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My First Real Sex Story With My Maid

Hi everyone, today I will be sharing my real sex story with my cook. This happened in Bangalore a year ago. I am a 26-year-old good looking, working professional staying in Bangalore, now let me start with the story. I used to stay in one of the apartments, it was 3bhk flat shared by two […]

Mature Neighbor Maid Getting Banged

Hi readers, this story happens recently before 2 months in Bangalore with my neighbor maid and then that leads to her owner. My name is Sandeep. Am working in a corporate just 2 years old in Bangalore prior to this I was working in Chennai. Let me tell about the maid. She’s wheatish colour, average […]

Hema My Maid’s Widow Daughter

Hi I am a 24 year old guy working in Bangalore. I stay in a 2 bhk flat with another guy working in the same company with me. Our apartment is a regular building and not a society of sorts. An old lady used to work here – cleaning and cooking. But recently she broke […]

Office Affair With Office Maid

Hello guys and ladies its Vaibhav here come to share my sex experiences with all of you.I am 28 male living in Pune. This is my first story here. Now lets come to story directly instead of boring you all. After completing my engineering I joined one design consultancy in pune. The company is not […]

My Dad’s Affairs With Servant Maid

My dad was private worker whose working workers hours will be from 5-8pm evening ,rest of the time he stays at home .My mom was government worker,she stays at another place due to her post location.So my appointed a servant in home to look after all chores like washing clothes,maintaining house,cooking,,etc.Servant name was vidya ,she […]

Sex With Maid While Wife Was Away

To describe the maid, she is slim tall not so fair but very attractive. This happened when I came home for my holidays last month.. It’s been more than 6 months since I last went home.. And when I reached I was quite surprised to find out that we had a new maid.. Her name […]

Seduced And Fucked My Cooking Maid

This story took place between me and my cooking maid, when I was all alone in house as my parents had went out of town for function….. This all happened with me 3 month ago, my final exam where completed and back to home for vacation. We had a cooking maid at home she cooks […]

Horny Age – Aunty Got Fucked

I had been fucking around with the maid almost every day for 2 yrs now, till she had to go to her native for 2 months. She had requested another maid to do the job till then, it’s not about fucking the second maid as she had nothing, no face and no body, she was […]

Prema Sets Me Up With Another Girl

A little brief about my Prema my maid. She was a 34 year old Maharashtrian lady, around 5.2 tall with a very petite and nice figure. She had lovely small tits (32 size) and round butts. She always used to wear a 9-yard sari and kept herself very clean. I was around 18 years old, […]

Hot Maid Seduces Jobless Man

Hari sat on the PC and went through the job websites , he applied for some jobs. He checked his mailbox and did not find any mails from Consultants. Hari had been laid off and was sitting at home jobless for over a month. He was slowly getting frustrated sitting at home jobless and doing […]

Copulation In The Cupboard

It was really difficult for me to not to look at her thighs with my mom sitting beside me. They looked so soft. I badly wanted to touch them. With the water droplets falling and flowing on them they looked sexier. She didn’t care about anything else. She was busily washing our clothes with her […]

The Innocent Maid Became My Wife

Hi everyone, my name is Prakash from New Delhi. I am eighteen years old. This story happened two months ago. I am 6ft and 5inches tall. I have hard-six packs that girls in my school trip for. I live with my parents and innocent maid, Shweta. She is like my sister as my parents found […]

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