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Sex with Qatar NRI Mallu Aunt

Hi I’m Arun Kumar living in Chennai. This is story of my Mallu Aunt and me having pleasure of life. I’m 19 years old and I’m going to share my sex experience with you guys! I was enjoying my semester holidays in my Aunt’s house. We all went to ECR to a resort for a […]

Sex Encounter With My Sex Starved Mami

Greetings to all sex starving people out here , fellows don’t take it otherwise as I too love to have sex encounter “any place anytime” but off course with one’s permission. About me: I’m a “Straight” guy live in Delhi just turned 30 couple of months ago and rest you can imagine how an Indian […]

Naughty Aunt Becoming More Naughty

After our first encounter I had forgotten everything about the real relationship between me and my aunt Akshata. I started feeling as if she is mine and only mine. Even she became more attached and attracted towards me. She always tried to seduce me with her naughty looks and by exposing her sexy body parts. […]

Meri Chachi Bahut Romantic Hai

Meri chachi ka naam rekha hai. Vo bahut romantic hai aur unki age 35 hai. Lekin dekhne 26-27 ki lgti hai. Unka fig bilkul mast hai 36-24-38. Society ke jadatr uncles and boys uske upar buri nazar rakhte hai. Mai bhi unke bare me sochkar aksar muth maarta tha. Lekin mai unhe chaodna chata tha.. […]

Meri Bua Ki Pyaas Bhujai Shimla Mein

Helo mera nam rishi hai or mai 19 saal ka healthy ladka hu. Kuki ye meri pheli story h to please sorry for mistakes. Mere family mai 6 members hai mai, mom dad,mera bhai or meri bua. Mere dad government servant hai or mom school teacher hai. Aur mai bba kar rha hu. Kch saal […]

Mamaya Wife Pure Lusty Lady

Hi guys!! This is shankar from Chennai. I would like to share my personal experience with you which happened few Years back. Post your comments. Actual appreciation of a story is guys cock should get hard and cum before the End of story. Girls pussy should be wet and cum should ooze like anything. Hope my […]

Removed Clothes Of My Mami While Sleeping

This story is a bit long, as I have written everything as brief as possible, hoping it would create the interest which I had while writing. After my 12th class exam was over, I went to my mom’s brothers place which was around 150 kms away from my place to spend holiday’s with my mama’s […]

My Maami Was So Horny and Beautiful

Hi everyone this is Achu a 21 year old boy from Kerala… This is my first story here so please pardon my mistakes and faults …The story is all about my Maami who was my uncle’s wife…Her name is Sunitha, an average good looking village woman in her mid thirties and she also look like […]

My Relations With My Pinni

My name in Abhi. I am 24 years old. This happened two years back.This story is about my chachi(pinni in telugu), my father’s brother’s wife. My pinni got married during my 12th class. They live in village. Whenever I go to village, we stay at their house. Coming to my pinni, she got married when […]

Aunt Seduced Me To fulfill Her Desires

Hi this is Ramesh from Chennai. I am going to share my true incident which happen with me where my aunt seduced me. I was born & bought in Delhi & I came to Chennai for my job. In Chennai my uncle ( Perriyappa ) is staying with his wife, Sone & auntie ( Attai […]

Finding Soul Mate At My Uncle’s Marriage

1997, I could feel the chill of the air rushing in through my nostrils as I kept staring out of the compartment window. The compartment was dark, everyone sleeping. I kept the window open and my eyes were scanning the darkness of the night outside. I was traveling to Jalapiguri. It was the wedding of […]

Touching My Aunt For The First Time

Hey Girls and Aunties darlings. I’m kikil from Tamilnadu. I’m now 22. I’m a Average height and weight guy with a Good looking face. Normally people says Child face. Here I’m going to narrate a Real incident happened in my life which changed me totally. It’s a sequences of real incidents that happened between Me […]

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