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Being a Spectator and an Investigator

This is a story is how I investigated about my neighbor aunty extra marital affair and later became spectator of same.

Hi Guys this is Ramesh from Bangalore, An Average Handsome Guy and This story is not about my sexual experience but it is about my neighbours. About my Family, Me and my Mom.Coming to my neighbour, They are three in Number Husband, Wife and one year boy. The Neighbour Wife Name is Ammu, She is an Average Women with Awesome Boobs. She use to wear sarees and nighties. Many times i have seen her naked boobs while she is doing her household works. She is very close to my mom. Her Husband is doing bussiness. She will be always speaks with my mom. But from some days she is bit avoiding my mom and she will be always alone with her mobile phone always chatting with some body. So I got doubt who is that???..

One day there was some problem with her phone, She approached me to see what is the problem. I took that phone and told that it takes time will give her phone back after some time. When i went through the call Logs of the phone and found Hell Conversations from same number, I decided to find who is that… So I installed call recorder app and made it as hidden. I returned the phone. after two days, Just went to her house and Took her phone and i went to the app and found list of recorded calls. I copied everything through bluetooth and deleted everything from her phone.

Went to my room and I heared the calls which is recorded. I got to know that she is in affair with her Aunty’s Son(Atthai Paiyan in Tamil) Ravi Chandran. I got to know that he is jobless and he is searching for the job, and she is asking him to come to Bangalore. I got to know their intention!!!! They both can enjoy here when her Husband is not there. I also went to other calls where they were so horny and they were having phone sex… Then I also heard that he is going to come to Bangalore with in two days…

I should remove that app otherwise i will get caught if Ravichandran Finds me.. So without her knowledge i uninstalled the app. after two days Ravichandran has come.On the day of arrival She decorated herself with the new saree and ornaments.. Days went i started to keep eye on them.

I found many changes in Ammu’s Dressing!!! She started to wear her saree below her navel and she satrted to wear low neck blouses with out bra and she started to wear Low Neck transparent nighties with nothing inside…except her Mangalyasutra(Thaali). There are some small Romances between Ravichandra and Ammu.. Like He will Pinch her Waist when coming to kitchen now and then.. He will come to help her in kitchen but opens her saree and kisses her Navel when her husband is in hall.I think that is the reason she started to wear her saree below.. and sometimes after romance she forgets to close her navel i many times saw her exposed navel. She has become more horny .. She needs a little romance daily…Days Passed on…

There was a small building work that was going in our building.. Keeping individual tanks in their Homes but Ammu’s tank needs more they need to Break the small portion of the upper wall so they can keep tank..we agreed.. That too It is next to my Bed Room. Everything is done.Days Passed….on….

One day Ammu’s Husband Informed Ammu that he is going to out of station for bussiness purpose..for one week..After hearing that Ammu and Ravichandra become happy and also horny.. Next day her husband went .. After that they both went inside and kissed (i Heared from outside) and he started to undress…She refused…Wait till Night..As Neighbours will think badly…. I planned to see their Love Making at any cost…I went to my room and saw the upper portion i tried to get in..Yes I can….and made arrangements… They have two bedrooms Sure they wont do as i can hear…Sure they will do in other bedroom.

At 10’O Clock night.. I had Dinner and i came to my room and locked it from inside. I climbed the wall and saw.. entered the other bedroom and go inside.. Still they didnt start.. She is having bath.. and Ravichandra is ready already.. Her Baby boy is already slept.. in hall..She came out in nighty..and entered the room and she locked from inside..!!Oh Shit!!!! I cant see … after some seconds they opened the windows which is visible Fully..from the hall..because they need some outside air…. Luck is in my side…!!! I had a full view from Head to Leg…

She went and kissed Ravichandra Very horny manner.. French kiss for 15 minutes… She told in Sexy Manner..Eduthikko Ennaiya .. Ennoda udamba Enna Venunalum Pannu..(I am all Yours!! Do Whatever you want in my Body).. By saying that she removed her nighty …. WoW!!! She is Naked!!Nothing inside other than her Mangalyasutra….By seing that he also become naked… She made to lie and he climbed over body and started squeezing her boobs….So Roughly…She moaned and screemed…AHHHH MEthuva….HAAA…Athu Unakku Dha …Medhuva PAnnu….HAAA(Hey Slowly my boobs is yours but be gentle its paining)… Suddenly milk started flowing from her boobs…By seeing that Ravichandra…Ennadi Idhu..Un Molaiyila..paalu vechurukiiya(HEY what.. You have Milk in your Boobs)… She told…Adha kudi,…(Drink it!!!)…

HE finished her boobs milk..he went to Her Navel..and started kissing that passionately….She is Moaning…AHHHHHHHHHH…..HAAA….Kiss it…AHHHHHHHHH..HOOOOOOOOO….HAAAAA.FUUUUUUUUUUUU…
She ordered him to please enter inside her…He took his Pens and Inserted inside her vagina…She screamed Slowly…HAAAAA…HUUUUUUUUU…HHAAAAA…HE inserted fully…Started Slowly….She started to moan….HMMMMMMM…HAAAA…HMMMMM…and released her jUice…he started very Fastly….HAAAA…PANNU daaa.. En Purusha….HAAAA….Ravichandra Sensed that he will come…HE started heavily…Ammu holded his back tightly…By Screaming…and Moaning…When He was about to come…He decided to take penis out…But she is not allowing to take him out…

Ravichandra: Eye Sunniya Veliya Edukka Vida Matra??(Why You are allowing me to cum outside)

Ammu: Ullaiya Ghanjiya Viduda..Enakku Venum..(Please Cum inisde me …I want it)

Ravichandra: Aye!! Ne Gharbam Aana Enna Panradhu??(What if you get pregnant)

Ammu: Parava Illa…Un kuzhandhaiya..ennoda Vayithula Soakkanum(I want your baby!!!at any cost)

Ammu: Please Cum Inside me!!!!!!

Ravichandran Started Heavily and by holding her boobs..HE started to cum inside her pussy…..They were holding each other tightly….I Think he cummed for 1 minute..He slept by his cock still on her pussy….and after some time he felt erected again!! he started again..and after 20 minutes he again cummed inside Ammu…and they were fully tired..Ravicnadra Got up… i Rushed and Came to my room…

Daily They use to have sex….until her husband returned ..As during that week she was ovulating…atlast after that she got preganant….Her Husband dont know about their affair…. She came with a sweet..and told my mom that she is pregnant..I gaved a wicked smile….Now she has delivered again a boy…..Hope you like my story…please touch me ….All HouseWives are Welcome!!! please mail me…Only House wives between 25-40 can contact me….

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