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Society Watchman Satisfying Rich Whore

Hello! My name is rohini and my age is 32 years, my stats are 32-37-32. I have a well maintained figure and the men of my society always admire me whenever I get out. I got married 7 years ago and I have a 3 years old daughter. We belong from a rich family from […]

Work and Sex Journey Starts Together

Hi all. I am Rajendra from Mumbai. I am sharing my life experience first time. In last 30 years i have learn lot of things, which I want to share. People’s are always selfish, unsatisfied and interested in others life. I will share my life phase and it’s journey today. I was from poor family; […]

The Gorgeous Lady – One Long Night

Hey everyone! This is Rahul here, a professional escort based in Delhi and catering my services to all the lovely ladies out there. I have been providing my services in a wide variety of manner to a plethora of clients separated by desires, fetishes and longings, emotional and/or physical. My clients include a distinguished list […]

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