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With Neighborhood Girl In My Childhood

First of all thanks a ton to this site in providing a platform to introduce different types of sex lovers in India. I am a frequent reader and fan of this site from my graduation time.An active reader .Please forgive me if there were any mistakes as am a fresher in writing a story :p..Myself Vivek(name changed) aged 24 who completed my career in Hyderabad(city changed).As usual landed in silicon valley of India non other than namma Bangalore..Currently am working for an MNC in Bangalore.Any gals or aunts wanna make good friendship or relationship from Bangalore can contact me.

Sorry folks,let me come to the story directly.This real incident happened when am 18 years old(not sure).There used to be girl in my neighborhood named swetha(name changed) in my colony exactly opposite to my home.She was 20 yrs old at that time and was studying 12th class(inter or puc whatever it may be) at that time.Whenever her parents went outside to market or relatives home’s she used to come to my home to take me to her home,as she was alone and feeling bored to stay.My mom readily accepted for it as nothing was wrong in that.She used to take care of me as her younger bro and I used to call her as sister.

Coming to her structure she was a good looking gal with nice assets. Days passed by normally..One day her parents went to their relatives home as she was having some exams at that time she didn’t went with them (later came to know that it’s my luck)…..Around 5pm she came from college and asked my mom to send me to her home as she was alone and her parents will not be coming for that night.I went normally and she turned on the tv and both were sitting on the bed and watching it.

As it was summer and damn hot she asked me to remove my t-shirt so that I can feel more comfortable while sleeping.I readily accepted for it and removed my t-shirt.After sometime she turned off the tv as nothing much was there and she told that we will play a game.

To play that game we shouldn’t wear anything she told,so I removed my shorts as well as I am not aware of what was her plan..Then she suddenly removed her chudidar.Now she was in front of me with her innerwears only.I was literally shocked after watching her like that but still no idea she is gonna do with me.She told me to press her boobs as per her instruction I did it.Those were so soft like melons and oozing from her bra..After some time she removed her panty.Frankly speaking I dunno anything about sex at that age.

She played with my dick for 10-15 mins.Later she asked me to smell her pussy and tell her how it smells.I was mesmerized by that smell and licked her ass for some time.She keep on playing with my balls for some time.She played with my dick and kept it in between her boobs for an hour and played with my dick like anything…

After sometime she asked me to sit on floor for sometime in nude.She also got down from the bed.Now both of us started playing on floor nude for one more hour.I started licking her body from top to bottom for a long time..

She forcefully took my dick and started masturbating it with her hand…After sometime she took my dick and kept inside her mouth and sucked it for a while…Trust me guys it was heaven…Never miss that chance if any one is ready to do it…

So,it went on for the whole night and we slept like that in the bedroom having sexual intercourse in different ways..

She shouted for some time saying..

Swetha: vivek plzz satisfy my sex hunger…Plzz

Ahhhhhhhhhh … Ahhh .. Ahhh …… Ahhhh ..

She started moaning like anything. Ahhhh ….. Ahhh.

We both played in different ways that whole night till 4am.Next day morning as usually I went back to my home..Later on whenever her parents went out to market for 2-3hours,she used to take me to her home as we can have our sex session..Day by day she started working on me till her hunger was satisfied by me..She used me like a sex toy ..As I was not much aware of sex at that time..Wat I can do..But later I enjoyed it even though I don’t know it was called sex..

After one year everyone vacated that colony as it was so old.They moved to a near by area which was close to my school.In lunch break I used to have my lunch in school and went to her home..She was done with her studies at that time..So she was alone at home with her mom..As her mom was busy with cooking,i used to greet her and directly went into her room and we again started our fun activity..Meanwhile if I don’t like her dress I will undress her and play with her assets for some time and again I used to dress her with any of my favorite color which was their in her shelf..

Around 10th class I made her my sex toy and we both hugged and used to kiss like anything in her bedroom…

After some days she started having sex with some other guy having age around 25..But still never want to miss me as I was the first one who satisfied her need and deeds perfectly..

I enjoyed my schooling days like that for 3-4years ..Later on they moved out with their family to some other city as her dad works for some government body..Now to my bad luck I dunno where she was..

Hope she will be enjoying her sex life more after getting married as she was so interested in sex at that time itself….I know the story was too short..Because I don’t want to cook up any new things in the middle…..

Based on this feedback I would like to post one more incident which happened with my aunt who stays in our apartment beside my house..Hope you people liked my story..

Currently I was feeling alone in Bangalore as I didn’t have any company here to spend my weekends.. .Feedback is highly appreciated… 🙂

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