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Losing Virginity To My Loved Boy Friend

Hi All. This is Nitya from Hyderabad. I get excited when i share my experiences with strangers. So i want to post my experience and your comment will excite me. Coming to myself, I am 23 old fair normal sized girl with 34 -28-34 figure. Before I meet Jay [My boy friend ] i was […]

How My Driver Made Me His Slut

My name is Kavya and I am 23 years old, originally from Kerala and currently working in Mumbai. The story that I am about to share with you is an true incident that happened 5 years back when I was 18, in college and staying at my aunt’s place with one of my driver. I […]

My First Romantic Encounter With Saritha

Hi friends this is Kishore from Hyderabad. Am 23 year old right now and this incident happen a year ago. The story am going to narrate is the encounter happened between me and my sexy Saritha .I had completed my engg. Course and took a break and was staying at home. Now about myself , […]

Sharing Our Girls Within The Roommates

This is a real story. It might sound you that it is weird and fake but it is not. To us, when we thought of it, it was a taboo. But later we enjoyed every bit of it. I am Aayush, I live in Bangalore and working in an US based MNC. My life has […]

My First Sex Experience With An Aunty

Me and 3 of my friends were staying in our house. We arranged for a maid for cooking and cleaning our house. Next our house one aunty and his son were living. She is around 26 or 27 slim. Figure, fair and she looked homely. We and that aunty have a common area where we […]

Hooking Up In German Class

Writing is a means of confession to me. I have changed only the name for the respect of privacy. Everything else, I confess, is 100% true. It happened two years ago in Chennai. At that time,I just quit the job to prepare for CAT, an entrance exam. Though I was preparing committedly, I found lot […]

My First Sex In The College

Hi readers, I like to read the stories of sex as you like too. As I like reading the stories of sex I want to share my story of my first sex with my girlfriend at college. Please give me feed back of this story so that I could write my other stories. At first I want to […]

The Story Of My Sexual Life

Heya people!! This is Dev (name changed), I am 25 yrs old and currently living in Sydney, Australia! This is my first story here. This is the story of my life and how I lost my virginity and later how I kept having fun in life. As it is my first story I would like […]

From Seat Mates To Sex Mates

College life is surely full of surprises and excitement and teenagers are always in search of a perfect opportunity. Blame it on puberty or the age, not even the nicest of kid can escape such wonderful mistakes. The story is about two girls who used to be seat mates in a co-ed college. How they […]

Me And Chinese International Student

Hello friends I am big fan of Sex Stories and I am sharing one of my experience. I hope you all will like this. My Name is Jolly Singh (name changed) and anyone wants to leave any comment they can do that on comment box and I will reply on that. I am mature male 42 from […]

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