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My shy Pakistani wife on honeymoon

Disclaimer: This story contains hotwife/cuckold fantasy themes, exhibitionism and voyeurism. If any of this offends you, I recommend you not read any further.
My wife, Natasha, and I have been married for 2 years now. We met each other at university here in Canada, but we were both born and raised in Pakistan. Since we did not move here until we were young adults and lived most of our lives in an ultra conservative society and households, we were naturally quite conservative.

However after we were engaged and settled in Canada, Natasha would occasionally ask me if I thought it was okay she wore something like a knee-length skirt, a sleeveless top or a skin tight jeans. Ordinary clothing by western standards, but things she wasn’t accustomed to wearing. This is when I realized that it really turned me on whenever she’d wear something that made her look a little sexy or hot. At the same time she also enjoyed being able to wear things that she looked good and fashionable in.

Now at this point I should describe Natasha to you. She’s 24, 5’7″, slim and has a milky white complexion. She has a beautiful face, long black hair and most people mistake her as Arabic rather than Pakistani. But her best feature by far, unknown to many, is her extremely sexy body. She has a 32B bust, 26 waist and size 34 hips. If anything is lost by her perky breasts, she more than makes up for it with her perfect model-like bubble butt. Even though she barely ever wears anything that does justice to her ass (mostly covers it with either an oversized shirt or sweater), she has on several occasions been told, by her friends, how lucky she is to have a butt that makes a dress of any fitting look good on her.

On many occasions I would encourage her to wear things like tights without skirts or skin tight jeans with nothing else covering her ass. I could tell she wanted to, but would always shy out and tell me she would be uneasy walking around in public like that. By now we were both well aware that the less she wore, the more it turned me on and on many occasions I would help her shop for clothes I liked. But she was never okay with wearing anything too revealing or bold, and I would respect her boundaries by not being too pushy.

This was all about to change when it came time for our honeymoon in the summer of 2011. We had planned a week long trip to Miami staying at a beachside hotel. So when I asked her if we should shop for some sexy outfits befitting a bride on her honeymoon, she giggled and shyly said “If you want to”. Now i was thinking a babydoll, some sexy lingerie and other things for the bedroom, but before I could say anything she added, “but only because its our honeymoon we don’t know anyone over there. I won’t wear any of that stuff when we are back in Toronto”. This caught me by surprise and I could feel myself getting hard. She must have read my face and placed one of her hands in my lap, obviously noticing the stiffness in my pants and said in a seductive voice, “as your honeymoon present, I will wear ‘anything’ you want”, moving away while biting her lower lip. She noticed that my penis jerked at the remark and grinned. But I was soon brought back to earth when , in a serious tone, she said, “Within reason okay?, I’m not wearing any bikinis or shorts”.

I replied “Of course not, only things you are perfectly comfortable with.”
The build up to the honeymoon was the most excited I had felt in years. Even though we had had sex many, many times before the honeymoon, the prospect of her in maybe a short black dress revealing her sexy legs in a club or a cleavage-y top at the beach excited me like a teenage boy on his first date. At first she was reluctant whenever I would pick something out for her, saying it might be a little too much. But then I told her she could always take it along, and if she doesn’t feel like wearing it then, she could return the clothes when we’re back. We ended up picking up some sexy outfits for her, including a short black dress, a summer dress, a one-piece swimsuit and a couple of backless tops and tight pants.

Finally when the time came for our flight, she wore red tank top and sheer white maxi skirt (albeit with tights underneath) that made her swaying butt a sight for everyone walking behind her. Which on its own was a huge step-up and I immediately knew that I was in for a very sexy honeymoon. But that was not all, when we reached Miami, she disappeared while I was waiting for our baggage. When she came back, it was obvious what had changed. She had removed the tights underneath her skirt. She grinned at me and when she turned to pick up her purse from the trolley, I could see the outline of her underwear through the skirt.

As soon as we got to the hotel room, I threw her on the bed and our clothes started coming off and we were down to our underwear. She was wearing a black silk half bra, exposing the most part of her breasts and matching black panties. I started kissing her all over her body and then held her from her waist and pushed her against the out-looking window. It was nighttime, so it wouldn’t be hard for someone from another room catching us in the act. Which was exactly what I wanted. “Someone might see us”, she said. “No one will see us” I said and turned her around to face the window. I then pushed her panties off and moved for her bra.

“Not my bra” she objected as her upper body was exposed to anyone looking at our window. She then put both of her elbows on the window and ducked her head in between her forearms. Probably so no one can see her face. We did it doggy style for a couple of minutes before I climaxed. When she turned around her face was all red and I could tell how turned on she was from her heavy breathing. We laid down in the bed for a while before she went to take a shower. In the meanwhile I called for room service to send up some food before we would go out for the night.

I got up to clear away some luggage from the table that was right in front of the bathroom door, which Natasha had left open. Inside you could clearly make out her naked body behind a slightly frosted glass shower door. All of her curves, including her nipples were visible through the shower door. I was standing there admiring her body when there was a knock on the door. I put on my boxers and went to open the door and saw the room service attendant standing there. An average looking guy probably in his early twenties as well.

“Can you please set it up on the table over there” I said after thinking about it for a second. I walked ahead of him and looked towards the running shower and saw Natasha putting shampoo in her hair. She was looking away from us, giving us both a nice view of her fine ass. He naturally followed my gaze and froze in his tracks upon sight of my wife. He looked towards me and I acted liked I didn’t really care and laid down on the bed. The attendant started placing out food on the table without looking at it, his eyes fixed on my wife. After finishing he quietly walked out without looking at me.

I don’t know what had gotten into me. Not only did I want other guys enjoying my wife visually from a far, I wanted them to enjoy her physically as I had 30 minutes ago. I pictured Natasha getting rammed from behind by the room service attendant.

Shortly after she walked out in a towel wrapped around her wet body and said giggling “Again? So soon.” She then came over and kissed my penis and told me to get ready for going out.

After dinner we were getting ready for our first night out on our honeymoon in Miami. I wore a dress shirt and dress pants with a dinner jacket and Natasha came out wearing a short black sequin dress that outlined her figure quite well. The dress came down to just a couple of inches below her ass. She checked her self in the mirror for a bit and said, “Maybe I should wear tights with this”.

“Don’t you think that will ruin the whole look for the dress, besides the place we’re going to is on a rooftop, its probably going to be too warm with anything else” I replied.

She looked unsure, “I don’t know, this is too much legs”

“Look around you, you’re in Miami, everyone at the party will be wearing a lot less than you. Loosen up a little” saying that I put my arms around her and gave her ass a squeeze.

“I’m going to take them along in my handbag in case I feel like changing over there” she said.

We were going to a rooftop poolside party at a famous hotel. Through out the cab ride Natasha held her dress down with her hands for the fear of it riding up too high. I told her, “Relax, you look stunning.” Once we were through the coat check we quickly moved to the bar and I ordered myself a drink. Natasha still holding on to some of her conservative Muslim values did not drink alcohol, so she ordered a pop. It was apparent what sort of an affect she was heaving on the guys around us as people kept asking her for a dance and if she was there alone.

“Come on lets go dancing!” she kept repeating

My wife absolutely loves dancing and is pretty good at it too. There must be very few Bollywood movie songs she has not mastered the dance steps to. I on the other hand sucked at dancing. I’d move my hands around in the most awkward manner with little to no feet movement. Naturally after some while I wanted to return to the bar to grab another drink and she followed unhappily.

At the bar she kept bugging me to go back on the dance floor, when a young black guy standing next to us, that introduced himself to us as Cedric, offered to go with her instead if I didn’t mind. “Not at all, why don’t you go with him while I finish up my drink, and then ill come join you guys.” I said.

Before Natasha could say anything to protest he took one of her hands and led her towards the dance floor. She looked back at me and I motioned an ‘its okay’ nod towards her.

From where I was standing at the bar I could see them both clearly. At first my wife was quite stiff and didn’t seem like she wanted to be there with him. She kept motioning me instead to come join her there. I waved my watch and a five sign with my hand to indicate in five minutes. Because of the movement on the dance floor she had to eventually face away from me. Soon a couple of her favorite songs came on and she loosened up a bit and started bouncing with the rhythm of the music. Cedric was quick to make himself available for all her dance moves and always seemed like he was a little too much hands on her body. With each passing minute he got a little bolder and now had his arm around the small of her back and was pulling Natasha into his body. She looked away from him and said something that I couldn’t make out and walked away towards the ladies room.

She emerged after a few minutes and said, “What an asshole, he just couldn’t keep his hands to himself, he even tried touching my butt, Amir”.

“Well can you really blame him?” I replied while checking out her butt. “I actually commend him for being able to restrain himself from you for that long”.

“Shut uppp.” She said back in a playful manner. After that for the next hour or so we stuck around each other, much to my disappointment. Until Cedric approached us on our way out and asked ”Hey you two, leaving so soon? Where are you guys staying, maybe we should party later in the night”.

Natasha quickly replied, “Its actually our last night in Miami and we have a flight early morning” and started walking away.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy getting my wife to open up for sexual exploration with other partners as I had imagined so many times in my head while having sex with her in bed.

Over the next couple of days we went around sight seeing in the city with my wife getting more and more comfortable wearing the clothes I had picked out for her. However she still refused to wear the swimsuit to the beach and instead wore a long cover up. Even so, I still enjoyed all of this quite a bit. Unsurprisingly she got hit on a lot during that time, each time to my amusement and her awkward refusals. But the best part was yet to come.

With our honeymoon hotel stay, we had also booked a couples massage towards the end of the trip to unwind, relax and have a romantic time. Back in Toronto while booking it I had asked her if she was okay with me getting massaged by another woman as I would feel very awkward with a man rubbing my body. To which she was casually replied she was and said, “Besides, I wouldn’t want another guy looking at my half naked body”.

But when I got a call from the hotel spa to confirm our booking and if we needed to change anything about our preference, I quickly asked if it was possible for us to get a male masseur for my wife and a female masseuse for myself. To which the spa receptionist replied, “Of course, that wont be a problem”.

But I was a little hesitant to how my wife would react and it was highly unlikely she’d go ahead with this arrangement. So I asked, “Actually would it be possible to decide when we get there?”

“It would be unlikely Sir, we schedule in our staff based on appointments. Unless we have a last minute cancellation, we wont have anyone else available then.”
The prospect of another man massing my wife’s beautiful body was really turning me on and in a moment of excitement I told her, “One male and one female therapist would be fine then.”

I didn’t tell Natasha anything until next evening when we got to the spa. I told her to have a seat and ill go ask them if they’re ready for us. She sat down in the lounge area and I went and talked to the receptionist in the meanwhile. I asked her if it was possible to switch to two female therapists, praying she would say no. She said “I’m sorry sir, I can only do one male and one female or both male at this time”.

“And what’s your cancellation policy” I asked anticipating Natasha would ask me the same. To which the receptionist point at a banner behind her that said no cancellations would be refunded if within 24 hours of the appointment and added “But I can reschedule you to another time for a small fee”.

“That wont be necessary. Which way are the massage rooms?” I inquired.
“Your therapists will come out and get you in a second. Just have a seat and fill out these forms for me” She answered.

I went back to Natasha making a confused face. “What happened?” she said.
“There was a mix up with our booking, we only have one female therapist. And I don’t want a male therapist. It will be so awkward through out the session. I wont enjoy even a little”

She furiously replied, “What the hell, we specifically asked for both females, just ask for a refund and lets go”

I gave her a sheepish look and admitted, “It was my mistake; I selected the wrong option in the drop down menu when I was booking it online. They won’t refund on such short notice, I should’ve looked at out booking confirmation more carefully.”
“Unless you are okay with a male therapist for yourself we’ll just have to cancel. What a waste of $520” I added.

She started contemplating for a bit and then asked me, “What do you think we should do?”

“I think we’ve paid for it and this looks like a professional place and everything, if you’re okay with the male therapist, lets just get it done with”.
She nodded an okay but didn’t say anything.

After a while she asked me, “Are you sure you will be okay with another man massaging my body?”

“Of course I will baby, he’s going to be a professional, not some random guy. I don’t see why I would mind at all” I replied.

After a bit out came three therapists having a conversation with each other. Two of them were young, probably in their late twenties or early thirties and not bad to look at. And one guy was much older, possibly late forties and bald. Natasha whispered to me “I don’t want the bald guy, he looks creepy” And I whispered back “Would you be fine with the other guy?” She nodded a shy yes and suppressed her smile.

To both of our luck it was indeed the young guy that was going to be our therapist that evening. They introduced themselves as Mark and Jennifer asked us if there were any special areas we need work on. I replied looking directly at him, “Mark, Natasha needs more attention on her lower back and glutes” to which she quickly added “No, no its okay now, the pain is gone” turning a little red.

Mark exchanged the clipboards with Jennifer, I believe, after realizing it was her he was going to massage. He said in an assuring tone, “Don’t worry ma’am, we’ll work on your tension areas and hopefully send you home satisfied.”

“And you sir?” asked Jennifer.

“No particular areas for me” I said smiling back.

They led us down the hall to a beautiful candle lit massage room. “Dress down to your level of comfort and you can hang your clothes in the closet over there. Just lie down on the tables after you’re done”.

Now since this was Natasha’s first massage, I had earlier told her that you have to strip down completely since they drape you with towels anyways. But hearing this she quickly asked, “Can we leave our undergarments on”

To which Mark replied, “Yes you can, but we do recommend you leave them off as it’s most effective to work on you that way. But you can do whatever you are most comfortable with”

After they left Natasha said, “Shit I didn’t know we could leave our underwear on. I’m wearing my granny panties.”

“Then take them off, they’re going to drape you anyways, what does it matter”.
“And why did you tell him I need work on my lower back!” she said looking concerned.

“Relax Tasha, the whole point of the massage is to enjoy relive your tension” I replied.

We both stripped down naked and got under the blankets on the massage tables. Shortly after there was a knock on the door and Jennifer and Mark had returned. They put on a soft soothing instrumental on the stereo system.

Both are table were set side by side and I hand a full view of my wife from the side down to her lower body. I was looking towards her and she had her face buried in the face hole. I told her to relax in Urdu.

Mark lifted the sheets and folded them down to her lower body. Just showing the slightest hint of a butt crack. Her butt made a nice mound under the sheets and her curves were not hidden from either of us. He poured some oil on her back and rubbed some on his hands. As soon as he started rubbing her back I saw her twitch. “Just relax” Mark said. He was standing towards her head side and started rubbing his hands across her back in straight motions, starting from her shoulders to the lower of her back. Inching a little further each time. After a couple of motions he moved his hands under the sheets and massaged her upper ass with the motion. Natasha stiffened up to the touch, “Is the pressure too much” Mark inquired. “No its fine” Answered Natasha finding only half her voice.

He worked on her upper body for a sometime, while Jennifer worked on mine. I was in heaven. Getting a relaxing massage while I get to look at my half naked wife being rubbed all over by another man. I did not want this to end at all. Mark was now massing the sides of my wife’s upper body with pulling motions towards himself. When he reached near her breasts I saw his finger tips just brush over her side boob. I had a hard-on under the table now.

They then moved to our legs and pulled the sheets over our upper body. Undraping just one leg at a time. For a while, that seemed like forever, I was out of a view. The leg Mark was massaging was towards the other side. I knew from what Jennifer was doing and where marks arms were that he did her calves, then thighs and then moved on to her glutes. Natasha let out a slight moan. “I think I’ve found the pressure point” and kept massing her butt for a little longer while Jennifer moved on to my feet.

Finally it came time for the leg on my side, he undraped her till the top of her butt, leaving one of her whole butt cheeks exposed. The sheets just covered her butt crack and were tucked under her other thigh, helping cover her privates as well. The sight was ecstasy. I couldn’t wait to bury my penis deep inside my wifes butt. Or I actually wanted Mark to bury his inside her while I watched. When mark reached her butt once again Natasha let out a moan and without saying anything Mark got to work. Using large round motions all over her butt cheeks, just slightly slipping his hands under the sheets and possibly rubbing his fingers in her ass crack. I knew he was a professional and probably did this everyday but I couldn’t help but notice a slight tent in his trousers. I couldn’t have blamed him as I had the most raging boner under the sheets myself.

To my horror Jennifer asked me to turn around. With such an obvious erection I couldn’t so I asked her if she could just do my backside and skip the front altogether. She said sure and asked me to put my head straight in the face hole so she could work my neck and give me a head massage. I really, really wished I could tell her to wait a little as I didn’t want to miss what was happening on the table next to us. Mark did not even ask her to turn over as he spend most of his time working her ‘tension areas’. After some minutes the massage was up and we were both left in the massage room to change and shower.

I got out of under the sheets and stood in front of Natasha table with my cock pointing at her head. But she still had her head buried in the face hole. “Get up, lets get dressed,” I said. “Give me a minute” she said not being able to find her breath.

I knew what was up. I moved my hand under her sheets moving towards her privates, she quickly grabbed my arm and said “No no, don’t”. I kept sliding it until I touched her soaking wet pussy. I knew she had been moaning out of pleasure and not pain during the massage. I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. I got on top her table and threw her sheets away. She turned around and we started making out passionately. Her face was all red and her pussy was so wet that my cock slid right in. I didn’t feel the slightest friction. I started pounding her pussy in rough abrupt motions, with both of her legs swaying left and right in the air. At first she bit my shoulder but then she couldn’t hold back and started moaning loudly out of pleasure. If there was anyone standing outside the door it wouldn’t have been be too hard for them to hear my wife. I then climaxed inside her and collapsed on top her body. We laid there in embrace for a while.

Then we both moved into the shower and I said “The was the most amazing massage and sex I’ve ever had.”. “Me too” she said with a big smile

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