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Banging My Friend Who Used Me

Hello Readers. Its been sometime since I started following this site and thought of sharing my own story. It all started way back in 2009 when me and the girl(Kavya) became close friends. Let me introduce her first. She is 5 feet 3 inches height, fair in color, flawless face, strawberry lips, well shaped figure(32-26-32). I’m of […]

Public Display of Affection

I had just broken up with Sneha the day before. My choice. I sat through the tears and the pleading and all that – and now I was done and out again. There wasn’t anything in particular that caused me to break up with her – it was just that I was bored with the […]

Sex With Curvy Hot Ex Girlfriend At My Flat

Hi guys this is Raman Kapoor from Bangalore, I stay in Bangalore, good looking and very much romantic. This story is about me and my ex girlfriend, I am 23 years old working in Bangalore. I love flirting and eating pussies. Her name is Ayesha and we were in relationship for almost 6 months but […]

Fucking Sunidhi, My Girlfriend

Hye, this is Allex and here I am to write my first story. So please encourage me by sending your feedbacks. Currently I am 22 years old and work in a private company in Mumbai. This story is about me and my ex-girlfriend (Sunidhi) when I was of 20. We both were together because I […]

Hot Nights With My Friend

This incident happened between me and my exgirlfriend. I studied engineering and during college days I had a girlfriend who was beautiful fair in color, little plump curvy, and good structure with right height. Unfortunately we couldn’t get approval from family so she married someone else. We departed life for 4 years without much contact. […]

My married ex (half) girlfriend

This is a story about my ex half gf who recently got married. Sonia (name changed) was a girl who lived in my neighborhood in Mumbai. She is an attractive girl, tall and carries a nice but ever so slightly mischievous smile. I say half gf, because we had some definite sexual tension and ‘dates’ […]

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