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A Sexy Woman Shared With Friends

Dear readers, this is my true story. My name is Subhash and I am 32 years old. My wife’s name is Shital. We have been married since last 7 years. Shital is very beautiful and got very curvy body. Her figure is 36-32-36. She is very fair and attractive. I can say she is just as sexy and hot as woman should be.

Her main attraction is her rosy lips and sexy boobs. All of my friends were jealous about me for having such a sexy wife. Shital was having lot of lust. She never gets tired of sex, she always demands more and more every day. She was having much interest in seeing porn films and always expect from me to perform sex in same fashion.

On other part, I was not having much interest in sex and same time due to my work I could not pay more attention towards my hot wife. Due to this reason there was always a fight between us. My tool size was also small around 4 inches after erection and just about one inch during rest. Shital was just making fun of my tool when it is at rest. She always saying that she feels my dick like a small boy and always asking me why is it so small.

After several years of marriage I lost all of my interest in sex. I start neglecting her and try to avoid sex with Shital. But it was completely opposite with Shital.. day by day she starts getting more and more desires. Started arguments with me that she needs sex more and somehow I have to fulfill her physical needs but It was not possible for me. I started telling different reasons to avoid sex.

One day we both went to a birthday party of one of my close friend. Shital was wearing a green sari and low neck sexy blouse. During that party I introduced Shital to all my friends. Shital is very open minded but shy in nature. All my friends were attracted towards my wife and trying to talk more and more with her. Shital was looking very sexy in that sari and I see many people were staring at her body from all around. I got excited to see that lust in my friend’s eyes towards my wife.

After some time I went to washroom, it was just opposite to party hall. Party hall was visible from the window of the washroom. I just saw outside and found that Shital was in the center and 6-7 friends were talking with her. Some of them were making jokes and Shital was responding on their every comments and jokes. So my friends were enjoying my wife’s company. After some time I joined the group but now I felt that friends were not so comfortable talking with my wife in my presence.

After some time my friends started taking drinks and they invited me and my wife. I joined them but my wife Shital not taking drinks so refused to take. But my friends insisted a lot to Shital and I also want that Shital should take some drinks so that my friends can enjoy more with her.

I forced Shital to take at least one peg, she agreed and joined us. After few chit chat and some more drinks my friends stared doing flirting with my wife. One of my friend said she is very beautiful and he has not seen such a beautiful and sexy women in his entire life. Another friend said she has got perfect and lovely body..

Shital was very happy and likes those personal comments. I asked her to take some more pegs. She also enjoyed the drinks. Now after few hours she lost control on herself, her pallu was away from her blouse.. my friends started staring boobs of my wife.

She was already wearing low neck blouse so her cleavage was completely visible to everyone. I saw the sexual desires in my friend’s eyes towards Shital. Shital was also careless about all this, in fact she likes all this. Whenever possible my friends were trying to touch my wife’s body. I feel it very exciting and fantasizing a situation Shital having sex with my friends…a gangbang.

After end of party I said my friends not to go home as they are full with alcohol so they can stay at my house which was very near. They all were agreed and then I took my car and asked my friends to get in. I purposely ask Ajay to sit near me in front seat. Asked Shital to sit in between Santosh and Harshal so that they can handle her.

They followed my suggestions. I saw in the mirror during driving that Harshal kept his hand on her thigh and Santosh kept his hand around her shoulders. Santosh was not missing any opportunity to press her boobs. I saw he was very much excited. I took all them to my house.

When we reached at home I told my friends to have some more fun and we started dance. I told my friends not to afraid of anything and enjoy freely as I wanted them to see with my sexy wife. Santosh and Shital were expert in dance they did some hot performance. All of them danced with my wife one other. Shital was enjoying their touch and allowed them to touch anywhere.

After their dance Santosh said Shital bhabhi aap bahot khubsurat hai…agar muze aap jaisi biwi mile to mai use raat din nahi chodunga…puri raat masti karunga. Shital looked at me and said dekho tumhare dost kitana pyar kar sakte hai meri jaisi khubsurat biwi ko… aur Santosh ki taraf dekh kar boli ki mera hi nasib kharab hai ki muze aisa pati mila jo muzase door bhagata hai aur muze usake miche haat jodna padata hai sex ke liye… Listening to her comments Santosh came forward and kissed her deeply…

Shital looked towards me and I just said she understand that I don’t have any issue so she pulled Santosh towards her and she also kissed her back… looking at this scene Ajay and Harshal stood up and they also kissed my wife… oh my god what I was seeing …

Ajay hold Shital from behind and started kissing on her neck, Harshal sat down and lifted her sari and started kissing her legs.. and Santosh removed her pallu and started kissing on her arms and boobs….oh what a lovely scene…

Shital was really hungry for sex for long time and she really got the great opportunity to enjoy…so she was also holding my friends and started pulling them towards her body…. This kissing session last for 10 mins and now Shital was very excited…

I saw big bulges in the pants of my friends…I told them to come inside and have fun with my wife in our bedroom… Santosh then lifted my wife in his arms and bring her on the bed… Shital removed his pant and underwear also… wow what a big dick she said looking at me… It was really a big one around 9 inches and thick also.

Ajay and Harshal also removed their clothes …oh..Ajay was having dark dick and it was 7 inches long…Harshal was also having 9 inches dick.. my wife afraid of these dicks and looked at them surprisingly. She asked me to remove my pant so I did the same… Oh…looking at my dick then Shital told my friend ..

dekho tumhare friend ka chota sa dick…esase muze ye pichale 5 saal se chodata hai… sab log hasane lage..muze bhi hasi aahi… In reality it was really small in front of them… Shital went ahead and took Santosh ’s dick in her mouth…oh…she was sucking it just like pornstar..while sucking her Santosh ’s dick Ajay started licking her pussy and Harshal her boobs… oh…it was unbelievable and such a romantic moment….

Santosh slept my wife on bed and now inserted his huge dick inside my wife’s pussy…as soon as he pushed she shouted uff…ah…she asked Santosh to fuck her hard and like a bitch…she said she is very hungry for sex and do it fast…so Santosh started giving her strong strokes….she was moaning loudly ..same time Ajay and harshal started giving her blow jobs…I was just watching my wife getting banged in my bedroom by my close friends…

After 15 mins Santosh ejaculated his sperms in shital’s cunt…wow she was happy but still wants more..Ajay then came forward and took Santosh ’s place…he started fucking my wife like a bitch. He then fucked my wife for almost 15 mins. Shital was crying and moaning loudly as she never got such strokes in her life from me…

Ajay also the ejaculated all his sperms in my wife’s cunt..ohhh Shital said she still wants more and loved his fuck… now it was Harshal’s turn, he was also horny and want to bang Shital… he inserted his dick in my wife’s pussy and started giving her full strokes…

Shital was crying and moaning like anything and was still pulling Harshal and trying to take his huge dick fully. Harshal fucked her for next 15 mins and he also ejaculated all his semen in my wife’s cunt…her cunt was now over flooded by sperms of all these 3 friends…

Shital was tired now and asked me a glass of water. I gave her water and asked her is she now satisfied? She was smiling happily and said it is a dream fuck and said I love you Subhash… you really made my day, this would not be possible without your permission.

I told her that you guys can enjoy for complete night and I don’t have any issue so I took one bedsheet to sleep on ground and allow all them to sleep on my bed with my wife. Santosh thanks me and took my wife in his arms and kissed her boobs and said I will not let you sleep for complete night. Shital smiled and said don’t worry we can have one ore round…. So they all fucked my wife one more time. Now Shital said enough for today… she slept between Santosh and Ajay… all were naked and tired….first time I saw my wife with other guys naked sleeping and that too with 3 studs….

It was a very exciting moment for all of us… In the morning I wake up early and made tea for all.. Santosh kissed Shital in the morning and gave her tea… they all had their tea on bed nakedly… I asked Shital whose performance you liked most …. Then she replied all were very nice but Santosh is excellent.

Then they all got ready to leave but Shital was looking at me…I understand that Shital want such sessions again …so I told everyone to come again and again … now my wife Shital has been satisfied by my friends…so I don’t need to worry about her sexual needs…my friends are there and they used to come on regular basis….and making my wife happy…they made my wife now pregnant….

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  1. Why always the husband is inferior length of cock???? For a cuckold small cock is not criterion but sharing wife is the main.

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