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Sexy Aunty Was My Neighbor

Hi,I am nick. I am 25 year old. I am from Mumbai. I am always attracted towards sexy aunties. I also don’t know exact reason. I will tell you how I fucked my dream sexy aunty. I don’t know her exact age but her daughter is studying in 7th class. The aunty is my neighbor. […]

My Promise to My Mom

We are family of five, we had very well reputed name in our surroundings from past 20 years, my dad came from village side along with my mom , me and my two sisters and get settled in this city, we had our own steel lathing and steel sub materials manufacturing factory , this factory […]

Facebook Chat Leads To Sex In Goa

Hello readers… It’s been always a pleasure to read the sex-periences of you guys… Which encouraged me to share my sexperience wit you people. It’s my 1st time i’m writing a story… The story may be a little long…So people please bear with me… and excuse me for and e grammatical mistakes and all… To […]

Jogging Turned Me To A Man

Hi I am jack from Bangalore, I am 25 year old ,highly educated and work multinational firm, 6 feet tall,brown eyes , fair ,straight hairs ,broad shoulders and nice firm body.I do have a 8 inch monster, I trim my pubic hairs, while ma chest is completely shaved.I have always been fascinated by sex. Even […]

Sex With The Unhappy Girl

Hi readers, this is Krish from Hyderabad, I am 30 year old. Here I am writing different experience of a unhappy girl in my life, which made me and her very happy. Earlier I use update my stories in different blog to get a chance to enjoy with girls, I thought that after reading my […]

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