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Mature Neighbor Maid Getting Banged

Hi readers, this story happens recently before 2 months in Bangalore with my neighbor maid and then that leads to her owner. My name is Sandeep. Am working in a corporate just 2 years old in Bangalore prior to this I was working in Chennai. Let me tell about the maid. She’s wheatish colour, average […]

From Bachelor Life To Married Life

I was then 37 years and a bachelor. Many liaisons which came my way could not materialize. The girls whom I liked did not like me and vice versa. Finally I decided not to marry at all. So I was staying alone and feeling lonely at times. I was then working in a Company at […]

Prema Sets Me Up With Another Girl

A little brief about my Prema my maid. She was a 34 year old Maharashtrian lady, around 5.2 tall with a very petite and nice figure. She had lovely small tits (32 size) and round butts. She always used to wear a 9-yard sari and kept herself very clean. I was around 18 years old, […]

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