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Looking At The Cleavage

I was in sixth standard studying in co-education school, so I was having both girls and boys as my friends. I was a good boy in the class as I was the class leader and having no bad intention. One of my friend who was keen about science fiction movies, was disclosing the detail of […]

Masseur Experience With Sexiest Girl

Hello sex story readers this is Vinay aged 25 wit a satisfying tool which all woman like to see. You can mail me to [email protected] Coming to the story it happened a one month back and the angel of the story is Naina the sex bomb. She was 22 and her structure was just mind […]

My Breasts show for the salseman

Originally I got this idea from someone else on orkut. It was really thrilling one, safe and exciting. I haven’t done this type of exhibitionism so decided to give a try. This actually happened in November 2008. I was looking for a shop, a ladies footwear shop where there would be suitable space, room, and […]

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