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April Fun With Fucking Neighbor Aunt

Hi! Friends my name is Rajveer, I am based out of Mumbai. This story is about me, my friend Anay and his Mami Neeta. Neeta and I were neighbors and Anay would come during his vacations to stay with his Mama (Rishi) & Mami (Neeta). Rishi & Neeta were married for almost 5 years without […]

Hot Neighbor Aunt On A Trip

Hi this rocky(changed name) , today I decided to bring my real story which happened with me. This is my first story so forgive me for my mistake and you can help me by commenting and giving the suggestion. Myself rocky 5.6″ tall above average looking guy. Let me introduce my hot neighbor aunt her […]

Affair With Second Floor Aunt

I stay in one of the decent area in Hyderabad. Though it doesn’t look like that but the people all here are well educated and rich. I joined in a pent house and enjoying happily. It’s a three stored building. This is the story about my affair with Second floor aunt who is real stunner […]

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