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Sushma My Hot alone Neighbor Aunty

Coming to the story about my neighbor aunt, her name is Sushma. She has a well shaped body of size 36b-34-36. Every one would wish to have her. She looks like south Indian actress Asin. She is newly married and have no kids. Her husband goes out of station very often leaving all alone in home.

A month passed by, and she became close to my mom as all ladies are addict to serials. I used to talk with her but wasn’t close enough. I used to see her assets very often as she sent most of her time in my home.

Days passed on and I started to get feelings on her like masturbating thinking about her as it is common in this age. I couldn’t control my lust for her. Then I used to feel parts by clashing to her and saying it was accident.

I loved the touch of her body and wanted her completely. It was Sunday I guess wen her husband called and said he had to go out of station for some office work and will return after 10 days. She was sad hearing them.

She was alone in home. Then She ask my mom to send me with her as she was scare to sleep alone. And me to readily accepted because her home was next to mine. It was around 8 p.M wen I finished all my work and even dinner so tat I could go to her home.

Sushma came around 8:30 and took me to her home. She was in nighty… God… Her boob was so firm tat it was like to hills. I couldn’t control myself and had a immediate hardon… She saw it and gave a naughty smile.

Then she showed me the room where i’m supposed to sleep. After tat we sat for watching t.V and I purposefully kept English movies so that there will be kissing scenes. As we were watching t.V sushma asked me what m doing in holiday.

How is my studies going on?? Etc… Later she asked whether I have gf or not. I simply replied yes and it is you. She was shocked hearing this and asked why did I say like tat?? I replied “you shouldn’t scold me or tell to my mom. If so I will tell you”. She agreed.

I said like her a lot. She asked what made you to like me? With out thinking I directly said your lips and firm boobs. She was shocked to hear it from me. She said you are very bad, go to the room and sleep.

I had no choice. So I went in and closed the door and started masturbating thinking about her. To my surprise suddenly she came in to my room to see what I was doing and scolded me. Warned me not to do it again.

I politely said sorry and said her I will not repeat it again but I will kiss u only once. She got more angry and said no. She went to hall. After some 20 mins she came again to check what I was doing and I was waiting for her.

She said now sleep its time up. I requested her saying only once and I will not ask any time. She was not convinced. I asked twice, thrice and at last she said only one time not more than that.

I took her hand and brought her near a wall making lean on the wall and me leaning on her (touch of her hand gave a immediate hardon). Then I was squeezing my body on hers and kissed her cheek… Slowly slowly kissed her other cheek.. Bit them little.

Then Kissed on her forehead everything very slowly and now moved towards her neck below her ears. (while doing all these I was rubbing my hardon to her pussy over dress) she got all senses and ask me to finish it fast.

I kissed lip and she opened her mouth started playing with my tongue and and her hand was caressing my back. I got enough courage and start to squeeze her boobs and pick her nipple. She gave a moan aahhh.

Then I broke the kiss and she opened her eye’s in a flash and was seeing deep into my eye’s and again locked my lip with hers. We kissed for half an hour. I broke the kiss and went down to her boobs started to suck them. Her breast part was now with my saliva.

I now went down parted her leg’s and went into her nighty. I could smell her pussy. Wow what a smell… It had no panty. I just kissed it she was shivering like small electric current passed through her.

I started to lick it all around splitted her pussy wall with my tongue and pushed my tongue in to it. She was shouting aahh ahh ha ha ah.. Yes suck it… Yea yea… And I could feel more pressure in the back of my head.

It was her hand pushing my head deep into her pussy. After 20 mins she cummed with a load which spread all over my face. I drank most of them and remaining things sushma licked it away.

Sushma saidvu naughty boy u said u will only kiss but you have done this… Wait I will punish you. Saying this she pulled my shirt away. Started teasing me with her fingers playing all over my body going near my penis and coming back to my chest… My cock was losing control. ..

She then removed my pant. Then I was nude. She bring her hand near my cock but not touch it. Then She went down kissed every where except the cock. Now I couldn’t control I caught her head and kept my cock near her mouth.

Then In one go my cock is in her mouth and I was in heaven. She kissed the tip of the cock and slowly sucking it.. Oh wow… Wt a feel.. I cummed in her mouth in 15 mins.She drank everything.

Then I removed all her clothes. Made her nude and threw her on bed and pounced on her. Started to kiss her boobs and touch her pussy with my cock…Then I was teasing her pussy for 2 mins by not inserting it. She asked me to fuck her… She pleaded me but I was going on teasing her. She got irritate and took my cock in her hand and push it to her pussy.. Then She shout in pain… Then room was fill with voices aaaahh ah ah ah ah ah ahhhhhh uumm yea.. Yes yes fuck me hard.. Oooo….

Then I made her to sit in doggy position and inserted my cock from back…. Wow I love this style because pussy can be penetrate deeper….

Later we shifted to sofa. Made her yo lift 1 leg and fucked her pussy…

We were fucking hole ni8 like wild animals which is eager for sex…

I will tell my experience with my darlings friend which she herself recommended me to fuck her and take her friends virginity if I get good response from you people

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