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Sexual Encounter That Changed My Life

Over the last few months I have been reading Sex Stories whenever I find time and it like it very much. I would like to share my first unexpected sexual encounter which happened in the year 2001. About Me: I am Mohan kumar working in an MNC, Bangalore

I used to sleep with my neighbor senthil till my school days and one day he touched my point when we were sleeping together. From that day onwards I avoided sleeping with him. But somehow that stimulated the sexual desire within me. Just back side of my home a new building was constructed and a couple stayed for rent in that house in the year 2000.

I always used to play cricket whenever I find time. One day the ball went inside the compound of that new building and I went to take the ball. For the first time I am seeing that aunty so close. She was washing the clothes and after seeing me she took the ball and gave it to me. Her boobs was so big and her color is whitish rose. I thought that uncle was so lucky to get this aunty.

Within a month or so, Aunty became friend to all neighbors and started visiting all neighbor homes atleast once in a week. Whenever she comes home, I greet her and speak with her for few minutes than I go out to play. After completing my graduation I stayed at home for almost three months and used to sleep in top floor which is covered by coconut leaves.

One day I got disturbed by some noise and woke up and realized it was the sound of washing clothes. I simply shouted mom to wash afterwards. In response I heard aunty’s voice, so suddenly i got up and said sorry, she laughed and said okay and continued washing. That day I almost saw half of her boobs as I was standing in the first floor. I started to hide myself and try to see her boobs as much as I can. I was not disappointed. Whenever she bents I had a very good look except nipples.

After washing she cleaned her legs up to thighs by pulling the saree. Wow, her thighs are very sexy. That’s the day I started to think will I get a wife like this aunty. Day by day I stopped playing and become a bit closer to her, and become friends. I take my neighbor’s child to aunty’s house and we both play with him. Sometimes when I have the child in hand, aunty used to cuddle the child and few times her boobs touched my hands and makes my cock big.

As usual, one day i went to aunties home and to my shock she was shouting because she got current shock and her finger was burned as it was wet. I helped her to get rid of it and took her to the hospital in bicycle. Later on, we became so close. I started to have lunch there itself for most of the days. We used to play Carom and chess for sometime and after lunch will watch TV and sleep for some time. Once uncle comes home @ 6:00 PM I’ll leave to my home around 6:30 or 7:00 PM.

Still I remember the date July 4 2001, I had sex with that aunty and it is completely unexpected. it just happened. As usual we both slept while watching TV and when I wake up she was watching an English movie, so I told aunty bye will see you tomorrow. She asked me to stay for some more time till uncle comes, I said okay. But I’m not interested in watching English movies, so I went inside their bedroom to get kudumba malar weekly book.

I saw a couple of Tamil CDs and I requested aunty to play the movie Kaathalukku Mariyaathai. She refused to play the CD so I fought with her and said I wont come from tomorrow. She never cared about my words. so I went back to home. Around 8:00 clock she called my mom and they were discussed something. My mom asked me to stay in aunty home tonight as uncle wont be coming today. I told no, then aunty told, dai please come, I never stayed alone in home. I’ll play you the movie Kaathalukku Mariyaathai. I was so happy and said okay.

She told will play the movie after having dinner, I said okay. Both had dinner @ 9:00 PM and I requested her to play the movie. She told that CD is not there, I got irritated and shouted at her. She told okay, lets both find it out now. I started searching the cub board and lofts, and to my surprise I saw some sex books in the loft. Meantime she came and shouted at me to come down. I also found the CD there. I told I found the CD, her face become so dull.

She told don’t play that CD, it is an english movie not the actual one written on the CD. I said I wont agree you play and show it to me. after a minute pause she told okay. These kind of CDs should be watched only by husband and wife so you turn on other side, and hear the voice when I play the CD. I said okay. She played for 1 to 1 and half minutes and I heard only a moaning.. voice. so I agreed and we went to bed. She asked me to sleep in bed and she laid down in a mat.

After some time I planned to watch the CD. Around 11:00 PM I went to Hall and played the CD. It was a sex movie and a guy is licking a girls pussy. I never knew that there are porn films to watch and also I wondered how this guy is licking her pussy.. wont it smell bad…

but i kept on watching, as the minutes goes by, my cock started growing. after 30 or 40 mins aunty knocked the door. So i switched off the DVD and played some local Cable channel. When I opened the door, she asked why you locked the door. I said nothing and she told me to keep the door open. I said okay and continued to watch the TV. She went to bathroom and while coming back she noticed the DVD power plug is on. She came close to me and said promise me that you don’t say this to anyone. I knew you watched the CD till now. I was embarrassed, so said okay in low voice and went to bed immediately.

After 10 or 15 minutes she called me and asked don’t you get sleep. I told yes than she asked shall I come to bed I feel a bit alone here. I told okay. She went out with a nighty and changed her saree. We laid together and she asked shall we play a game? I told sure.

She asked If you really have guts u can touch me?. I laughed and touched her hand. She laughed and said it is not me, its my hand. Than I asked her what to do?

She told I have touch her body completely. so I started touching his face, nose, ear, eyes, lips, cheeks, … everything except boobs, bud and pussy. Again, She told that she won the game and now it is her turn. She started in the same way I have touched.

But she did very slowly without removing her hand from my body. She started from forehead.. and slowly down to neck, chest, stomach and than my right thigh to foot and back to left foot and started moving upwards.

After reaching my hip she moved her hand to my cock area, once I realized this, my cock started growing big, so I removed her hand and said you won the game. lets sleep.

She said okay sharply and turned to the other side. after sometime I slept. somehow in the middle of night I feel someone is sucking my chest and its none other than aunty. I pulled her down and switched on the light.

To my surprise, she was completely nude. I do not know what to do, simply I switched off the light and went to bed. She again started to suck my nipples and said its okay, nothing wrong in having sex and she pulled my right hand and kept over his back. Now I accepted her gift and started to play as per her wish.

She asked me to kiss her and guided how to roll the tongue inside her mouth. i enjoyed and did so for sometime and she slowly pulled herself up, so that my head is right above her boobs. She asked to lick and suck. I pressed both boobs; Oh, what a pleasure. I feel that something is coming out of my cock.

So I told aunty I feel like getting phish, she told it not phish u innocent fellow, show me let me see it. She asked me to stand and immediately started to suck in her mouth. I cummed in less than a minute.

She told you are still a small boy. Why have you cummed in my mouth that too in very short time. She ordered me do it for her. I hesitated a bit but she pulled my head to her pussy. But I did not smell anything bad, so I started licking and the flesh is so soft which i licked. As the time goes by, she pushed my head into her pussy and loaded some cum in my face and mouth and asked to wipe it off.

We both went to bath room and cleaned ourselves. she helped me to clean my cock. now the time is 2:00 PM. She told don’t sleep now, we will have sex again, so she prepared milk and coffee for me and her. after drinking the same again our sex encounter started.. This time I held for long..

This was my first encounter in sex and now I am married and working in an MNC company in Electronic city. But my wife is not at all interested in sex. She is allowing me to have sex once in three months and that too she never do oral sex nor allowing me too. Indian kiss only, no French kiss.. So I am very much interested to have discreet sex with any unsatisfied married women.

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