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Smooching Girlfriend Inside Movie Theater

Hello everyone, I am Hrithick (name change) age 21. I have a athletic body and do gyming regularly. My angel is Preethi (name change) she is my ex girlfriend is so sexy and have a excellent figure. With all her curves always tempting. She always shows a lot of cleavage and likes to wear shorts her vital stats is 36-28-36.

It was the time when we were in college she sat ahead of me. I always had a good view of her cleavage from behind since our desks were arranged in such a manner. Once on a rose day I gave her a yellow rose and there started our friendship. Till then we were just waving friends.

Many times when my bench partner was sick and was on leave she will shift behind and sit with me. Slowly I came to know that she liked me from the time when she joined the college. I used to touch her boobs from my elbow and she never said anything to me.

The day came my lucky day, it happened like we had a group and we all decided to go for a movie. But on the movie day no body came except one of our friend who later on said why should I disturb your privacy. You guys have fun will come with the group next time and he too left.

But we said since we decided so lets go since it was a week day there was not much rush. We got the corner seats the top last corner seat. For my surprise there was not much crowd behind. Everyone was sitting literally 4 rows ahead of us.

Movie started and I was very excited since she curled my hands and my elbow was pressing her boobs. I was not at all interest in movie now and want to just do something else. So I just started moving my elbow and started pressing her boobs more harder.

She was feeling excited too and noticed that I m doing it purposely. She looked at me and suddenly I stopped. But then she was pulling my hands to her boobs. Noticing this that she is interest in doing some exciting things.

I moved closer to her and kissed her cheeks. She smiled and I didnt stop and now I kissed her on her lips and it lasted for 10mins. Same time I started pressing her boobs which were so soft.

She was now in the mood and was pulling me towards her. So I again started smooching her and this time I with one hand pressed her boobs. And my other hand was making way in her shorts towards her pussy.

When I touched her pussy she moaned ahhhhhh ahhhhhh and I just didnt stop. And just push my middle finger in her pussy which start to get wet now. She said ahhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhh dont stop suraj just do it I love you baby. Saying this she started to unbutton my jeans and removed the chain too now.

She was touching my dick which was to its full size now and said its big baby. I smiled and said dont worry babes I will make sure you enjoy and just enjoy.

That time I just felt really nice and she pushed my underwear down and started to shake my dick up and down. I was feeling just awesome.I pulled her more closer to me and said slowly in her ear. Babes its about to be a interval in the movies and she stop.

When the movie started again we both didnt waste any time and started again. But this time I started unbuttoning her shirt and jeans and she was doing the same to me. In no time we were almost naked in the theatre. She started shaking my dick faster and I just didnt stop fingering her.

Then she asked me to wait and said I will give you a blowjob wait. And she sat in front of me and started sucking my big cock. I was at heaven and soon I load all my cum in her mouth. She took everything in and drank it like a vodka drink. Now it was my turn so I did the same and she startfeeling horny.

I sucked all possible part of her pussy and was fucking her with my tongue. She was just not able to stop shouting ahhh hhh ahhh hhh yes baby yes. It was our good luck that the movie sound waa louder than us.

Soon she started cumming then we both sat side by side naked. We both were just taking rest and playing with each others body part. Her boobs were so nice and I was just pressing her.

She said its the first time she is sucking a dick and she enjoyed it. Then she said she enjoyed porn movies and rubbing herself. But no one has actually made her come since she never had a boyfriend. I was so happy to hear that.

After 10mins she started shaking my dick again. And I started kissing her boobs and sucking her nipples. I was hard again she quickly gave me a blow and said I m coming over you baby and I said come my princess.

I slowly inserted my dick in her and she was just saying ahhh hhh ahhhh hhh ahh hhh hhh ohh hhhh ahhh hhhh I fucked her for 20mins. And finally I cum in her she enjoyed it and she said it was nice to come for a movie with u. We dressed back and then just kept smooching and I kept pressing her boobs till movie ended.

I hope you all will like my story. To be very true I just had one more session with her but this time it was at her house. Where I went for a group study and all friends of our just dumped us again and we enjoyed.

Will share that session in my next story…..

I m very open for all the young pretty hot and sexy girls to have sex with, so do reply me with your comments.

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