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My First Real Sex Story With My Maid

Hi everyone, today I will be sharing my real sex story with my cook. This happened in Bangalore a year ago. I am a 26-year-old good looking, working professional staying in Bangalore, now let me start with the story. I used to stay in one of the apartments, it was 3bhk flat shared by two […]

Seduced And Fucked My Cooking Maid

This story took place between me and my cooking maid, when I was all alone in house as my parents had went out of town for function….. This all happened with me 3 month ago, my final exam where completed and back to home for vacation. We had a cooking maid at home she cooks […]

Cook Becomes A Friend With Benefits

My wife had moved into a new job which required her to travel a fair bit, about 1-2 weeks out of town a month. We’d been married for 3 years and didnt have any kids yet. Thus such a travel heavy job was easy to manage. Usually her travel schedule would require her to visit […]

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