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My Real Story Of Gay Experience (Hindi)

This is the incident when I was growing and very much curious about sex, both straight and homo as well. I am regular reader of sex stories and was thinking to post one of my real story one day so I am posting today. Lets come to the story. I am in Delhi currently and looking […]

To close To Be Just Best Friend

Rohit and Jamil were best friends since they met in school. They were so tight that it seemed they require no one else’s company at all. They had never let each other stay alone for a second. May be they were closer than BFF. Rohit was a dusky with sharp features and Jamil was fair […]

Cold Night With A Stranger

This is my first story. I would like to know your comments and suggestions. Please send me the feedback I am Adityan, aged 45 years, from Kerala. It was a cold night in December. The last bus has passed around nine thirty. I was going to close the shop and go home. My small shop […]

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