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Gay Sex Experience In Tea Gardens

This is a piece of pure fiction oozing from the lucid imagination of its author and bears no resemblance to actual persons places or events in the past,present or future. I was really happy to join the tea gardens on the Assam-Bengal border. With the recent promotion I got a huge ancient bungalow in the […]

Society Watchman Satisfying Rich Whore

Hello! My name is rohini and my age is 32 years, my stats are 32-37-32. I have a well maintained figure and the men of my society always admire me whenever I get out. I got married 7 years ago and I have a 3 years old daughter. We belong from a rich family from […]

Sex Hungry Lady Satisfying With Driver

Hi everyone! My name is Soumya and today I am sharing my story with you all. I hope you all will like it. This story is true incident which happened in my life few days back. About myself, I am Soumya 30 years old married lady. My husband name is Rohan, he is 32 years […]

Our Servant Gopal and My Wife

I had bought a new web camera and it came with a sophisticated software. I was eager to try it out. After installing it , I discovered that it had many security features too, for instance the webcamera could also be used as a cctv, but recording only when it would detect a movement. I […]

Copulation In The Cupboard

It was really difficult for me to not to look at her thighs with my mom sitting beside me. They looked so soft. I badly wanted to touch them. With the water droplets falling and flowing on them they looked sexier. She didn’t care about anything else. She was busily washing our clothes with her […]

Cook Becomes A Friend With Benefits

My wife had moved into a new job which required her to travel a fair bit, about 1-2 weeks out of town a month. We’d been married for 3 years and didnt have any kids yet. Thus such a travel heavy job was easy to manage. Usually her travel schedule would require her to visit […]

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