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Sex With The Unhappy Girl

Hi readers, this is Krish from Hyderabad, I am 30 year old. Here I am writing different experience of a unhappy girl in my life, which made me and her very happy. Earlier I use update my stories in different blog to get a chance to enjoy with girls, I thought that after reading my stories , some body will mail me to do sex, I will enjoy like that, but after uploading my stories, almost three months there is no mail from anyone. I got lost my hope and stop checked my mail id also, another one month I got a mail from one girl, she was expressed her interest and also she told I am married, my husband is not having sex with me.

He is not interested on me like that, I convinced her and get a chance to meet her, we planned t meet when no one is there in her house, she mailed me her address and phone number, we have started phone chatting everybody, I made her tempting like anything, that fine day came, she messaged me date and time, I go ready with full excitement, because first time I am going to do something, while thinking itself there’s a bulge in my down, I have to say about my brother now, he is 8” long and 6” girth, my brother tempted like anything, I can’t control it started rubbing and start moving to her house. I reached her house, big double bedroom house, well furnished , she invited me and introduced our self, why her husband not liking her,i come to know.

She is fat and average color, not that impressing face, but very big boobs, this has lost its shape and hardness, somewhat disappointed it was reflected in my face, she noticed that and she started saying about herself, her name is akshya, she married three years back,

We were happy together after marriage, almost every day we use to have sex, my husband will fuck me like anything in very hard manner, due to this my boobs became very big and down, he is very much interested in sex , so we delayed our baby, and also I used to take tablets not to carrying a baby,

Now he is telling that, I am not interested on you and I will not touch you, first two years almost we used fuck everyday and now almost one year no sex, I unable to control my self, she told and started crying, I understood her problem started convincing her, just touched her chin and said don’t worry I am there, just I touched her boobs and pressed lightly, its very huge so I used my both the hands, she stopped crying and starring my eyes, she is totally out of control and aggressively pushed me in the hall itself, I fell down and she lying on me started kissing every where,

Now she removed my shirt and kissing and biting my chest, what a feel it is, I forgotten her face and size, just started enjoying her all the activities, five minutes she was playing in my chest and move down stomach and further down, noticed huge bulge in my pant, she removed my pant started measuring the size, she got brightness in her face and said it more bigger than my husbands, she started removing my inner wears also, now I am totally nude in front of her,

She took my penis in to her mouth, I was flying in heaven, in and out , I told her stop moving, she is not in control and in the mood of listen anything, just I pulled down and lying on her, removed her saree, blouse and bra, started biting her boobs and massaging the other one in the same aggressive, lot of moan from her, she given sound like anything, just I kissed her lips ,chicks , ear, necks and everywhere ,

She started enjoying the fell, her eyes were closed, started enjoying the each move. I went down to her stomach and kissed at the same time I lift her petticoat and pulled her panty down, just touched her pussy, so much of hairs, just removed the lips of the pussy and inserted one finger in to it, she given a shock effect, lift her body and put it down, continuously I am kissing and fucking with my finger, she was totally mad and started telling something and moaning,

I removed all her clothes which were left in her body, she was medium colour only, not that muck black, I went down and separate the legs, I started insert my finger again again, increased speed of fingering, she unable to control, she told fast fast, I inserted one more finger, she totally came two times with the finger fuck, I came closer and put in mouth over the pussy and started biting the clitoris also, just put my tongue inside her pussy and started licking. Just five minutes, she came again over my face, this time more. I tasted all of hers.

She started begging, please insert your dick , I can’t wait, I went closer to her, just divided her legs and inserted my dick, due to more wetness in her pussy, tip of my penis went inside smoothly, but only 25% of the penis went inside, after that I unable to insert due to very big girth. Started pushed hard she also supported to go inside no half of the penis went in side,

I took it back and slowly inserted, again out and in, again out in , comfortably went in and out after few strokes I pushed very hard, oh my god, its totally inside her pussy now. I am in heaven and she closed her eyes and started enjoying. I hold inside for few minutes to enjoy the feel. Just pushed out and it, its went up to her womb, every time I am pushing in it will go and touch, slowly I increase the speed, now she given more and more sound, she came again, due to her juice now my penis went very smoothly , increased speed like rocket, fuck fuck fuck,

After 20 minutes of fuck, finally I released cum in her mouth, she tasted everything and started blow job. Its became big again, she pulled down again and kissed everywhere, she cried and said thanks to me. She gave me some money also, which I hesitated first and took it later, because f her requested. I am also satisfied not because of sex, because for her satisfaction. Whenever she need sex she will call, I will go and satisfy her. More than sex I am enjoying this life.

If any girls who unable to have sex, because of there shape, color , inability or something like this,

Mail me I will help you.

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