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Uncle Suck My Wife In Front Of Me

This story is how a uncle suck and fuck my wife in front of me. My self and wife is 10 yrs difference. She could be satisfied with none so far. She has got a pussy which I cant find with any easily. It got flowers like flaps with a small hole. The flaps we […]

A Sexy Woman Shared With Friends

Dear readers, this is my true story. My name is Subhash and I am 32 years old. My wife’s name is Shital. We have been married since last 7 years. Shital is very beautiful and got very curvy body. Her figure is 36-32-36. She is very fair and attractive. I can say she is just […]

Cuckold Feelings Share By A Cuckold

I am 34 single male from UK. I am Indian. I have been reading sex stories and watching porn since many years. My favorites are wife sharing and cuckoldry. Honestly I would like be Cuckold myself. I have cuckold feelings and like to be submissive in bed. I personally find men very strong and powerful. […]

Submissive Sissy Paid For Wife Fucking

It all started with a mail, which read, “interested in a sexy wife”, who would deny a chance, I replied surely, a sexy photo would do, next day what I get is not what I was prepared for, I see a lady in her early thirties. she is in a black bikini by a billiards […]

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