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Prasad Sir Teaching My Sister A Good Lesson

Hello , sometimes in life , we all want sex. Some has much priority and some has less. Here I bring you the story of a middle age man who earned his living by teaching kids and teaching there mothers too. His name is prasad sir. Shocking ? yes a bit of course. But its a […]

Horny Milf Tutor Getting Screwed

Hey there friends myself Shashank Sharma. I’m 20 year old guy from Haryana. My height is 5’9″ and i am doing b tech from a govt. college. This story is about i lost my virginity to my teacher and enjoyed every bit of it. Lets start the story. This story started 4 months ago. When […]

Got Full Marks In My Assignment

So I am 21 year old. I am fair in color & height is 5.2 inch & figure is 34D-28-34 just trying too losing some weight & the story which I am sharing now is when I was 18th it mean 4 year back from now & at that time I was sexually average So […]

Fucking My Hot Sensual Hindi Teacher

Hi my name is varun ( name changed ) living in chennai and I am 23 years old ,after reading my story if you feel its good, please leave your comments. Let me come to the story part , I am Varun living in chennai , living here for past 23 years and did engineering […]

Fucked By Trainer In Wet Dress

Today what I am going to write had happened in my life about 15 years ago. That time I was about 30 years of age and working in a computer training institute as trainer. I was living in a rented apartment far from my office and used to commute through train (tube/metro or underground whatever […]

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