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Sister Came On Diwali Holidays

Hi This Raj , I Am regular reader , I Love the Stories written where sister’s are pleased by their younger brother. My age is 28 good looking guy 5.9 height with good physics. It happens when my sister , Riya came to our home for Diwali holidays. She lives in banglore with her hubby. […]

Brother With My Brother-In-Law’s Sister

It is always exciting to hear a story of first sex encounter! I am young girl with always having feelings to have sex but never had courage and was always afraid so used to hear from my fellows about their sex experience. The story I am narrating is of my brother sex experience who is […]

Thrilling Sex With My Cousin Sister

Hi everyone, myself chakravarthy 25 male. I am a regular reader. This site is really a big platform for those who can share their experiences and for those who read stories and enjoy. This is my first story in this site, please ignore if I do any mistake and comment to recover my mistakes. Coming […]

Sex At Cottage With My Cousin Sister

Hi readers, this is my first story. I have been reading stories here for past 1 and half years…. Now I feel like its my turn to share my experience too.. Well I’m Naresh(name changed) 21 years old, I live in Coimbatore. This story is to narrate about the encounter I had with my cousin […]

Sex Secrets Of Mother’s Life

Being a plus 2 student in India is a hard thing, especially when the exams are in corner. And if you are the representative of the class, it gets worse as you will be dragged into everything. Teacher’s instructions like “Manjali do that, Manjali bring me that, this etc.” This was pretty much me. The […]

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