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Sissy Husband Cuckolded By Wife

Hi all, this is not completely fiction, the whole thing is not a reality, premise is real and have added my imagination and interpretation.

This story is regarding ramesh and his beautiful wife sahana, ramesh is a graduate from andhra who comes to delhi in serach of job, and he lands up in a job in one of the travel agencies, though salary was not excellent, he had landed up in a job, where he had none, sahana is the daughter of the owner of the travel agency, she is well read, well groomed, one sexy girl, who people would go week in there knees to fuck her.

Sahana was involved with a punjabi stud his friend from childhood, sunny, he was a stud, sahana had fallen to his charms, and had lost her virginity to him at the age of 17 years, so, when sahanas parents came to know about sunny, they were dead against about the relationship, but everybody knew that she was sunny girl, and there was nobody who was ready to marry her, this was a huge problem to sahanas mother ( her father has expired ), she could not marry her to sunny, and she is not getting anybody to marry her daughter.

Than entered ramesh, who was already working with them for 4 years, obedient, cute, somebody who is harmless, when sahanas mother talked to ramesh about there marriage, he agreed instantly, fully knowing sunny is still screwing sahana, he had seen with his eyes there affair, he agreed , as he knew there is lot of money in house, as sahana is only one daughter, he would lead a comfortable life, sahanas mother also promised, that sahana will stop seeing sunny, if she continues, she would not get anything in property.

So marriage was arranged in a quite way, sahana also agreed to everything, ramesh was very very excited on there first night, he was still a virgin, sahana entered the room, he stood up like a sissy boy, as he was still treating her as the owners daughter, she asked him to strip, took herself a drink, by dragging a joint, she laughed at him for his physique, but she had decided she has to fuck only him as they were married, on that night she fucked him 4 times, ramesh was exhausted, but sahana had not even shed a sweat, she was a pro, he was a sissy, she made him lick his pussy for one hour than she got her first orgasm for the night, she knew he was useless, but also not harmful.

This went on for 3 months, suddenly sahanas mother met with an accident and died, she was in mourning for 2 months, one day suddenly, she was feeling happy, even ramesh was relieved, as he was worried about her depression.

But he never could have imagined the reason for her sudden change, it was sunny, old flame has lighted, he had just fucked her thoroughly the other day, in a seedy lodge, she was back to old days, having all the fun she wanted, with his man, sunny was ramming her pussy.

She was shouting expletives, which only sunny could understand as she was starved of sex and she was ready for more, he wanted the same thing, whore was back, he was mesmerised at the picture of sahana taking his cum, gargling it, to make her face messy with his hot cum,he fucked her thoroughly, bitch was ready for more, she was hungry, he was more than happy to serve her.

Things now have changed, as her mother has died, all the property naturally has come into her name, there was no need her to fear, but she decided to keep her relationship with sunny secret, as people should not once again show finger at her, but they knew ramesh would know one day, so they planned to let him know, sahana was sure he would not make an issue, as he did not have any other way, he was too dependent on money and however he was close to impotent.

They made a plan, ramesh usually came home for lunch, so they decided to have sex in there bedroom, they were deep in there ecstasy, ramesh entered the house, he could here loud moaning sound , he went directly in the room, he was shocked by the scene he just saw.

Sahana was riding sunny in the most sexy way, she saw him, she didn’t stop, but started moaning more loudly, saying, ya sunny deeper, harder, mera naamard husband aaya hain, chinaal ko aur chodo, me tera randi hoon, ye naamard mera kuch nahi kar pata, tears started rolling down ramesh eye.

He knew exactly what was happening, she was more aroused now, due to the humiliation, while riding she called him near and slapped him tightly, and made him beg sunny to fuck him hard, he begged, he was sobbing, sunny was in cloud nine, he was ready to cum, he asked sahana for her face, he asked ramesh to hold his cock, as he released his whole load on her face, she was a pro, she made ramesh lick all the cum from her face, than she sucked sunny balls, making him hard again, she orderd him to make there lunch, as they would have another round of fucking.

They finished there long fucking her moaning was audible to the street, they came to lunch, she was completely naked, her lovely body was glowing with golden sweat, she seemed a highly satisfied lady, sunny came in his boxers, she came and sat on his lap, making him eat the lunch from her hands, ramesh had not stopped crying still, he told in a low voice.

Can u please take out that mangalsutra while sleeping with other man, he was literally begging, she was furious, I am not a whore to sleep with other man, I only make love with sunny, don’t pretend you didn’t know about this, you married knowingly, as you wanted money, now you have to go through this, sunny is a superior male, my pussy deserves his cock, you have to accept it, not only accept it,

But participate in our sex as it makes us more horny, by now sunny was making sahana drunk, she drunk like a bitch, begging for more drinks, he stood up, poured drinks on his cock, which she sucked all the alcohol, and made ramesh clean the floor with his tongue, telling that is the left over prasadam from the cock god, ramesh felt like dying.

So this continued daily, sunny started leaving with them permanently, sometime he was in work, he would get a phone call from sahana, where she would be moaning, and scolding him like, naamard tere biwi to chod raha hain, thu kya raha hain waha,

sometimes order would be made for him to come home immediately to help her in sex, by giving her foot massage, by licking her pussy to his big cock, serving them liquor, serving as her ash tray, sunny was enjoying so much having sex and also humiliating ramesh, they made him do all the worst stuff, it was hard to tell whether they were enjoying there sex, or his humiliation.

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