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Me With My Sweet Heart On Decorated Bed

This story is of me and my sweet heart first night. Hi am Johanna and my husband’s name is Ivaan. We were in love for the past 7 years. We got married after facing lot of struggles with our parents since we belong from different communities. Ivaan had showered me with lot of love for all these was our wedding night which was arranged at my Ivaan’s home. I wore a ink blue chiffon saree which was gifted by Ivaan a week back.during our college days we had the kisses only on cheek and forehead.

So i was very nervous about the night. Also am curious. I enterd the room at about 10.30 p.m. i saw my husband waiting for me near the window. He told me “welcome baby” i put a smile on him. Then he closed the door and turned on the recorder in the room with very low volume and told “i wish to dance with u so will you….??” I extended my hands towards him and started dancing with very light steps. (Really i was weak in dancing).

While dancing he placed his lips on my forehead and started to caress my face with his fingers. I stepped back to the wall.he grabbed my hip and pressed softly. I was freezed by that second. He then gave a gentle kiss on my lips and started to kiss deeply. There occurs our first French kiss. Our lips met our tongue met which lasted for about 7 minutes. When the kiss got over i suddenly leaned on his arms and hugged him firmly. He caresses my neck and ears.

And then he asked me naughtily “baby i think this saree doesn’t suit u.. so am going to remove it” i smiled at him. He removed my saree and my necklace.

Then He then carried me to the bed in his hands and made me lye on the bed. He unbuttoned shirt and came over me. We started to kiss and hug each other . Again He started to kiss ny neck and slowly moved down the cleavage. I pulled him very close to me and i removed his unbuttoned shirt and threw it down. He then unhooked my blouse and started to giggle me. He kissed me everywhere in the upper part of my breast which sends me shiver in my body.

While kissing he was rubbing my feet with his legs. He then unhooked my bra too. I suddenly covered my boobs with my hands. He asked me “baby aren’t i??” I said ” i love u dear” . He then kissed my hands and removed it from the breast. He cupped my pinky boobs and started squeezing. The pleasure was immeasurable. I moaned “aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh Ivaan hmmmmmm mn ahhhhhh please aahhhh” he was increasing the speed of squeezing. And then he started to kiss and suck my left boob hardly while squeezing the right boob with hands and jumped to the right side.

I screamed with pain and pleasure ahhhhhh aaaaaaaaaahh Ivaan… love u… then he again kissed my lips and was rubbing and pressing my stomach and hip. I held him tightly and playing with his hair. While rubbing he suddenly released my underskirt and pushed it down with his legs and was rubbing my thighs besides kissing my lips. He then removed his pant. I helped him to push it down.

Then he was pressing his body over me and i could feel his irony errct pennis over my genital organ. He again started to suck my boobs and i was rubbing his buttocks above the inner wear. He then removed my panty and touched my vagina with his forefinger. I was stunned really. He then whispered “i think you hate the colour of my innerwear and so am going ti remove it baby”. I pinched his ears.

He then removed his innerwear. He made my hands touch his pennis. It was hard like rock. He then kissed my vagina and gave the ends a smooth massage. He then asked me “baby are you ready?…. can i…..??” Suddenly tears rolled down from my eyes. But i don’t know why i cried. Ivaan came to me and asked ” what happened to you baby? Why are you crying? You know that i am your Ivaan and am not going to force you for anything..” i replied “i know Ivaan. I don’t know why i cried. It may be because of some emotion.

I love u Ivaan . Then I wanted to get you inside of me. I am waiting for this moment” . He kissed in my cheek . He then parted my legs and started to insert his pennis into my vagina. The pain was unbearable. I stared screaming. He looked at me again and asked ” baby is it paining??” I replied ” yes Ivaan don’t stop do it soon .continue..” he was complet inside of me after 5 to 6 minutes. The pain turns into pleasure. I moaned ” Ivaan love you… love you sweet heart.. love you .. aaaaaaaa aaaaahhhhhh….” he moaned too.

He then alternatively increased and decreased the speed. I was moaning a lot. After few minutes he ejaculated which i could feel.. we then laid beside each other. We hugged kissed caressed each other. He laid in his arms for the entire night speaking about our first meeting , our love on each other etc.

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  1. Had a wonderful night?

    1. S diya. The night was unforgettable and am 8 months pregnant

  2. Do you bleed?

    1. If johanna is virgin , she must have bleed.

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