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Hi every one. I am Rahul S from Bangalore. I am fun loving guy. This Context is about how I enjoyed no Strings Relation with a Sexy Neighbor girl Pooja.

Ours is a happy family, Dad, Mom, Younger sis and me. Behind my house a family used to reside. Consisting of mom, son. And cute girl (pooja) she was hot girl with right amount of flesh for her age.

This incident took place when I was in 12th. We all colony kids used to play together in the streets or sometimes in the ground. As she stays behind my house. She was very much attached to me and my sis. She always used to be in house after her school.

Whenever I see her I used to get a heavy boner. And my dick used to erect most of the times and even she used to see that and give naughty comments and smiles most of the time.

On My lucky day I had went to my college and returned home but early to home. As I had the spare key directly opened the main doors. And I straight away went to my room to relax myself. I saw someone already slept on my bed. I thought its my sister so I changed my dress to shorts. As I always prefer to stay in shorts most of the time. Then I slept along with her. After sometime I heard she was moaning softly.

As I could make out of her voice. First I got afraid as its my sis.. then got confirmed its my love pooja who slept here. As their were too many relatives in her home so she came here to sleep. I got a very heavy boner I turned towards her as she was sleeping facing opposite to me. I just put my dick touching her ass and pressed it softly. She understood what I need. Suddenly she turned around and grabbed my dick from outside and pressing it hardly. It was nice fun.

She was asking me why I came early today? I just told I had no classes so and so but my mind was out. I was thinking something else. She even pressed my balls harder and said why is this too hard today.? I was shock from her questions. I was mum.

She again pulled it harder and harder to get me into the world. Due to the pain I lost my mind. I put my hand on her boobs as I dont know the size of it but their were very soft and developing. She came forward and kissed my cheeks and said what are u doing da..? I didn’t replied to her but still enjoying her boobs.

She put hand inside my shorts and held my dick and started stroking it fully. I was enjoying it.

Then I got from my bed and locked the room doors and became naked fully. She was watching me from her corner eyes. She was blushing. Then I just held her shoulders and took her out of bed and made her to stand against the wall. And kissed her lips. It was something like heaven. She hugged me tightly.  We both lost into the erotic world.

Forgot everything. We were deeply kissing each other. I kept my hands on her shoulders and then slided it into the t-shirt she worn, caught hold of her boobs and pressed them softly. Then She was hizzing like snake in my arms. I asked her why she has not worn brazers. She told she like to keep her boobs free all the time.

Then I removed her t-shirt and started sucking her boobs and neck and behind her ear lobes. Slowly she slided her hands on crotch and held my dick and balls and was giving them fest. My dick was rock solid. She was lost totally. Then I started eating up her navel.

She was superb in kissing. I liked the female flesh. I had a dream to eat a girl from top to bottom. As she had worn leggings I started sliding it down. Then I was amazed she hasn’t worn even the panties. Then I started eating her navel and came down to her pussy. Where small golden hairs were their and was eating her pussy.

I made her sleep on the bed. And went between her thighs. And looked at he pussy. As it was my first time and even hers first time. I started feasting on her pussy fully. I spread her vaginal lips and bit her clit lightly she already had got an orgasm. She pulled up suddenly and started kissing more deeply.

Then She her self put inside my thighs and caught hold of my dick and started stroking it. It was like a hard meat. She pulled me near to her and guided my dick to her cunt. It was nice feeling. I was giving slight jerks slowly my dick started disappearing to her cunt. She was feeling pain.

She told me to go very slowly is started increasing the speed at one point of time. Then She hugged me fully and kissing me. And she locked her legs from behind and told me go deeper and deeper. My cum was building in my balls. I shot my seeds of life deep in to her hole. And fell in her arms. She was smiling completely. She was satisfied to heaven. And gave me a deep kiss.

After some time my dick became smaller and she took hold of it and started sucking it for a min to clean it. As she was fetish. She loved to eat it. She started chewing and biting it fully. Due to sucking again I got a boner. She herself came on top of me and rod me fully till she was about to come.

Then Suddenly she out moved her pussy to my mouth I understood she wants me to suck her. I sucked her deeply she cummed in my face. I like the pungent cum. She slept in my arms as we slept nude from few hours and later evening she woke me up sucking my dick. And was smiling. I got up from bed and clean myself.

As I came out of washroom she was already dressed. Then I asked her is she leaving. She said yes. I felt bad, made my face pale. She came and hugged me and kissed me for some time and said. Hey da cheer up I will be their beside you, Whenever u need me. You give me a call I will be there in your arms and left. We still maintain this secret relation. I feel good that I got most sexy neighbor girl in my life. And we lost virginity to each other.

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