enjoying within marriage or outside the marriage but don’t get emotionally attached for giving birth to th child . And if u think it’s love and you have fallen in love than go ahead .
    Else I think you have Rohan and a kid and you should live your life socially .

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