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Fun With Uncle While Watching TV

Shikha was in her early teens. Also, her boobs were growing bigger and faster than other girls her age. She must be a 32 C but she still wore just a slip. Her mother insisted she starts wearing a bra, as her boobs would swing when she ran or even walked a little faster, but […]

My Mom’s First Threesome With Two Shameless Dicks

My mom is a gorgeous and curvy woman with a curvy ass and 34DD breasts. Everyone in our neighborhood used to lust for her. She is a high school teacher.Whenever she’d walk around the class , her students tried their best to grope her ass.When we had been to Goa my mom wore a bikini […]

My First Gangbang! How Hell Turned Into Heaven

This is Maaya. I’m 22 years old, Chennai girl who is married since last year. This is a real life story that happened when i was in my 2nd year of college. It’s about how i was forced by my boyfriend into rough gangbang and ended up loving it. So, i was in a relationship […]


I woke up in my room. My same old room. The zenith, the cocoon my own fortress of solitude. Its bright pink curtains had the power to pick me up from any Nadir this world might impose and the soft cushions on the bed made me feel like a princess with a floating castle. “ […]

Daughter Pays For Mother’s One Time Mistake

Hello guys and gorgeous horny ladies This shyam 29 m writing this story from chennai. I have been a fan of this site and moreover a bigger fan of Stories written by users so thought of giving back a true story back to the community. This is a true story and I am here you tell you […]

A date can change your live

Lisa a beautiful young woman was standing in front of the mirror and watching her picture of a proper young woman. Her brunette hair was short cut and going only to the neck. It gave her a very sportive look. She was a sportive and fit girl, no doubt, but it was hard to see […]

Meeras Servant Ultimate Fun (Hindi Mix)

I am sending a small cutting of what happened with me. In fact there is a story on the net Actually reading this wonderful story Our servant and my wife (PART I) made me remind my past and all that flashbacks of how I loved to have sex with unknown peoples started whirling in my […]

Uncle and his friends on the Beach

My name is Aditi and this happened when I was 19 years old and I went to visit my uncle’s house in Goa for one week. He is old, fat and spends all his time drinking the minute he comes home from work and he owns a restaurant. He is tall though, with a beard […]

My Fantasy Women My Teacher

I am not telling a story so don’t know how to write all that stuff. This is about me and I am Amit today 23 years old looking after my father’s business. My sex story is about how I raped my tutor Sonali madam. Yes raped my madam and she couldn’t do anything about the […]

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