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Sexual Relationship With A Woman From Wechat

This story is about a sexual relationship with a married woman 37 years of age whom I meet on wechat. Hey guys Aditya here after a long time. I m 35 male from Kolkata and a regular reader of sex stories. I have penned down two of my previous experience here almost 3 years ago but after that I never got time to write down the same.

Coming to my story is about a sexual relationship with a married woman 37 years of age whom I meet on wechat. Her name was Sanjana she was an absolute beauty. Let me tell you all about her appearance she is wheatish in color and height almost 5.5 inches and a very beautiful body having flesh at proper places, her status was 34D boobs and still very tight at this age and after 18 years of marriage, round butt having good amount of flesh.

She was a mother of two kids aged 15 & 11. But seeing her beauty you cant say that she was a mother of two. Any girls here wana have fun filled relationship can get in touch with me.

Coming to the story I meet Sanjana on wechat. I had recently changed my status looking for an open relationship on my wechat account. After two days this Sanjana left me a message as Hi. I replied her and asked about her and what was she looking for. She replied looking for a good friend I told her that I had written looking for an open relationship.

She said she doesn’t understand about it. I explained her about that and she said we can be friends we can talk about sex but I can never have sex except my husband. I gave some thought to her decision and decided that lets do friendship and if this can be converted into real sex.

We started talking on wechat and she shared her mobile number and we chatted for hours and I asked to have phone sex with me to which she agreed. We had phone sex and on phone she sounded so amazing, when she was fingering herself she was sounding like hell.

I was aroused till my everything I assumed if she shouted like this how amazing it would be to fuck her in real. We had phone sex numerous of times whenever we got time and she was really hot.

We also meet numerous of times in café and spend some time travelling on cabs but I kept maintaining a distance because she told me if I move forward she may go away. After numerous phone sex one day I came to know about her weakness that she gets aroused to her inside when I just used to kiss her on phone.

One day I took her to my home and just tried kissing her, she kissed me a lot but she just kept herself in control and didn’t let me move forward then kissing. Then I just giving her kisses being far from her like muahhh, muahhh, muahhh, muahhh and was surprised to see that she was aroused like anything with those kisses rather than when I was kissing her on her lips then I saw her aroused and started playing with her melons and she was enjoying like anything.

I bited her nipples and was rolling my tongue on her nipples and the area beneath it. Then I started moving downwards and started kissing her legs and moved to her inner thighs and then she just started stopping me I just assured her that I will only kiss her vagina wont penetrate and after many attempts she allowed me to kiss and suck her vagina and I sucked her vagina and she released some juices which I licked it and it was such a amazing taste. It really amazing to lick and suck a womens vagina.

After that I dropped her home and waiting for the right time to fuck. One day I told her that I wana meet her and kiss her a lot like anything. She said to come in the evening as no will be at home. I reached her home at right at 6pm and rang the bell. She opened the door wearing a saree and was looking stunning as she was ready for me only.

I got so excited after seeing her that I just wanted to fuck her then n there only. We entered her room and just closed it and she came in my arms and hugged me tightly as if we have not hugged each other for many years. I started kissing her and she responded to it we were kissing each other madly and exchanging saliva.

After that I started moving my hands on her boobs and squeezing them and she was moaning. But after some time she stopped. Then I thought of trying the idea of kissing her from far and lets see what happens.

I moved away from her and just from there I started kissing in air to show that I m kissing her and after kissing in air 10 times she was mad and just horny like anything. I never imagined or thought a lady or female can get so horny only kissing in the air. And she was in her control even after I kissed her physically and played with her boobs also. After that the real session started and we started kissing each other madly.

This time I can see lust in her eyes and now she was ready to break any barrier. She was biting my lips and kissing and exchanging saliva. I started removing her clothes one by one. I just removed her saree and she was in blouse and petticoat looking like a sex goddess wearing red colour blouse and red colour petticoat. Then I started kissing her neck and the area above her boobs n her cleavage.

I removed her blouse and saw her in black bra. And her boobs were ready to come out and to be sucked by me. I just unhook the bra and took off her blouse and was happy to see such sexy and beautiful pair of boobs with brown aerola. I just took those boobs in my hand and started squeezing me and started sucking them one by one and she was enjoying it.

She was shouting Aahhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhh and all and I was sucking them biting them and pinching them. They were so soft and so silky smooth as cream. Then I kissed her belly button and inserted my tongue in it and started licking it. Then I removed the petticoat from her body and she was in black panty and it was fully wet with her juices, I rubbed her vagina above the panty and she was enjoying it and started saying please fuck me I want your penis inside me.

I removed her panty and started licking her vagina and licking the nectar which has been released by her body during foreplay. It was so yummy, and started playing with her vagina and inserted by tongue and exploring her inner walls. She was moaning and begging me to fuck her.

“ She was saying “Janu please mujhe chodo na kab se tadap rahi hu apka lund apni chut mein lene ke liye. Please janu chodo”. She was saying please fuck me like anything I was waiting for this moment to get fucked by you. I removed my clothes and she started kissing my body and she was sucking my nipples and the way she was sucking and biting my nipples it was so awesome. Then she took my penis in her hand and started stroking it.

Then she just took in and mouth and started licking and sucking it. She was an amazing sucker and I was enjoying it like anything. She was sucking me and looking in my eyes and she was looking so sexy and the lust in her eyes can be easily seen. Then I told her to place her self at the end and placed her legs on my shoulder and inserted by 6 inches tool in her vagina and her vagina was so moist my dick went inside in one stroke.

Then I started pumping her slowly and can see her closing her eye and enjoying the fucking after sometime in started my pace and started pumping very hard and she was shouting like anything. Ui maa ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh ouchhhhhh and she was shouting so loudly that even her sound can be listened on the streets I said her not to shout so loudly but she was not able to control herself.

Then I started pumping her like stop and with a force again stop and again with force. She was not stopping but shouting her loud and seeing her shouting I was getting much more aroused. After that I put my hand on her mouth and started fucking her vigorously and she was shouting but now the voice was minimum as I had closed her mouth with my hand. After sometime when I removed my hand and stopped fucking her face was totally red.

The I asked her to come over me and ride me. She obeyed me and came on me and we started in that position. In this position the penetration was too good and she was crying in pain and I love it we did it for more than 10 mins and after that I again inserted her in missionary position and fucked for her for nearly 10mins and cummed in her pussy and just laid down on her body for a minute and were caressing each other.

It was so good to have such a great session with her. After that I said her I wana fuck her whenever I want and she readily agreed that I m all urs and u can fuck me in anyway u want and anytime u want too.

This was my real incident which happened to me in 2015 and we still are in relationship and enjoy each other company whenever we feel like. Any girls or female was join me in Kolkata can mail me. Will write other parts afterwards and other encounter with other females.

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