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Sex With Lovely Hema Aunty In Bangalore

Hello to all friends,this is my first story  and its my true story I dedicate my story to all girls and aunties who are out there for desperate sex, hope while readying my true story your pussy gets wet, enjoy reading my true incident.

I’m Rahul from Bangalore age 27 and i’m an engineer good looking athletic guy. This incident happened 4 months back,my office is off in weekends so one Saturday I went to my friend’s place as I was getting bored but I left my friend’s place bit early as he wanted to go to his cousin’s place so I was heading back to my place,when I came near my place I saw a attractive charming aunty in silky light blue saree my eyes got stuck on to her then I realized that she is my neighbor hema aunty, I haven’t seen this charm in her never before, from the moment I saw her I was completely attracted by her beauty and I was not able to concentrate on my work,desperately I wanted to have sex with her.

She was often coming to my place and even my mom was going to her place and helping her as she have 2 year old baby so she can’t do all work alone as her hubby is sales representative he often travel. Now I decided to see whenever she come to my place I was peeping from my room door to her cleavages in all possible angles, let me tell about hema aunty she is fair in colour about 38 years old she as 3 children and my sexy heroin is about 5.5 height perfect structure and her butts is real attractive asset and seeing her cleavages I was masturbating daily, few days passed in the same manner and I was waiting for a chance to seduce her and there by having sex with her.

Finally I got a chance to make love with my sweet hema aunty as my mom wanted to attend far relative marriage, she said me to frequently go to hema aunty place and ask if she need any help, listening to this I was very happy and my mom went to marriage and afternoon I went to her place there were nobody except hema aunty and her 2 years baby neha and other 2 children were went to there native as they had vacation, I asked hema that she need any help, she was happy that my mom care her so much but I was telling inside me that even I care and give lots of love to you hema darling.

On that evening again I went again to her place as I was eagerly wanted to do something to get a chance, main door was not locked she was not in living room and I went near to her room which as just half closed she was feeding milk to her baby! Ho god!! For the first time I saw her complete boobs, her boobs its milky white with reddish melon as she was feeding milk her blouse and bra was completely unhooked and I just couldn’t believe my dick got harder and harder and I started to masturbate,

While doing so my hand got hit to room door which made a sound, she heard the sound and turned in to other side by covering herself but I pretended like I doesn’t know she is in room and I started to call where is my cute neha (her 2 year daughter name) and mean while I was calling aunty where are you, she came from room and she was staring at me but I didn’t show any kind of expression on my face and I said oh aunty you are in room and started to play with baby but I was getting very scared as she got doubt on me as I started to call her when I made room door sound instead calling or knocking the main door, her face expressing was telling all.

After sometime she said have dinner and go rahul and I said no aunty its ok, she said why not? Only your mom and you can care me but I can’t is it? Hearing that I felt happy and thought this may be my first step to move further for a chance, I said ok aunty I will have dinner here only, she went to kitchen and I started to stare her and was staring whole body especially her butts and was eagerly wanted to hug from back but I controlled hoping I get chance later, I went to kitchen and started to look her beauty from near distance and she noticed me I was standing back of her and she turned suddenly and as I was busy enjoying her beauty couldn’t realize soon and she asked what rahul why are you standing her? I got scared and asked her need a glass of water, now she had enough doubt on me, I drank water went and started to watch tv in scare and after few minutes she asked me to wash my hands and get ready for dinner, while she was serving dinner to me my eyes lit up couldn’t take my eyes off from her body, I can feel her body smell too which was making me mad,

I was looking in to her whole body very closely I think she noticed that but she behaved normally, we were done with dinner and it started to rain and I said thanks for dinner aunty and I was about to leave she asked me to stay for some more time as it was raining heavily with thunderstorm, I was very happy I said ok aunty and she went to take bath I took some courage and went to peep in to bathroom but I couldn’t see anything as bathroom door didn’t had any hole to peep and I was disappointed,she opened the door she was in towel she was looking like real sex goddess to my eyes,seeing me she closed the door and asked what you are doing my room rahul?

I said nothing and came to living room, in few minutes she came wearing black with white dotted nighty, seeing her my dick started to raise and I started to cover my dick as she sat next to me, she asked me y did u come to my room? I said to play with baby but she said baby is sleeping and u know that. I just became silent and I know i’m caught and she also said I know u were peeping while I was feeding milk to my baby aren’t u? This is first and last if this continues again I will inform to your parents,

I felt very scared and asked sorry and she said its wrong i’m older elder than you and I said sorry i’m really good guy but the day I saw you in light blue saree i’m mad at you she got angry and said this is wrong and you go to your place now, I know this is the only chance if I have to make love with her and I took some courage and held her hands asking please aunty don’t tell to my parents, I was doing all drama to feel her lovely soft hands, she said ok and I said thanks a lot and planted a sweet kiss on her hand she said don’t kiss me! I said its ok aunty she said you are crazy rahul I don’t know whether to get angry or to smile, I realised the time is with my side and hugged by saying you are my sweet aunty

I felt her lovely boobs pressing against my chest and I was feeling her body nicely, she said rahul please control I said love u aunty and again hugged her and planted a kiss on her chin now I can feel a change in her,she started to breath bit more and she was still telling no rahul please but I was in no position to give up and started to press allover her body, ho god I felt like i’m in heaven,now she was breathing more and she wasn’t refusing me, I know tonight gonna be memorable night and tasted her sexy lips it was awesome even she started to respond me and slowly started to press her prefect round boobs no words to tell the feeling when I pressed her boobs,

I was really excited I was squeezing her boobs it was really soft I removed her nighty even she remove my shirt and kissed on on chest and she was very excited and said my hubby is not interested in sex now a days I wanted to have sex badly nice u got me rahul and she gave sweet kiss, we went in to room I removed her bra now I can feel her blooming boobs and started to suck as I suck milk was ejecting in to my mouth it was sore but it was nice to drink and meaning while I was squeezing them in another hand,

She was enjoying and moaning slowly I was enjoying her soft milky boobs and I was biting them slowly, every second she was getting more and more excited and her hands were allover me and meanwhile I started to slide my one hand towards her panty which was already wet when I felt her pussy over panty she was more excite making sound aaahhhhh! And asked to fuck me today i’m yours rahul, hearing that I was very excited and removed her panty omg I can’t believe she is full nude in front of me,

She was looking sexy I was in cloud 9, I felt her wet soft pussy mean while she was holding my dick and said u have nice fat dick today I will enjoy ur pleasure nicely hearing that I still got still horny and I asked her to suck my dick but she said very sorry that she is not comfortable with it, I said that’s ok sweetheart let me show you heaven tonight and went down started to lick her wet pink pussy, believe me it was superb to lick which was smelling good and love juice was flowing from her pussy as if it was inviting me to fuck her hard, I was drinking all love juice which was very nice while licking,

She was moaning more now she said rahul don’t kill me I can’t control please fuck me, it was my most sexy time dream come true moment for me, I slowly started to push my dick she really was moaning more as her pussy was very wet my whole dick was inside for couple of push and her pussy was warm inside which was making me to go wild and she was shaking her hips in excitement and I started to ram her pussy slowly and steadily she was overjoyed as she was in heaven enjoying my each strokes now I started to bang fast and she was yes go harder rahullll she was moaning haaaaaa!!! Ummmm ,

I was very happy and started to bang really hard I was feeling awesome and we both were lost from this world and after few min I was about to cum I splashed my warm juicy sperm on her belly, we cleaned our self and she said you gave nice pleasure to me which I was missing from many days and she planted sweet kiss to me, I slept on her drinking her milk which gave me some energy, we slept naked for sometime.

After few min we started 2nd round, I turned over her and started to feel her busy butts I started to spank her butts which was juggling as I was spanking, seeing her juggling butts I felt horny and started to bang her in doggy style, her pussy was bit tight in doggy style and she was enjoying the doggy style. I started to bang slowly and increased my speed, now I was banging very fast and hard as I was excited seeing her juggling butts, meanwhile I was spanking her butts, she was enjoying my strokes by moaning aaaaaa ufff surprisingly she said to cum inside her pussy as she need to feel my warm sperm inside her pussy and there will be no problem as she will take pill morning, after few minutes I loaded my warm sperm deep inside her pussy, we enjoyed that moment and we took bath together where we had sex at the time of bath is well, we slept nude and we enjoyed sex for 2 days I was off to my office till my mom returned to my place, after few days she went to her native.

Hope you all enjoyed my first story in iss please do share your thoughts to my mail id: [email protected] girls and aunties in bangalore who needs to be satisfied with great pleasure can mail me, I can be your friend too, lets maintain this confidential.

Sex With Lovely Hema Aunty In Bangalore


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