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Sex With Neighbour Bhabi In Mumbai

Hey here Tausif with my story. Here am telling about an unexpected incident happens with my neighbour bhabi.

I am living in an apartment in Mumbai In my floor there is 5 flats out of that 4 of them occupied by bachelors like me and my friend in one room. And 5 the room recently rented out by a couple from Bengal. They are young couple with a 6 month old kid. She is around 26 and he is 30.

He is running an internet cafe at goregoan which is 15 km far from where we stay. He leaves at 9 am and came back around 8.30 pm. She mostly stays inside her flat only with her kid. So chances to meet her were very less.

She used to wear nighty at home. One day I got off on a weekday and was at home. It was winter and after lunch to take sunbath I went to my balcony which is common for all flats. For my surprise she was there with her kid; sitting on floor and breast feeding her kid. Wow what an awesome sight. I got a hardon she saw me too. I got some uneasiness and went back to my room.

After few weeks I had eye infection and doctor prescribed completed rest for my eyes. So I took 1 week leave and. Stayed at home. First day when my maid came to cook for me at evening, she saw my eyes and said to put 2-3 drops of human breast milk into my eyes to get well soon. I laughed at her and told her that where from I will get breast milk. Later while she leaving after cooking I gave her 100 rs and told her teasingly to bring half litter breast milk tomorrow. She laughed and left.

But next day I got a big surprise. At around 11 am in d morning I was still sleeping. Somebody knock my door. Coz of eye flu it very difficult to open eyes after wake up. I went to open d door with closed eyes. And after open d door I opened my eyes very slowly. There she is my neighbour bhabi. Very first time she was knocking my door. She was in nightdress and her nipples were visible over d dress and boobs were big. I think 38 size. I starred at her boobs and asked her what happened. She asked me how my eyes infection now is. I said it still same and paining too. She asked about medicines and all. I replied.

Then she said your maid told me to give u some medicine. I asked what medicine. She smiled and asked me can I come inside. I welcomed her. She went inside and took one small bowl from kitchen and went to my bedroom and told me to stay at drawing room only. I stayed there with surprise. After 5 min, she brought the bowl to me with full of breast milk. Wow. I was surprised and really got hard on too. She too noticed that and smiled at me. And told me to put 2 drops to my eyes in every 2 hrs and I will be fine. I was still in shock and shook my head.

She then said to lie down on my bed so she can help u in put drops in my eyes as no one else there to help me for that. I lay down on bed and she came close to me. Wow her smell was awesome. She put 2 drops each in my eyes and then left. After she left I took d bowl and drink d milk fully. Wow I felt it&too tasty. I went to bathroom and masturbated first time thinking about her.

At around 1.30 again she knocked at my door. She came inside and told me time for next drops and took the bowl which was empty. She asked me where is the milk. I felt ashamed and didn’t answer her. She again asked and I told her that I drunk. She looked at my eyes and asked y? I told her I really felt to drink that. She told me again to lie down. I did she come close and said she will not keep milk in bowl this time because I will drink again and told me to close my eyes.

Then I closed mine and after 30 sec she told me to open. I opened and omg her right breast was fully open and very close to my eyes. She is pressing her breast and one drop milk fell in my eyes. Yaar what a feeling! And she now trying to drop milk in my next eye. While she dropping milk in other eye her left boob was near my mouth and I licked that over nighty. She didn’t mind and completed her work.

Now she sits near my bed without covering her boobs and asked me how am feeling now. I said awesome. She smiled naughtily and asked anything else I needed. I told her I want to drink some milk. She come close to me and put her nipple in my mouth. I hugged her tight and started suck her boobs and I make her lie on me while sucking my hands were pressing her ass. She started to moan and I opened her nightgown zip completely and removed her gown. Wow she was completely nude then and with superb figure. I started to explore her body. I lip locked with her then sucked her ear and then sucked her breast for some time.

Then I started to lick her armpit. She lost her control then and started She lost her control then and started to run her hands over my head. Her armpit was so tasty and I licked and sucked there for next 10 min and then put my finger in her hairy pussy and started to drink her milk while fingering. In no time she cummed with loud moan. I removed my T-shirt and shorts and become nude in front of her. She took my dick in her hand and started to stroke that and started to lick my nipples same time. I felt solo good.

Then I told her to lie down again with her legs wide open then I went down and started to lick her pussy lips. I sucked her cunt and licked her liquid flowing pussy for minutes and make her cum 2 times again. She moaned so loudly and in pleasure she bites me in my hands. Her eyes were closed. I stood up and guided my dick to her pussy. It was so wet and easily went inside. I started stroking. She was still with closed eyes and slightly moaning.

I fucked her hard for 20 min with pressing and sucking her boobs. Finally I had cummed inside her. My hot liquid filled her pussy. While cunning I licked her armpit again. She too had orgasm and moan loudly. She hugged me tightly and kissed me solo hard. Her expressions realized me how much satisfied she was then. She stood up wore her nighty and hugged me and kissed me on my lips and told me she will be my eye doctor for this full week. I agreed and give her a tight kiss back.

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