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My Promise to My Mom

We are family of five, we had very well reputed name in our surroundings from past 20 years, my dad came from village side along with my mom , me and my two sisters and get settled in this city, we had our own steel lathing and steel sub materials manufacturing factory , this factory […]

Hot Teenager Son’s Fantasy For his Mom

The following story consists of explicitly incestuous scenes. Please those who are sensitive to family relations stay away. close the tab and leave. All the readers reading this are reading at their own risk. both the publisher and author are not responsible for anything ensuing from this. The following story is a fiction. this kind […]

My Heartfelt Wish With Mom

Hi friends, My name is Rachit. I am from Delhi. Now I am a student of B.A in Delhi university. I am 25years old. Tall boy about 5ft 9inch height. Good athletic body. My dick size is 9inch long and 3inch thick. So friends without taking your much time. I directly come to the story. […]

Unwanted Gangbang Of My Mom

Hi friends Rahul with a story of unwanted gangbang of my mom how she was gang fucked by my uncle and his friends with her wish. would like to tell you that my mom name is Rani and she is extremely beautiful widow. And most lovely part is her round pulpy ass. And medium size […]

I Love My Mother – Beginning

Hi readers..! This is my first ever story anywhere..So pardon me if I am wayward. I have been a regular reader of may stories here..Incest, aunties etc..But let me honest to you most seem like fiction. I am not a stud, my dick is not abnormally huge, I am not the smartest boy..I am just […]

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