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Sexy Colleague Fucked On A Beach

This is story of me and sexy colleague .Hello readers! I am from Bangalore. I read many stories out here of situations I could only fantasize about. But recently something similar happened to me and I cannot wait to share it with you guys. Since this is my first story out here, I would apologize in advance for any mistakes and would love to make friends and like to have feedback.

How I had sex with my sexy colleague. I and my colleague are planing for and weekend tour. We decide to go to any beach and enjoy the complete tour by playing with salt water.

It was on weekend we both went for tour. There it all happened where our sexual relationship has started. I initially do not have any plans so I started to enjoy the tour in sea water. But she was there in room which we took for us we both took one room. Then she also joined with me after 15 mins.

She was in blue top and white legging. I took her hand we both came into water. When she entered into water due to wetness all her leg & ass shape is visible and top is attached to her boobs. She did not feel any discomfort with it we played for 1 hour. Mean while I touched her many time. By accidentally I lifted her in my hands she was enjoying every thing.

After some time I was close to her. I can feel her boobs on by chest I am enjoying more and more. She is cracking jokes to which we both are laughing. After some time she said see our body is covere with sea sand. So she said we shall clean to which both of us went into our room.

As we both entered into room she said that her boobs are covered by sand. To which I was shocked and I was looking at her boobs. She caught me and said instead of look at it why can’t you clean this.

By hearing that I said let me see she showed from top that her boobs are having sand. Then I went close to her and placed my hand from top to clean that as I touched her I got my dick in its 7 inch. She saw that & did not speak any thing then she took off her top showing me her boobs in her black bra.

I cleaned everything above it then she kept her hand on my dick. I was shock and look into her eyes she was out of control. Now she was stocking my dick from outside. I took her bra and I can feel her boobs hanging and inviting me to eat them.

She made my head close to her boobs I took her left boob in my mouth & playing with right boob. To which she is moaning and holding my dick inside my jockey. I am enjoying her boobs one after the other I was biting her nipple. I made white boobs into red. She then removed my dress and took my tool in her hand and bent on down my moving my tool up and down. She gave a kiss on my tool and started licking it in and out.

After 5 mins I held her head. I made to suck it end and to which she was breathless. When I took out she was breathing heavily. Again I did for 4-5 time the same thing. After that I started fucking her mouth I said I was about to cum. She did not took it out instead she is sucking and playing with my balls.

I cummed completely in her mouth she drunk every drop of my cum and cleaning my tool with her lips. Now it was my turn to make her. She removed her leggings and panty now she is naked with clean & wet pussy. I kept my finger in her pussy I feel her wetness.  Then I moved it in and out to which she is enjoying the play.
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I made my tongue into her pussy to which she started to move to and for. I liked her pussy very much and that to it is clean without any hair on it. Then I completely ate her pussy now she is moving fast. I understood that she is about to come I hold her tightly and soon she came in my mouth and ate every thing.

I gave her juice to her by giving kiss. She was licking all her juice inside my mouth and I was again pressing her boobs. To which I was ready for real game.

Then I stop kissing her made her to sit on bed with her legs open. I rubbed her pussy with my tool and kept near to her pussy hole started to inserted into it. But it was hard for me to go in I took my tool out and applied saliva on it and also on her lovehole. Then inserted into it as it entered she started to shout and saying me to remove it out and tears are coming out of her eyes to which I did not do.

I started kissing her after few minutes she was enjoying every thing. I was fucking her hardly and bit her nipple mean while she came on my tool 2 time and I was about to come. Then I started doing hard and faster. I increased my fastness soon we both came at a time. Then I kissed her and lied on bed beside her. To which she hugged me tightly with tears in her eyes and kissed me. By that I came to know her happiness after that we both enjoyed a lot.

Thanks and please revert back on mail with feedback and in case any girls would like to be friends or look for intimate encounters contact me.

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