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My Sister Encouraged Me To Have Sex

Hi all, This is Akhil. This is my first story that happened between my sister and I. In fact my sister encouraged me to write our experience and check others response out on it. Do let us know feedback please.

My sis’s name is Renu. She is pretty much beautiful. There is a long story that lies behind how I got her finally, which I don’t wanna discuss now. Anyway I shall share how it happened for the first time.

That day, our parents were out of station. We only two are at home. I had always thought of getting her on my own. But luck didn’t favour so far. We were watching a film on tv. After a while Renu tried to switch channel using remote.

I told her not to. But she insisted and changed to a RomedyNow. And a romatic drama movie was being played. It was a hot scene when she switched to this channel in which a couple was on their bed, naked, but under a large blanket.

That time accidentally, I let out a ‘Wow…’. She looked at me.

Renu: eh?

I: hm….what?

Renu: hm.. she just hummed.

I: what yar?

Renu: ‘you boys all are the same’

I: eh?…what are u telling?

Renu: you know what I mean, u fool.

I decided not to let my paper down and wanted to win over her.

I: I said ‘wow’..what wrong do u find in it?

Renu: haha..that’s what I said.. U all are same.

I: Who all are the same? We just watched a intimate scene on movie. It happens everywhere.

Renu: ya.. it happens.. but u could not control yourself and let out a ‘wow’. Haha.

Then I noticed that she was getting kinda angry.

I: so what..I expressed my emotions.. but I assume that you are not able to express yours.

Renu: why make it public? I can keep it within myself.

I: haha..okay sis I see that you don’t want to make it public. Leave it.

Renu: Hm..

We continued to watch it. She did not change channel. Couple were kissing and fucking. There were some comedy elements in it. They were fucking under blanket. The girl was shouting ‘c’mon dear.. I need more.. more..’.

I purposefully let out ‘I feel like fucking some one’.

Renu: haha.. I knew you would say this. Or are u trying to tease me?

I: only if u r ready.

She got shocked. But I noticed a subtle smile. Because we had some talks on sex before which is a hell lot of long way to explain here.

Renu: Damn u… I know u purposefully made that comment to tease me.

I: hm.. It must be purposefully that you are not wearing bra today sis. Aren’t u?

She got shocked.

Renu: What?

I : I know sis.. U r not wearing anything beneath your tee.

She startled but gained courage.

Renu: so what? It’s my wish to put it on or not.

I: ya.. I know.. and it’s my privilege to decide to wear mine or not too. Thats why I don’t have boxer today. Just like you sis. Haha.

She looked at me with a shock. Precisely she stared way down by body.

I: why are u staring? U wanna see it ?

Renu: If yes, will u show me?

She said it in a tone with angry. But I know she is not actually.

I:’s all urs and urs are mine too.

Renu: I did not get that second part

I: I just said you could see my dick and I might check if ur boobs are good without a bra today.

Renu: Chee.

I: eh?

Renu: u dare?

I: I’d do it.

She was sitting on a sofa and I was on chair. I literally jumped on her. She had not expected it. I pressed her boob on left side over her tee. She slapped on my cheek as if in reflex and tried to squeeze my dick.

I: Oooooh…Though it pained I want to use this situation.

Renu: Had enough? Don’t try to queen over me. She teased again.

I took my hand off her boob. Instead I hugged and kissed on her lips. Before she could do anything I hugged her tightly and started to kiss. She tried to get rid off me and we fell off the sofa. We got flipped and she was on top of me. She was sitting on me.

Renu: I know.. u have been… longing to do.. this…idiot. She was gasping.

I: ‘Hm..’

I too was out of breath for a moment.

Renu: ‘Catch me if u can’.

I forcefully flipped her to side. And I held her both hands onto the floor. I was on top. She was gasping. Her violet coloured tee was partly got drenched in wet. Now I can see her nipples protruding out. I pointed my finger at her boobs.

I: Ya.. I’m going to catch.

I caught her boobs. Squeezed them with both hands. Then what happened really thrilled me. She moaned. – ‘Aahh..’ And she was sitting on my scrotum. It made my dick start to rise. She would have felt it and she smiled subtly closing her eyes.

I got my both hands around her neck and she leaned towards my face. I can feel her breath now. She was shivering too. I can feel that too. She leaned down and our lips touched. I started to chew her lower lips.

It was like a soft velvet cloth piece. She was not responding but enjoying. It know it’s forbidden fruit. But they are much more delicious always. I enjoyed her lips. We both had closed our eyes.

we can hear sound of our lips being sewed together and detaching. She started kissing my lips too.

I felt something different. When I tasted, it was sweet. Because she was having a chocolate while she watched movie. It was her saliva. Wow… truly a french kiss. I decided to lead it. Then pushed my tongue gently into her mouth.

I can feel her tooth. Her wet slippery tongue. I continued to explore. I can feel warmth. Renu’s and my tongues were pushing each other, tasting each others saliva. She was getting horny and she started to moan a bit louder. Minutes passed.

She was leaning on me so I can feel her boobs. And she was sitting on me with both legs on either side. As she was on a skirt I feel her bare thighs put some force on my thighs too. Her panties were right on my scrotum.

Our lips departed for a while. We took a deep breath. We were sweating. He boobs have become bigger. Or was it a mere fascination of mine?

Anyway I started to remove her tee. I started to raise her tee. It was going above her naval. I see a narrow line of hairs from her naval going down to her panty.

Where does it go as if in a hurry? Now tee moves above her boobs. Whitish chest meat. 34D. No bra, I told you already. Light brown nipple. Large areola.

Each of my fingers were even confused what to do with her boobs. Her boobs were firm as if nothing had ever happened to it. I touched her right boob and pinched gently. She let a moan out.

And my hands were shivering too. She looked into my eyes. I smiled. So did she gently. But I can see that she was tensed. I wanted to enjoy it. I carried her to sofa. She was lying topless with skirt on.

I started to press her boobs. It was like a cotton ball but firm well. Each of my movements were gently. I fondled her boobs. Bit her nipple gently. Our bodies were on heat. I wanted to change pace of enjoying her breast. I crushed her both boobs.

We changed position. We were standing. She leaned on a wall and I got ample view of her boobs. I raised her both arms. That was one hell of a view. Her armpits were a bit hairy, not much.

Her arms raised. Boobs hanging from chest. I sucked her boobs as if I was her new born baby. But I did not get any milk from her boobs. We changed our position.

I am hugging my sister from behind and holding her two boobs. She was writhing literally. I am fondling her two boobs from behind. I am kissing her neck smoothly while holding her boobs.

At the same time I am poking my dick in beween her two butts on the skirt from behind. smoothly I am kissing her neck with my lips. Smoothly turned her face towards me and pinching her lower lip with my middle finger and thumb. Smoothly caressing her lower lip with my wet tongue, squeezing her lip with my lips smoothly.

I penetrated my tongue inside her mouth, sucked her tongue and squeezed her saliva into my mouth. Moments passed I smelled her armpits. She was sweating. I kissed there.

She jiggled. Now Renu seemed comfortable. I knelt down before her and raised her skirt. Two ‘cheese-like’ thighs. I ran my fingers over her thighs. Raised her skirt and got myself inside her skirt.

I kissed her scrotum. Oh! it was wet. Her panties are drenched in her sweat and pussy juice. Nice smell. It poured more oil into the fire of lust. I bit one of her silky smooth thighs. She shook suddenly and moaned ‘Aaah…’

Story continues.. Please let me know your feedback.

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