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From Unexciting Life To Exciting Journey

My married life is going thru lot of stress recently. I am 35 yrs old, fair, educated & middle-class working woman married to an Accountant 9 yrs ago. Lately, I have been feeling that my husband was spending less time at home due to secret rendezvouses. Like all middle-class women, I was feeling trapped between […]

Sex In College Washroom

Hi all. This is nitya from hyderabad. I get excited when I share my experiences with stranger. So I want to post my experience and your comment will excite me. Coming to myself, I am 23 old fair normal sized girl with 34 -28-34 figure. Before I meet jay [my boy friend] I was traditional […]

From Friends To Fuck Buddies

Hello to all the readers, I am Rohan and I live in Bangalore. This is my first story. I have been following  sex stories for a long time, but never thought of sharing my story until now. This story is the one in which me and my classmate from college, Nisha, got into a sexual […]

Punishing Canteen Owner’s Wife

I am 20 year old lost my virginity at the age of 18 to a woman about 20 years older to me,I’ve always been attracted to women older to me as they have voluptuous body damn great ass I m from Hyderabad(India),but the story is not about how I lost my virginity but it’s about […]

Fuck Buddy Match In Local Train

Its great to have to meet strangers and convert them to fuck buddy . Meeting such people on train journeys is really a wish come true. however this happened after a long wish. This was the best day of my life. I had sex with an attractive guy for the first time recently. And i […]

A Public Bus Journey

Hey, I am gonna write about my sexual adventures that happened when I was in high-school. I will not be mentioning my name, for obvious reasons. I was 18, at the time. 5 foot 9. My breasts are well rounded and big. Curvy hips and big well rounded ass. I had long legs. White in […]

Sexiest Discoveries Of Life

This is a true story about a relationship that started late and ended early where I made great sexiest discoveries of my life. These type of relationships are rare; to brief it is about a man of 34 years and a girl 9 years younger than the man… This girl was in filmy troubles and […]

Heaven In Hell (How I Got Her In My Job)

Hi , I am Raj (name changed) from Andhra Pradesh.I inspired from all of u to write my story here. Coming to my story, I am a graduate from Andhra but due to lack of job opportunities I have to do group d job in railways. In my life I never went outside my village, […]

Experience With Unsatisfied Aunty

Hi Friends, Rakesh here to share one more sex encounter which happened last week. Before going into story, let me introduce . This is Rakesh, 28 from Hyderabad. I look handsome and have well maintained body. I have experience in satisfying 10 married unsatisfied ladies before. I have good stamina to fuck any women for […]

Got Sexually Lucky With A Catering Girl

Hello Readers, This is my First story so kindly forgive me for any mistakes. I have been reading sex stories for quite a few years now and I have been quite a big fan of all the stories. To introduce myself formally I am Rohit (name Changed) from Rajkot (Gujarat), 27 male with a slim yet handsome […]

Journey On The Sex Express

Hi Dear readers. I thank you a lot for loving my stories and mailing me your feedbacks and being my friends. I really loved when few of you contacted me after reading my stories. You all are welcome to contact me and be friends. We can have a good time together while keeping each other’s […]

Young Couple Into Voyeurism

This is a story of how my gf and I, a young couple madly in love, together discover the taboo part of sex that is partner sharing, flashing, voyeurism etc. I don’t prefer describing ourselves but just following the herd. The following incidents spread across the time from when we were 19 year old to […]

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