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Cuckold Sex Is the Best Sex

Hello readers. Handshake to boys and boobs shake to girls. The story is a fiction written for couples and cuckold sex lovers. Relax and hands inside underwear now! I’m a 25 year old Software professional leading a healthy (I mean boring) life. I’m quite a fan of cuckold sex, but not being a cuckold husband, […]

Gurgaon Beauty From Pub To Her Flat

Hi I am Manish working in a MNC situated in Gurgaon, I am an average look guy but damn romantic. Its my first story about how i banged a girl whom I met in pub later on I came to know she is doctor in reputed hospital of Gurgaon. Now coming straight on the story Characters: […]

From Bar Lounge To Her Bed

Hello folks!! This is Pavan working in a reputed MNC in Bangalore and basically from Hyderabad. I only say I’m a cute guy with decent looks and who respect women and their preferences a lot, no matter where it is. As i believe respecting women is the biggest trait any guy would need in this […]

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